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10 Brawl Modes Overwatch Should Definitely Do


10 Brawl Modes Overwatch Should Definitely Do

We gotta do something with these characters, right?

If you pay attention to the Overwatch lore, you know that Reaper and Mercy have a rather complicated history. It’d be fun to capitalize on this with a mode where the two characters have to work together. Sure, it’d be awkward, but maybe they could be better friends for it, if they had each other’s backs? Just like old times?<br><br> Nah.

Pharah’s jetpack helps her get around the map and dispense her powerful brand of JUSTICE. Now it’s time to make that jetpack literally the thing that keeps her alive, because if she stays on the ground for too long, she’ll get slayed. Hope you got enough fuel!

When you’re such a great shot, you need to work on your skills with some target practice. As Widowmaker, there’s no better target to practice your sniping skills on than a certain time-displaced Brit who has machine pistols. That, or a robot monk…

Roadhog’s grappling hook can make him a bit of a pain for any Overwatch player that happens to be in his sights. So of course, the perfect mode for this is to have to where a Roadhog can only get kills when they yank someone off the map.

There’s a lot of Overwatch characters who have beefs and history with each other. While some of them have made up, others…not so much. Time to end (or refuel) those rivalries by having players go up against folks with history. Reaper and Soldier: 76? Sure. Genji and Hanzo? Of course. Ana and Widowmaker? Duh!

C’mon, admit it: you’ve TOTALLY thought about this while playing as Mei. It’s okay, because that would be totally awesome. So it should totally be a mode! Create ice walls to get to the end zone, simple enough. But also be sure that you don’t get frozen before it disappears and you have burning, painful death!

Lucio Ball has ended up being a pretty fun mode, but you know what it’s missing? Dudes in mech suits throwing and knocking the ball around with your giant hammer. Think Grifball, but with more rushing.

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