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25 New Marvel Characters That Should Be in Marvel vs. Capcom 4


25 New Marvel Characters That Should Be in Marvel vs. Capcom 4


Dubbed as the Human Rocket, Sam’s helmet allows him to use the same abilities as the previous Nova, Richard Rider. For Marvel vs. Capcom 4, he could easily take down his enemies with a super move that takes them to space, and his energy blasts would continue to pack one heck of a punch. Don’t laugh at his name; despite his size, he can easily use his small size to sucker punch enemies before they know what hit them, all while retaining the strength he’d have at normal size. Sure, he could also go all Giant-Man, but having a dude summon ants to swarm you would be creepy enough all on its own. Remember D’Vorrah from Mortal Kombat?

Every fighting game needs a fire guy, and the same holds true for Marvel vs. Capcom 4. Dante Pertuz is the current big Fire Guy in the comic book universe, and with his recent appearance in the Avengers cartoon, it’s time for his fire to spread. He can see the flaw in all things, and he’s a master martial artist. With his knowledge of both, he makes for an excellent close range fighter who can take you down before you realize what’s even happening. The brute muscle of the Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t entirely get the spotlight that he deserves compared to his fellow members. He’s got a know how of combat that spans the galaxy, not to mention a collection of knives and axes that would put most to shame.

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