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Welcome Brigitte to the Overwatch Family With Some Tier 1 Fan Art

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Welcome Brigitte to the Overwatch Family With Some Tier 1 Fan Art

Blizzard has just announced its 27th Overwatch hero in the form of armor specialist Brigitte. Fans are already producing some amazing art, here’ some of the best.

Brigitte is the Daughter of the mechanically-inclined Torbjorn, a dynamic which is presented beautifully in this black and white piece by Nesskain showing the two working together in the garage.

This awesome piece by vashperado highlights Brigittes muscular frame as well as a closer look at the cog tattoo on her left shoulder. She’s also wearing an ‘I like exercise because I love eating’ tank top, which is a slogan we can all get behind.

This piece by burythekidd shows the relationship between Brigitte and her mentor Reinhardt.

Artist Umi Graphics depicts her in an altogether more human way in this piece.

This hilarious art by Bluebloodtanuki shows the Overwatch support team welcoming Brigitte before telling her the sad truth about their class.

This piece by Jebby shows Brigitte and her Father, engineers through and through. And those pigtails, enough said.

She shows her old man how its done in this great piece by ChupiArt. She is the armor specialist of the family after all.

This piece by raikoart is an awesome watercoloor rendition of hero 27, placing her handmade armor front and center.

One of the hero’s main features that fans have already taken a liking to is her positively ripped physique, represented here in this striking piece by Wallace Pires.

It seems that she is already fitting into the roster nicely, evident in this piece by yubird which shows her hanging out with D.Va. best brigitte fan art

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