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15 Real-World Locations That Need to be Pokemon Regions


15 Real-World Locations That Need to be Pokemon Regions

Being the very best, all around the world.


Las Vegas – United States

While the desert/city setting would be interesting, setting a Pokemon game in a fictionalized version of Las Vegas could produce some rather interesting side activities for players. After all, it’s not like the parents in this universe are against 10 year olds gambling all their money away.

The Outback – Austrailia

There have been a ton of jokes made at how dangerous the animals are in Austrailia, so why not do the same for Pokemon? The Outback offers some unique environments that we have not seen before and could open up some interesting cultural equivalents within this world.

Cape Town – South Africa

South Africa is a place that hasn’t really been explored in any video game, so why not let this series have a shot at it? Thanks to a nice mix of urban, mountains, and ocean environments to explore, this setting could offer some of the most diverse Pokemon around.

Rio de Janerio – Brazil

Rio de Janerio’s beaches, slums, and resorts are perfect for exploration, with the different critters representing certain areas of the city. Plus, we could replace the giant statue of Jesus Christ with our lord and savior the Helix Fossil.

Rome – Italy

Even though we’ve had a fair amount of fossil Pokemon, having a place where they’ve all been collected would be an interesting change of pace. Not only would it allow us to discover more about extinct Pokemon, but the actual environment would be a nice change of pace from the forests, fields, and mountains.

London – England

While London itself would be interesting to explore, having the surrounding areas would make for some nice variety when playing Pokemon. It could also be a great place for water Pokemon trainers since it’s always raining there.

New Orleans – United States

A town built around the idea of Ghost Pokemon is something we really haven’t explored since the original game. Not only would the voodoo-inspired Pokemon designs help it stand out, but it could explain all the creepy Pokedex entries.

Cairo – Egypt

This is another location we are quite surprised hasn’t made its way into this franchise, however it more than deserves to be considered for a setting. Exploring the pyramids could offer some interesting puzzles as well, which is something we haven’t seen as much of anymore.

Savanna – Africa

The wilds of Africa are a perfect setting for catching different types of Pokemon and exploring what they are like without human interaction. After all, having a place where we can observe Pokemon in their natural habitat is something we haven’t really explored within the core games.

Venice – Italy

Yes, Venice itself is a very small city, but imagine if this area was scaled up and made up a major location in a Pokemon game? Having a network of canals instead of roads for various Routes would be different and offer a greater focus on the water type Pokemon. Plus, with the revamped HM system it wouldn’t require us to teach a Pokemon surf in order to explore the world.

Alaska – United States

We haven’t had a ton of snowy locations in the Pokemon franchise and given that Ice Pokemen don’t have an expansive roster, this could offer a perfect reason to put them at the forefront of a game. Plus, we could get some really cool snowy versions of previously existing Pokemon to go with the environment.

Athens – Greece

Cities with a lot of history are always going to make interesting locations, even if they are fictionalized versions of them. However, Athens could be an interesting place to explore more about the “gods” of this series, which have only been briefly touched upon. There are a lot of legendary Pokemon, so having a better understanding of their history could be useful.

Monte Carlo – Monaco

While tropical and sunny destinations have been explored to death in this series, adding one more couldn’t hurt, right? Monte Carlo is a gorgeous resort city that offers everything from a beautiful setting, interesting city layout, and some really cool hotels that players could stay at.

Hollywood – United States

Ever wonder where all those Pokemon themed television shows and movies are made when you turn those televisions on? Well, venturing into a Hollywood-esc version in Game Freak’s world would not only help flush out the culture around these critters but could create some seriously amusing scenarios.

Hyrule – The Legend of Zelda series

Yes, yes this would disrupt whatever continuity either game franchise has but we can dream about this crossover, can’t we? Having a chance to catch Legend of Zelda themed Pokemon would be interesting and even if they didn’t crossover we can only imagine the hilarity that would ensue.

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