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15 Best Netflix Shows Returning in 2019 That You Won’t Want to Forget About

best returning netflix shows, 2019

15 Best Netflix Shows Returning in 2019 That You Won’t Want to Forget About

15 Best Netflix Shows Returning in 2019

Netflix is bringing back a lot of fan favorites in 2019! From dramatic retellings of history to fictional tales of action, this year is going to be a big one for returning shows. Here are the 16 best Netflix shows returning in 2019 you won’t want to miss.

The Crown

The historical drama about the earlier years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II returns to Netflix in 2019 for season three. After a bit of a wait, fans can expect a lot from the third season, as it will cover 1964-76.

The birth of Prince Edward, the decolonization of Africa and the Caribbean, and Prince Charles’ coronation are just a few of the events that will be covered this season.

Stranger Things – Best Returning Netflix Shows 2019

Whether it’s the 80s nostalgia, DND madness, or just the chemistry all the characters have with one another, Stranger Things has been a phenomenon ever since it debuted in the summer of 2016. The Duffer Brothers look to continue their hot streak this year, as the show returns for season three.

A recent trailer shows that, while Seven managed to defeat the Demogorgon’s from the upside down the past two seasons, the threats are far from over. Whether it’s puberty, girls, or a brand new monster, Stranger Things third season looks to be as interesting as the previous two iterations.

Black Mirror

Last Christmas, Black Mirror gave us another quick look into the twisted mind of Charlie Brooker, releasing a special interactive special called Bandersnatch. But while the show is well known for exploring the dark ways technology can warp society, season five will apparently lean more toward optimism.

“We’re doing more optimistic episodes and stories, rather than just dystopian and negative ones,” Brooker told the NY Times. “We want to keep the show interesting for us.”


Not since Breaking Bad has a show captivated an audience, as Ozark’s third season continues Byrde families downward spiral into crime. The Jason Bateman led drama is set to return at some point during 2019.


Wrestling has always been a particular sport, especially for women. Just like females in the sport of professional wrestling, GLOW once again returns for the third season.

This time around, Alison Brie, Marc Maron and the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are heading to Vegas. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the pageantry of pro wrestling or not, this show is a must-see for comedy fans.

13 Reasons Why – Best Returning Netflix Shows 2019

13 Reasons Why has seen a lot of controversy regarding its stance on suicide, but Netflix stands by the show’s choice of storytelling by renewing it for a third season. While little is known regarding the contents of the third season, a teaser dictates that there is “more story to tell.”

The third season of 13 Reasons Why is set to arrive at some point in 2019.


Mindhunters was a huge hit when it debuted on Netflix back in 2017, captivating fans with its intense, psychological thriller storyline. Season two promises just as much action, as it will cover a series of murders committed in Atlanta from 1979-81, which saw 28 African-Americans killed.

Bojack Horseman

With each season of Bojack Horseman, Netflix manages to bring just as many heartbreaking moments as they do laughs, and it is likely that season six will be no different. While the exact plot hasn’t surfaced yet, there is no doubt that it will center around Bojack’s battle with himself, as season five ended with a myriad of mistakes that saw him hurt and lose loved was, leading him to go to rehab.

On My Block (March 29th)

The finale to On My Block’s debut seasons has left fans on the edge of there seats for almost a year, as the fates of Ruby and Olivia lay up in the air following a devastating cliff hanger. The series’ sophomore season will certainly be a tough one to watch, continuing to detail the struggle of kids growing up in a rough inner-city Los Angeles neighborhood.

Narcos: Mexico

The companion series to Narcos, originally scheduled to be Narcos season four, Narcos: Mexico returns for a second season, continuing to focus on the illegal drug trade in Mexico. Scoot McNairy is set to take the leading role in next season, starring as agent Walt Breslin,

Breslin was revealed as the show’s narrator at the end of the last season, as well as the DEA agent responsible for finding the criminals who abducted, tortured, and murdered Agent Kiki.

Jessica Jones

It’s a final hurrah for this Netflix original, as Jessica Jones enters its final season, following the cancellation of all the Marvel’s Defenders shows. This season promises to have plenty of payoffs though, as Trish learns her powers and Jessica continues to cope with the tragedies that have occurred in her life.

Orange is the New Black

The ladies of Litchfield are back for their final hurrah, as season seven of Orange is the New Black will be the last one for the series. Following the events of last season’s ending, these final set of episodes will follow Piper’s early release from prison, as well as the injustice those in prison still face.

Blanca’s transfer to immigration detention is likely also to take center stage, as the show continues to make a statement regarding the racial imbalance in America.

Lucifer – Best Returning Netflix Shows 2019

Following an outpouring of support for the show, as fans took to Twitter with #SaveLucifer, the devil has been saved by Netflix, as Lucifer is going to be resurrected on the platform for season four. Now, fans don’t have to leave off on the cliffhanger from season three, as Chloe discovered Lucifer’s secret.

Season four will revolve around Chloe’s struggle to come to grips with Lucifer revealing his true devil face to her.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The modernized reimagining of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was a hit with fans when it debuted in 2018. So what can you expect from season two?

Following the events Christmas special, the next part of Sabrina will explore the darker side of her character, as she struggles to balance both of her worlds, trying to maintain her friendships and learn about her heritage simultaneously.

Fuller House – Best Returning Netflix Shows 2019

The ending to season four of Fuller House was chock-full of surprises that will be elaborated on in season five. Alongside Jimmy’s proposal, the final season of the series will center around Stephanie’s new role of motherhood, as well as the possibility of marriage between DJ and Steve and Kimmy and Fernando.

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