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15 Sonic the Hedgehog Gift Ideas for the Mega Fan in Your Life


15 Sonic the Hedgehog Gift Ideas for the Mega Fan in Your Life

For that Blue Blur lover in your life.

Let’s kick this off with a perfect gift for the old-school, classic Sonic fan. The <a href=””>Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition</a> has a little bit of everything. A figurine that plays the classic SEGA startup audio, a collectible cartridge and a metallic collector’s card that carries the game’s download key. You can only preorder it right now, but considering how awesome that package is, it should be worth the wait for your loved one.

Sonic has just a storied history in comics as he does in video games. There a ton of comics you can peruse from the <a href=””>Archie Comic Shop</a>.

There’s nothing like playing the classic games on their original cartridge and with a real Genesis controller. Finding a Genesis in good shape could be tough, so can opt for the <a href=””>RetroN 5 from Hyperkin</a> which allows you insert Genesis cartridges (that you can pick up from eBay or Amazon) and the original controllers as well.

Despite the recent spotty game history, Sonic Generations stands out a excellent game that mixes both modern and classic gameplay. The Steam edition even features fan made levels which is a perk over its console brethren if the person you’re buying it for has a decent gaming PC.

<a href=””>has some pretty awesome looks prints</a> if you or a loved one is into that. We’re a fan of the concept art ones personally.

Do you have a loved one that is a fan of the original SatAM TV series and doesn’t have the complete collections? That’s no good! Pick it up for them <a href=””>via Amazon</a> or your preferred online vendor.

Who doesn’t love the unique cute style of Funko POP figures? Well maybe some people don’t, but still, there are plenty of related figurines to peruse from Funko POP.

Make sure whoever you’re buying for this holiday season is ready for any ugly christmas sweater parties with this <a href=””>Sonic themed one</a>

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