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7 Actors Who Should Totally Play Percy Jackson in the Disney+ Series

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7 Actors Who Should Totally Play Percy Jackson in the Disney+ Series

With the announcement of a Disney+ Percy Jackson series last month, speculation and discussion about the cast is running rampant. Everything from what age characters should be to who should represent them is a topic of conversation.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of actors we think would best be suited for the lead character, and titular role of Percy Jackson.

7 Actors Who Should Totally Play Percy Jackson in the Disney+ Series

Roman Griffin Davis (13 years old)

While he may lack the jet black hair known to Percy Jackson, there is no denying that Roman Griffin Davis certainly has the personality to star in the series.

In his first, and only film, so far in his career, Davis stole the show as Jojo in Jojo Rabbit. His charm and sheer charisma would do wonders when it comes to bringing Percy to life.

(Image credit US Magazine)

Noah Jupe (15 years old)

While he may be on the older side of this casting list at 15-years-old, Noah Jupe’s experience as an actor speaks for itself. Since 2015, he has padded quite a resume already, staring in a handful of movies, including Honey Boy, Ford v Ferrari, and A Quiet Place Part II.

Jupe already has significant television experience as well, as he got his start on Penny Dreadful and Downton Abbey.

(Image credit Celebrity Networth)

Jackson Dollinger (12 years old)

If Disney is looking internally to cast Percy Jackson, Jackson Dollinger should be at the top of their list. While he may only have a little experience, his work on Puppy Dog Pals and Sydney to the Max shows he is passionate about acting.

At only 12 years old, Dollinger is also the same age as Percy Jackson is in The Lightning Thief book.

Luke Judy (13 years old)

Despite the fact that he is only 13, Luke Judy already has a lot of roles under his belt. Sure, a lot of them are token child supporting parts in shows like 9-1-1 and Criminal Minds, but he’s also proven he can handle spotlight, playing a large role in the hit sitcom Fresh Off the Boat as Zack.

(Image credit CBS)

August Maturo (12 years old)

Another young, up-and-coming that Disney can grow the Percy Jackson series with is August Maturo. While best known for his work as Auggie Matthews in Girl Meets World, this actor has been in the industry longer than he hasn’t.

Since 2012, Maturo has already appeared in around 16 piece of entertainment. Not bad for someone that’s only been alive for 12 years.

(Image credit Variety)

Zackary Arthur (13 years old)

Anyone who has read the books knows that whoever plays Percy Jackson is going to need to be a damn good actor, especially considering the range of emotions the character experiences across his journey’s in the series.

Of all the actors on this list, Zackary Arthur certainly has some of the most impressive range. From his work alongside Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent to his starring role in the horror-comedy Mom and Dad, everything he has appeared in he’s stole the show.

(Image credit IMDb)

An Unknown

One of the most obvious answers of who should play Percy Jackson in the new Disney+ series is that it should be someone we haven’t heard of yet. Doing this allows the actor to be cast around the character, instead of the other way around.

Here is hoping that the show takes some inspiration from Harry Potter, choosing actors that fit the age of the characters in the books and growing the series around them as they age in real life as well.

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