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20 Game Sequels We All Want, But Will Probably Never Get


20 Game Sequels We All Want, But Will Probably Never Get

You may be dead to the world, but you live on in our hearts.

Enslaved 2
Human Head’s Prey 2
Brutal Legend 2
Force Unleashed 3
Mario Sunshine 2
Dead Space 4
Condemned 3
Darkness 3
Super Mario RPG 2
Metroid 4
Mega Man
Legends of Dragoon 2
Spyro the Dragon
Skies of Arcadia
Wind Waker 2
Jet Set
Mercs 3
World Ends 2
Disney Infinity 2
Tokyo Jungle 2
Riddick 3
Mario Sunshine 2
Streets of Rage (2?4?)
Pokemon Snap 2
Catherine 2


Yes, sure, we’ve got Death Stranding now and whatever weird tentacle stuff is coming with that. But the original PT demo was so good and the reveal of its true nature so perfect, that we wanna see where that Silent Hill sequels would lead us with the current generation of consoles. Would the babies still be prevalent? Ninja Theory’s sci-fi reimagining of Journey of the West was a great game, all things considered. The bond between Monkey and Trip was solid, and the action was some fun stuff. They clearly wanted to do more with the concept, but as with most games, that cliffhanger ending will forever remain a cliffhanger. As far as game sequels go, that’s one that we’re the most sad about.

Before they started working on those Impostors of Gotham City and Shadows in Mordor, Monolith created a first person horror series where you were a cop going up against serial killers. The sequel expanded on the horror mythology of things, and we’d really like to see where they could go with another sequel someday. Maybe in our dreams.

Superhero games are all the rage right now, but 2K’s Darkness series was a little too early. Having supernatural powers is cool enough, and you’d think that after Jackie got stranded in hell by his girlfriend, we’d get another title just to see how that ended, right? Well…hell, no.

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