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15 Best Gen 4 Pokemon You’ll Want to Catch First in Pokemon GO

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15 Best Gen 4 Pokemon You’ll Want to Catch First in Pokemon GO

The fourth generation of Pokemon was definitely one of the lesser known ones, most likely. So for those that have never played through those games, here are the best Gen 4 Pokemon you’ll definitely want to catch first in Pokemon GO.

Best Gen 4 Pokemon You’ll Want to Catch First in Pokemon GO


This Water/Steel penguin-type pocket monster not only looks cool as heck but packs quite the punch with its sharp, icy hands.


Staraptor is THE bird Pokemon from the Sinnoh region, similar to Pidgeot in Kanto and Noctowl in Johto. With its rad-looking mohawk dipped in red hair coloring, its ready to slam the door in your face and listen to emo music 24/7.


Gliscor is half ground half flying-type, which means that its immune to ground moves and electric moves which is awesome for a flying type. Throw in the fact that its only weak to ice and water and you got yourself a strong competitor.


Okay, I admit it. Floatzel is pretty much your basic water-type pocket monster but just look at it. It’s a freaking sea weasel and it’s so adorable. Using its floatation device, Floatzel can even save people from drowning! How could we leave it off this list?


Bastiodon is known as a shield pocket monster and this one is just a huge ‘ol tank. Bastiodon is a mix of a bulldozer and a Zuniceratops which makes it pretty tough to take down.

Rotom Forms

Rotom has the ability to possess several household appliances, giving this little ghost Pokemon more variety and options when it comes to battling. All of the forms are Electric-types and one other type, so you have to be careful and choose the correct form for your situation.


Honchkrow is the fanciest bird that you’ll have the pleasure of catching. With its classy hat and its big boss attitude, Honchkrow will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your party of pocket monsters.


Lucario is a pseudo-legendary Pokemon which just means that it looks like a special type of pocket monster but Lucario is actually just a normal Pokemon that be caught as easily as other Pokemon. Lucario is a Steel/Fighting-type and is a very powerful contender with its aura-based moves.


This mammoth is known to be one of the, if not, strongest Ice pocket monster found in the Sinnoh region. Being Ice and Ground, Mamoswine is susceptible to more than a few types but its attack and HP are off the charts. Those huge sharp tusks will take care of any Pokemon that stands in your way.


Look, Spiritomb has some pretty decent stats and being Ghost/Dark he’s only weak to Fairy-type moves, but Spiritomb is known for being a really mean bully, encompassing 108 evil spirits inside of him –talk about creepy.


Here we go, the Dragon-type to have on your team. To put it simply, Garchomp is a beast with super-high speed and attack, letting him take down anyone in its path. Watch out for Ice-type moves and Garchomp will be unstoppable.


Hippowdown has the ability to crush cars by using his big mouth alone and can also cause sandstorms by using the sand that he stores inside of him. Don’t mess with this sand hippo because he doesn’t play games.


These two are the main legendary Pokemon that you get the chance to capture in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. Dialga controls time while Palkia controls space. The two of them make up two-thirds of the creation trio so I think having at least one of them in your team wouldn’t hurt.


Bronzong is Psychic/Steel-type that can’t be hurt by ground moves thanks to its Levitate ability. Bronzong is also just a huge bell, so you can bet that its a bit tough to take down.

That does it for our list of the best Gen 4 Pokemon! Which ones are your favorites? Let us know!

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