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All World of Final Fantasy Character Cameos You’ll Find in the Game

World of Final Fantasy

All World of Final Fantasy Character Cameos You’ll Find in the Game

Everyone’s been chibi-fied!

World of Final Fantasy – All Characters

Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy) – The Warrior of Light was the main playable character in the original Final Fantasy. He took on a more prominent role in the later Dissidia games.

Princess Sarah (Final Fantasy) – Sarah was the Princess of Cornelia in Final Fantasy. She is also a playable character in Theatrhythm.

Refia (Final Fantasy III) – Refia made her debut appearance in Final Fantasy III, and is commonly known as the mother figure of the party in that game.

Rydia (Final Fantasy IV) – Rydia is a black mage from Final Fantasy IV who grows from being a timid, young girl to a strong, confident woman by the end of the game.

Bartz (Final Fantasy V) – Bartz is the main character of Final Fantasy V, and he chose to explore the world after his parents passed away.

Boko (Final Fantasy V) – Boko is Bartz’s loyal chocobo friend. ‘Boko’ is also a recurring chocobo name that has been encountered in many Final Fantasy games.

Faris (Final Fantasy V) – Faris is a pirate captain that players encounter in Final Fantasy V. She is well-known for her courageous and sometimes reckless behavior.

Syldra (Final Fantasy V) – Syldra was a summon from Final Fantasy V, and also serves as Faris’ pet dragon who lives in the sea.

Terra (Final Fantasy VI) – Terra is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VI. As an Esper, she wields powerful magical abilities, but she can’t remember anything about her past or who she is.

Edgar (Final Fantasy VI) – Edgar is the King of Figaro, and he later joins up with Terra to help oppose Kefka and the evil Gestahlian empire.

Celes (Final Fantasy VI) – Celes used to work for the Gestahlian empire, but later jumped ship to help Terra and the Returners. Also very well-known for her stunning performance in Final Fantasy VI’s famous opera sequence.

Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) – He’s from Final Fantasy VII. Wields a giant sword that isn’t his. He mopes quite a bit, but for good reason.

Tifa (Final Fantasy VII) – One of the potential romantic interests for Cloud in Final Fantasy VII. The two grew up together in Nibelheim, which was later destroyed by Sephiroth.

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) – The big bad of Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth wields a very long sword and is considered one of the most iconic villains of the entire franchise.

Squall (Final Fantasy VIII) -Mopes around a lot more than Cloud. Has a penchant for waving people off and saying “whatever,” but soon becomes a big softie once he meets Rinoa.

Quistis (Final Fantasy VIII) – Quistis Trepe was an instructor at Balamb Garden. She later joins up with her students (Squall, Zell, Selphie) and the rest of the crew to go up against Ultimecia.

Vivi (Final Fantasy IX) – Vivi is an iconic black mage from Final Fantasy IX. Has very fragile feelings. Should protect at all costs.

Eiko (Final Fantasy IX) – Eiko is a little girl that joins your party in Final Fantasy IX. She’s very stubborn and quirky, but she’s also really lonely deep down inside.

Tidus (Final Fantasy X) – As the star of the Zanarkand Abes, Tidus is a spunky, cheerful youth who takes on the main role in Final Fantasy X. Notorious for his performance in a certain cringe-worthy laughing scene.

Yuna (Final Fantasy X) – Yuna was a summoner in Final Fantasy X. Acts as main love interest to Tidus in the game. Also notorious for her performance in aforementioned cringe-worthy laughing scene.

Rikku (Final Fantasy X) – Rikku was an Al Bhed in Final Fantasy X, and was often shunned away by those who hated her race. However, she soon found her place with Tidus and the rest of the gang.

Shantotto (Final Fantasy XI) – Shantotto originally appeared in Final Fantasy XI, and is well-known for her iconic laugh, and her tendency to speak in rhyme.

Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) – Very stoic and icy woman who takes on the protagonist role in Final Fantasy XIII. Does not tolerate nonsense. Likes punching Snow.

Snow (Final Fantasy XIII) – Famous for shouting “Steelguard!” in Final Fantasy XIII. He married Lightning’s younger sister, which might explain her initial disdain for him.

World of final fantasy – all characters

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