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Top 10 Best Special Edition PS4 Controllers, Ranked


Top 10 Best Special Edition PS4 Controllers, Ranked

Style and Substance

Top 10 Best Special Edition PS4 Controllers

This was the pack-in controller for the Final Fantasy XV console. While the design is simple, the Final Fantasy XV logo on the handle takes the plain black DualShock to the next level for fans of the franchise.

While the Batman Special Edition Console featured a brooding caped crusader on the hard drive cover, the controller took a simpler approach. The gray and black design of the controller perfectly matches the motif of the console.

The Destiny 2 special edition DualShock takes the plain white DualShock and adds a pop of that classic Destiny gold with the logos on the handle. The Destiny 2 logo across the touch pad completes the look.

The gunmetal gray casing is attractive enough. Combine that with the Diamond Dogs logo and the pop of red around the D-Pad (to match the console it’s paired with), and this controller goes next level.

Top 10 Best Special Edition PS4 Controllers

This Star Wars Battlefront Special Edition Darth Vader DualShock draws inspiration from the villain’s chest plate. Star Wars fans have much to love with this controller, from the overall design to the small details like the logos covering the touch pad.

Simplicity wins the day with this special edition Uncharted 4 DualShock. Even though the controller doesn’t feature any special scripting or logos, the unique color alone makes it one of the most attractive controllers available for the PS4.

The special edition Black Ops III DualShock came bundled with the COD: Black Ops III PS4. The contrast between the gunmetal gray and the orange analog sticks and D-Pad make this controller pop.

Top 10 Best Special Edition PS4 Controllers

The Suzaku Edition PS4 launched exclusively in Japan alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The deep red matched the console, which featured a beautiful FF Type-0 logo on the hard drive cover.

This Japan-only Dragon Quest XI console comes with this gorgeous DualShock 4. The uniform royal blue along with the gold Slimer and symbol makes this a contender for the best looking PS4 controller.

Call it nostalgia, but the 20th anniversary DualShock 4 ranks at the top of this list. The PS1 style gray along, the subtle original multi-colored PlayStation logo, and the small cross-circle-square-triangle logos on the touchpad take any PlayStation fan back to the good old days.

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