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25 Best Online Co Op Xbox One Games

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25 Best Online Co Op Xbox One Games

Xbox One

Gears of War 4 provides a lengthy two-player co-op campaign filled with elements of horror, action, and a little bit of comedy at multiple difficulty settings. The latest chapter in the decade-long franchise features plenty of callbacks to past titles, while introducing a new cast of characters and story threads for the eventually sequel.

Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Squad mode allows up to eight players to team up and tackle small objectives and mini-games through a vote system. The session ends with a giant base defense fighting hordes of enemies. With wacky weapons and the ability to grind everywhere, this is a game that revels in fast-paced action and constant explosions.

A Way Out, the story of two men working together to escape a prison, literally requires two people to play. That means you have to find a partner, since two characters are controlled at all times and there is no AI companion. Graciously, every copy of the game comes with a “friend pass” that allows anyone to invite another friend to play for free.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a hefty package containing the four mainline Halo titles, plus Halo 3; ODST as downloadable content, on a single Xbox One disc. The franchise revolutionized shooters on consoles, and going back to these several four-player co-op campaigns is easier with improved graphics and multiple control options.

Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox on Xbox One. There’s building, hunting, quests, farming, and more that can be more fun with the coordination of multiple people. The Xbox One version also has cross-platform play with the Windows 10 and mobile versions of Minecraft, so friends and family don’t even have to own a console to play alongside.

Rainbow Six Siege may have had a rocky launch, but has found its footing as a deep and satisfying first-person shooter. If the Competitive mode is too hardcore for your tastes, the game’s Terrorist Hunt mode allows five players to clear out AI enemies in the same maps. The team can pick one of several options to attack, and requires teamwork to cover all sides.

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