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10 Gift Ideas for the Ultimate PlayStation Fan for the Holidays 2018


10 Gift Ideas for the Ultimate PlayStation Fan for the Holidays 2018

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Ultimate PlayStation Fan

PlayStation Memory Card Bottle Opener

Sometimes, a more subtle gift can mean all the more, and this PSX Memory Card bottle opener fits the bill when shopping for a diehard PlayStation fan. Made of solid metal yet retaining the feel of those plastic data storage devices of old, it’ll allow the nostalgia to flow as freely as the fluids from the bottles it opens.

While there are a number of outlets you can purchase this neat gift from, the most reliable would be Amazon. Along with a highly affordable price, they online retailer typically has it in stock right up until the day of, ensuring your giftee can marvel at its splendor.

PlayStation Icons Light

Once only available in Europe, this stylish decorative light is now up for grabs in the United States just in time for the holidays.

Help your PlayStation fan of choice spruce up their workspaces and gaming areas with a stylish nod to Sony’s iconic button symbols. Drive up a room’s feng shui with their multicolored glow, a shining sentinel to how far the publisher has come over the years and the hours of entertainment they’ve provided.

While there are a number of retailers you could grab this ruminative gift from, Gamestop offers some of the quickest shipping to make sure it arrives in time to be found under the tree.

Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep Graphic Novel

One of the PlayStation 4’s early hits, Bloodborne continues to tantalize fans’ darker sensibilities thanks to the recently released graphic novel adaptation The Death of Sleep. Gory, eerie and filled with dark intent, it’s everything great about the game’s atmosphere translated into a new artistic medium.

While not every PlayStation fan may want to return to Yarnham’s dark world, the more dedicated among them will jump at the chance to see a PlayStation exclusive brought to life once again. Plus, it’ll get them ready for the next issue set to launch early next year.

PlayStation Classic

Following the success of the NES and SNES Classic, it’s little surprise Sony followed Nintendo’s lead with their own nod toward an earlier console and its games.

Loaded out with 20 classic titles, including Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, and Resident Evil, the PlayStation Classic is a must-have for PlayStation Fans new and old. Not only does it support the preservation of some of PlayStation’s earliest titles, but it provides them in one complete package with HD support.

Preorders are open until its Dec. 3 release and chances are high it won’t be nearly as easy to find after launch.

PlayStation Mug

Want to help your loved one flaunt their love of PlayStation while drinking coffee? Then look no further than the PlayStation Controller Mug, a monstrosity of retro gaming love and hand cramps rolled into one convenient package.

Holding up to 10 ounces of a PlayStation fan’s drink of choice, this cup will be the envy of any gamer who sees it in use; at least until they realize how painful it is to use.

In all seriousness though, it’s a fun collectible that looks great on a shelf of gaming knick knacks. They’re also easily available on Amazon, making it great for a last minute gift should the need arise.

2018’s Best PlayStation Exclusives

It’s been a great year for PlayStation 4 owners, and its high profile exclusive releases have a lot to do with that. Between the thoughtfully crafted story of God of War and the undeniable fun of Insomniac’s Spider-Man adaptation, Sony continues to deliver some of the industry’s best single player gaming experiences.

That said, it’s been a crazy year for releases. Even the biggest PlayStation fan may have passed up on buying either of these phenomenal titles for other notable names like Monster Hunter World, Red Dead Redemption 2 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

As such, it’s the perfect time to lend them a hand and help make sure their gaming library isn’t missing some integral titles. Both will be on sale at select retailers for Black Friday too, making now a better time than ever to pick them up.

PlayStation Ugly Sweater

Want to help your favorite PlayStation fan stay warm and anti-stylish this season? Pick up the official PlayStation Ugly Sweater for them. Adorned in directional pads, button icons, and the PlayStation symbol, it’ll make their brand allegiance clear while also helping them win most any ugly sweater contest.

It’s worth noting that this dark grey bundle of hideousness does require some time to ship once ordered. Pick it up sooner rather than later if you want it to grace your loved one’s gift pile in time for the holidays.

Crash Bandicoot and Spyro Remastered Trilogies

Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon were both integral to the success of the first PlayStation. Not only were they charming and inventive examples of the platforming genre, but their games brought players some truly memorable gameplay from developers that would one day form the backbone of Sony’s studios.

That’s why the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy have been such a treat for gamers. It gives these series a second chance at life with new gamers, while also allowing those who played them before to experience their magic once again with a fresh coat of graphical paint.

If the PlayStation fan in your life is missing either of these titles from their libraries, now is the ideal time to help them fill in that empty slot. Both are fairly affordable too, running at least $20 lower than a full-priced game.

PlayStation Totaku Figures

Know of a major PlayStation fan that also spends their time hoarding figures like valuable resources? If so, then consider grabbing them some PlayStation Totaku figures.

A surprisingly heartfelt ripoff of Nintendo’s wildly successful amiibos, these small figurines offer some surprisingly detailed recreations of classic PlayStation game characters. This includes the Hunter from Bloodborne, God of War’s Kratos and the manic Crash Bandicoot, with many more available for purchase.

It’s also worth noting that they won’t break the bank, priced at a reasonable $9.99 while they’re still in stock.

Scuf Vantage Custom Controller

While the PlayStation fans may not gush about how ergonomic the PlayStation 4 Dualshock controller is, they’ll sing to the heavens about how good the Scuf Vantage variant feels after a few hours of play.

Designed with player comfort and durability in mind, these custom creations are worth every penny thanks to their dependable nature and natural fit to most any player’s hands. From extended shoulder buttons to custom design options, there’s loads more choices for how they can experience their favorite games.

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