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Best Christmas Sweaters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Flaunt During the Holidays

christmas sweaters

Best Christmas Sweaters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Flaunt During the Holidays

Need a holiday sweater for your Animal Crossing: New Horizons character? Christmas week is here, so you better put together something soon.

Luckily, there are thousands of creative designs drawn by talented players. We’ve sorted through all the best ones you can download and wear in New Horizons right now.

Christmas Wreath Sweater

You might already have a Christmas wreath on your door, but why not have one on your sweater? This custom design is somehow both cute and “ugly sweater” material, perfect for any holiday party in New Horizons.

Custom design code: MO-8V04-DD2G-PBHM

Snowman Sweater

Best Christmas Sweaters Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What’s more classic for a holiday sweater than one with an adorable snowman design? It’ll keep your character warm while looking festive long past Christmas.

Custom design code: MO-45Q8-YNXG-YHFD

Santa Suit

If you want your Animal Crossing character to dress up as Santa Claus while giving out Toy Day presents to your villagers, this sweater is an absolute must-have. Just pick out a matching hat from Able Sisters to complete the look.

Custom design code: MO-K2VF-6LTT-0BL1


Best Christmas Sweaters Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We’re not too sure if Rudolph exists in the Animal Crossing universe, but you can still sport a design of him on this cute brown sweater. Maybe Jingle, the black-nosed reindeer, will recognize him!

Custom design code: MO-PG6F-VJM8-0BW0


Here’s another adorable reindeer design that has more of a Christmas color theme. This reindeer looks a lot more like Jingle!

Custom design code: MO-STS4-GSLR-YBQB

Winter Sweater

Best Christmas Sweaters Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If the bright colors of Christmas are a little too much and you’re looking for a simpler design, check out this one. The white, red, and blue colors are perfect for winter long after the holidays have ended.

Custom design code: MO-648X-1QTK-9XNH

Christmas Present Sweater

Are you going to a Christmas party in Animal Crossing and don’t know what to bring as a gift? If you want something that says “my presence is a present,” this is the sweater for you. Bow included.

Custom design code: MO-FYNT-4QPR-M1FC

Cozy Christmas Sweater

If you want a sweater that’s cozy and stylish, look no further. This has a huge Christmas vibe and looks quite fashionable at the same time with two little white pom poms hanging from the front.

Custom design code: MO-YXPS-XTP7-27NM


This sweater will make your Animal Crossing character look just like an elf! With striped sleeves and a black belt across the front, it’s a great choice for Christmas. There’s even a little candy cane tucked into the belt.

Custom design code: MP-2BBQ-XSCC-JWCD


The most classic Christmas sweater of all is one with a Christmas tree design on the front. This one features a red and green color scheme, and the tree has a big yellow star at the top. Perfect for any Toy Day celebration.

Custom design code: MO-CK95-20TP-G88B

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