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11 Biggest Mistakes Newbie Fortnite Players Are Probably Making

Fortnite Season 6

11 Biggest Mistakes Newbie Fortnite Players Are Probably Making

Fortnite is a bit of a worldwide phenomenon right now. Players of all ages can’t help but drop from the battle bus and duke it out in the hopes they’ll get that all-important Victory Royale. While the general gameplay and premise of Fortnite is fairly straightforward, it’s a game that’s fairly difficult to master.

As someone who’s poured an obscene amount of hours into Fortnite, I’ve decided to write up a list of the biggest mistakes that newbie Fortnite players have made time and time again. These might not all apply to you or whichever newbie Fortnite player you have in mind, but chances are, if you’re not getting the desired results, you’re probably falling foul of one of these big mistakes. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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Biggest Mistakes Newbie Fortnite Players Makes

  • Not building enough when coming into combat.
  • Going for chests before weapons when landing
  • Spraying over precise aiming
  • Inventory full of weapons and no heals
  • Not editing builds for additional cover
  • Not getting enough materials for build battles
  • Not using grenades where applicable
  • Chopping down trees completely and giving away their position
  • Hiding from battles
  • Standing still when under fire.
  • Not using the correct weapon for the range or scenario

Not building enough when coming into combat

Chances are, we’ve all fallen foul of this one at some point. Not building enough when coming into combat is natural, because you immediately focus on dealing damage to your opponent, rather than protecting yourself. However, a quick build can not only protect you from incoming shots, but also provide you with a better angle to fire down on your opponent. They don’t say ‘build up’ for nothing.

Going for chests before weapons when landing

If you’re dropping into a busy landing zone, whatever you do, don’t try and go for a chest. These are not only going to be targeted by other players, but you’re a massive sitting duck for a brief few seconds while you stand there trying to open one up. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to get to the chest first. Instead, you’re better off looking out for the best floor loot weapon that you see in the surrounding area, and picking that up. Then, you can pick off any players still looking for weapons, or any players opening up chests. With a weapon in hand, you’re able to hold your own and claim that chest loot for yourself… or just eliminate the player who opened the chest and steal it off them.

Spraying over precise aiming

It’s easy, whatever weapon you’re using, to start spamming the fire button like never before in Fortnite. The adrenaline gets pumping and you’ll desperately want to land a shot to stay in the game. Instead, you’re better off properly lining up your shots and letting fly. Particularly with something like a shotgun. By aiming for a headshot, you’re going to deal twice the damage of a good body shot, and considerably more damage than a bad one.

Inventory full of weapons and no heals

This is an easy one to fall victim to. With so many powerful weapons available in Fortnite and traversal tools like the Grappler and Rift-to-Go, it’s easy to forget about healing items when you’re at full health and shield. However, always keep one of your inventory slots free for heals. Doesn’t matter whether it’s bandages, small shields, or a Chug Jug, they’re all going to come in handy when you inevitably take some damage. This allows you to heal up in the middle of a battle if you can find yourself some cover, and give yourself the upper hand over your opponent.

Not editing builds for additional cover

Learning how to quickly edit your structures is time-consuming, but something you’ll need to get to grips with. By editing builds, you can provide additional cover that simply popping your head out of the top of a little tower can provide. It makes you more difficult to hit, while also ensuring you can still pop rounds off. It can take some time learning the different patterns for the correct edits to your structure, but once you’ve got them cracked, it opens up an entirely new dimension to building in Fortnite.

Not getting enough materials for build battles

Building is one of Fortnite’s key differentiating mechanics from other battle royale games, and you better know it’s important if you want to improve your game. While getting your speed-building skills down is important, you’ll also want to make sure you’re always well-stocked with materials. Leaving yourself with a small supply of materials, regardless of what they are, can put you in a sticky spot if you come across another player. If they begin building upwards, they’ll have the advantage firing down on you. High ground is important, though not everything, so give yourself a chance on stock up on at least 300 materials as soon as possible.

Not using throwables where applicable

Throwables are actually incredibly useful, but more often than not, grenades, stink bombs, and clingers are left by the wayside in favor of other weapons. These are perfect for a number of situations, though. Grenades and clingers are perfect for eliminating opponents who think they’re safely hiding away in the room of a house or at the bottom of a build, while stink bombs are perfect for flushing players out of the top of their structures or cover. Pick these up and use them intelligently, and you’ll notice your kill count beginning to creep up each game.

Chopping down trees completely and giving away their position

Gathering materials is important, as we’ve already mentioned, but if you’re going about chopping down massive trees entirely until they’re removed off the map, you’re essentially sending out a massive beacon pinpointing your location to other players. When gathering materials from any kind of large structure or source, don’t destroy it entirely. Leave it with about 50 health, and you’ll still walk away with the lion’s share of the materials you can get from it, while also allowing you to remain undetected.

Hiding from battles and using bushes

Ultimately, the only way you’re going to improve in Fortnite is by playing, engaging in battles, and constantly building. It’s all about muscle memory for the most part, especially in intense fast-paced encounters. As such, while hiding from battles and using bushes as cover to secure a top 10 spot might seem like a good idea, you’re never really going to be able to improve at holding your own in a battle this way. Instead, start pushing yourself. Land at Tilted Towers and engage in battle immediately. Start training yourself to build when coming under fire. These kinds of things will help not only improve your effectiveness and survival skills in Fortnite, but your overall game will improve as a result and the Victory Royales will come rolling in.

Standing still when under fire

If you’re not going to build, then you better be constantly moving when coming under fire. It’s far, far too easy to eliminate players in Fortnite who just stand completely still. Line up the reticle with the head, tap the fire button a couple of times, and chances are they’ll be done and dusted. A moving target is always more difficult to hit, and while jumping around and strafing will make it more difficult for you to land hits, doing both at the same time will simply come with practice. Whatever you do, though, don’t be a sitting duck. That’s a surefire way to be sent back to the lobby.

Not using the correct weapon for the range or scenario

Just because you’ve got a gold heavy shotgun, doesn’t mean that should now be your go-to weapon for anything close-mid range. Close range, sure, but mid-range? Chances are you can deal damage more effectively with something like a green burst assault rifle and some well-placed headshots than you’ll be able to with even a gold heavy shotgun from distance. Spend some time learning what weapons deal damage best at which distances. Not to mention, learning your own personal preferences for what weapons just feel right to you. It’s always fun to experiment, but trying to take down an opponent with a purple compact SMG from 75 meters away just isn’t efficient.

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