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15 Perfect Gift Ideas For the Pokemon GO Trainer in Your Life

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15 Perfect Gift Ideas For the Pokemon GO Trainer in Your Life

The best gear for loyal trainers.

– Pokemon GO Plus – As compelling as Pokemon GO is, sometimes it’s just too inconvenient to be staring at your phone all the time. Pokemon GO Plus allows you to enjoy the game even when you’re on the go. It notifies you with a vibration and an LED light whenever there is an in-game activity.


– Team Badges/ Bracelets – Pokemon GO fans are very loyal to their chosen team. Whether it’s Mystic, Instinct, or Valor, they’ll want to be able to don the color and symbol of their team with pride. These bracelets are the perfect way to let other trainers know who you align with.
– Sun and Moon + a 3DS if needed – During the winter months, it’s highly possible the Pokemon GO player in your life will be spending a little more time indoors. To counteract any Pokemon withdrawal symptoms, Pokemon Sun and Moon for the 3DS would be the perfect alternative. You will need a 2DS or 3DS to play them, however, so these bundles might be of interest.
– Plushies – There’s no denying that Pokemon are some of the most adorable fictional characters around. No matter how old you are, you’re likely to have a favorite Pokemon that you just have to catch. Luckily, you can get plushies for most of the major Pokemon now around the internet.
– The Pokemon GO Halloween costume – Fancy dress parties are the perfect time to show your passion for a particular character, movie, or game. And this guy made the perfect costume to show just how much he loves Pokemon GO. It’s a one-of-a-kind, but with a bit of time and practice, you could always attempt to make your own… or wait and see if someone starts selling them.
– Team Varsity Jackets – If the previously mentioned team bracelets weren’t enough to show their pride for their team then perhaps these Varsity Jackets would be better? A perfect gift for those cold Pokemon GO walks at night.
– Google Play / iTunes Cards – Any Pokemon GO trainer is going to be overjoyed if you give them funds to buy some in-game items. Whether it’s more Pokeballs, Incubators, or Potions, it’ll allow them to enjoy the game free of some of the game’s restraints.
– Crystel LED team keyrings – What better keyring could you have than one that looks like a crystal and stylishly represents your Pokemon GO team. They’re pretty cheap, too. The perfect stocking filler.
– Ash Ketchum hat – When the weather does start to get a little better, they’ll need a hat to help them get some shade on their phone. Either that… or they’ll wear it backwards and become the greatest Pokemon trainer to have ever lived.
– Artwork – If you’re looking for something a little more limited and upper-class, there’s actually a ton of great Pokemon and Pokemon GO artwork out there made by fans and professionals alike. If you’ve had a gap on the wall you’ve been wanting to fill, look no further.
– Fingerless gloves/ those cool gloves you can use your smartphone with – As we enter the winter months, heading out for Pokemon GO walks can be more painful than rewarding. A dull walk could leave you with nothing but sore, cold fingers instead. These gloves will allow you to use your smartphone without having to freeze your hands off.
– Cool phone chargers – One of the biggest problems that cripples Pokemon GO trainers is limitations of their phones battery combined with the demanding app itself. Battery life can be reduced to single digits incredibly quick if it’s a frantic adventure. A Poke Ball portable phone charger can allow them to keep playing for longer.
– Pokemon phone case- Whether you want to represent your team with a stylish case for your phone, or just want a giant Pikachu facing staring out the back, there are plenty of cases to show your passion for Pokemon GO.
– Real Poke Balls – While dragging your finger across the screen to throw a virtual Poke Ball is cool and all, it’s just not quite the same as having your very own Poke Balls. There are a bunch of Poke Balls you can get from different manufacturers that open when they hit the ground and close back up again. Alternatively, you can get these crystal Poke Balls that house an LED version of our favorite creature.
– Phone mount for a bike – One of the best ways to build experience and get some of the best high level Pokemon is to rack up those kilometers and hatch those eggs. While a committed player may be able to make good progress walking around everywhere, cycling while you play will see you hatching those eggs far faster. Just don’t forget to look where you’re going every so often.

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