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8 Most Iconic Kanto Moments You’ll Revisit in Pokemon Let’s Go

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8 Most Iconic Kanto Moments You’ll Revisit in Pokemon Let’s Go

The setting of Generation 1 Pokemon games, Kanto, is one of fans’ all-time favorites and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee see us return with the world being given a significant lick of paint. Here are eight reason we can’t wait to revisit Kanto all over again in Let’s Go.

Iconic Gym Leaders

Of course, heading back to Kanto will see us battle our way through the iconic gyms and the Elite Four. Misty, Brock, Blaine, Giovanni and the others will all return for you to test your Pokemon Trainer skills against. Because of their roles in the anime, Brock and Misty are fan favorites of most Pokemon fans and it’ll be great to see what their gyms are like when reimagined for Let’s Go.

Also, the Pokemon Let’s Go games will give the gym leaders more of a personality. Rather than a few generic lines of dialogue before and after the fights, they’ll speak more and generally be more fun to engage with. It’ll be great to see some of Pokemon’s best ever characters again.

Snorlax Encounter

One of the most memorable individual Pokemon encounters of the original Kanto games is the sleeping Snorlax. On your way to the eternally creepy Lavender Town, a Snorlax is blocking the road. Once you’ve defeated the Ghost Marowak, you can wake up the Snorlax and battle it.

The fight itself can be frustrating at times, especially when the Snorlax repeatedly uses Rest to restore its health, but the moment you defeat it or see the final roll of the Poke Ball is so satisfying.

Of course, since random wild encounters in Pokemon Let’s Go are different, with you just catching them, it’s not clear how the encounter will work. It’ll no doubt still be a part of the game, though.

Celadon City Game Corner & Shopping Centre

Celadon City is one of the most exciting locations in Kanto, not only is it the place for you to get the elemental stones so that you can evolve Eevee, but it’s the perfect place for some retail therapy.

The Celadon City Department Store is huge and has pretty much anything you could want on offer. Poke Balls, TMs, status effect items, and drinks. There’ll be plenty of things for you to buy here for yourself, but you can also a drink for the guards that block your path in other towns. Its also the place for you to buy a Poke Doll for you to use in Saffron City.

Then, there’s the Game Corner for all your gambling desires. As you play with the slot machines, you can earn more coins to spend on rare Pokemon such as Porygon and Dratini, or some TMs. Just don’t lose everything too quickly.

The Creepiness of Lavender Town

Lavender Town is one of the most unique towns in Kanto. Not only does it have an inherently unsettling purple hue to everything, but everything that’s there is creepy.

Nothing’s creepier than the Pokemon Tower that’s haunted by Ghastly and its evolutions and the menacing Ghost Marowak. You won’t be able to interact with the ghosts until you’ve got the Silph Scope, which makes it even creepier, but you have to make your way through it to be able to get to the next town on your journey.

Classic Rivals

While Pokemon Let’s Go is due to feature friendly rivals rather than the classic ones we’re used to, but that doesn’t mean that the famous names of Kanto won’t make an appearance.

How your rival will actually feature in Let’s Go isn’t that clear as of yet. If you take a look at one of the recent trailers, though, you’ll see that Red, Blue, and even Green make an appearance. Their role is even more unclear, but it’ll be interesting to see how they’re integrated.

Other Legendary Locations

There are loads of other locations it’ll be great to return to, all of them with a lick of paint. The SS. Anne will be setting sail again, after we’ve had a chance to explore and fight the trainers on board. Then there’s Mt. Moon and the Safari Zone, two locations full of Pokemon but that are very different in how you have to approach them.

Mt. Moon is dark and full of psychic Pokemon you’ll probably want to avoid, while the Safari Zone exists so that you can attempt to catch all the rare Pokemon. Of course, random encounters don’t work in the same way in Let’s Go as they did in our first trip to Kanto, so the dark caves might not be so threatening. It’ll be great to see all the memorable locations again, though.

Fighting the Legendary Birds

Every has their favorite Gen 1 Legendary Bird. It’ll be tough to get them all, but Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres can all prove formidable foes and vital in your attempts to defeat the Elite Four. You also have the dilemma of whether or not to use the master ball you’d been saving for Mewtwo to ensure you have one of them in your squad for the upcoming tests. Anyway, they’ll certainly more than little birds that say Gyaoo! in the Let’s Go games.

Team Rocket Encounters

Team Rocket are the main villains of the Pokemon universe. Not only do Jesse and James play a huge role in the anime, but Team Rocket was a memorable part of our original journey to Kanto. Since Pokemon Yellow is closely tied to the anime, and Let’s Go is a remake of the game, Giovanni, Jesse and James make an appearance. It’ll be fun to see how closely they resemble their anime versions and if they play a greater role in Let’s Go. The Team Rocket Encounters always stood out in Yellow, so they should do in the new games, too.

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