6 Key Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 3 Plot Points You Might Have Missed

Catch up on the recap of Yellowstone Season 5, episode 3, and discover key plot points and predictions you don't want to miss.

With things ramping up, you’ll want to make sure to check out the Yellowstone season 5, episode 3 key plot points you might have missed. Events in this episode are spread out, which means the key plot points will progress slowly, but this might be a positive as long as events play out in a way that continues to be magnetizing and satisfactory. Plenty is going on here, so you’ll need to stay on top of things unless you want to become prey. 

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John’s Flashback and the Wolves

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Continuing with the theme of Wolves, John’s past further reveals how he’s been dealing with the dilemma of keeping wolves preserved in the wild and trying to protect ranchers’ cattle. Later in the episode, we see how the federal agents tasked with finding the GPS park wolves meet with RIP and ride out to investigate the land.

At the end end of the scene, we see another track on the newly plowed Yellowstone land. There are still more wolves- or something, out there. This investigation has only just begun, but there are unwelcome surprises in the works, and the complications will be severe.

Sarah Atwood and Jame Dutton, a Thing?

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After a setup in Jamie’s office, Sarah Atwood explains how things aren’t looking good for Montana’s financial situation so she invites him out to dinner to discuss a “soft landing” for both of them. Looks like she might indeed attempt to seduce Jamie or at least try and swindle him into making a decision that’s lucrative for the state and negatively consequential for John Dutton and the Yellowstone ranch.

The key takeaway from this is how she specifically chose their “date” to be at the Deerfield Club, which correlates with Beth’s place of power. At the end of the episode, we learn that Beth most likely won’t be able to be at the club when Jamie and Sarah meet, but this might signify Sarah’s rise and advantage as Beth begins to fall.

Kayce and Monica’s Tragic Love

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In a bold move, Kayce has met with chairman Rainwater and declared that he’s choosing his family over his duties to his father and the Yellowstone ranch. He tells John that he’s giving up his state position as the livestock commissioner and he’s going to serve his wife and family as his priority. Kayce tries to get a job from Rainwater, but there is nothing Rainwater can offer him, which leaves Kayce in an uncertain position.

In a moment of sorrow, Monica cuts off her hair as part of her grieving process, and Kayce is held back and forced to watch. Kayce’s future is open-ended at the moment, and there’s no clear sign of what paths he can take. Will something opportune open up for Kayce that will allow him some peace and stability? Or will face more hardships, struggling to survive and make ends meet, forcing him to seek his father’s help as usual?

Chairman Rainwater’s Problems Begin From Within

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With less friction between him and John Dutton, chairman Rainwater should be coasting until he figures out another legal way to get back land from the Yellowstone ranch to expand his casino developments. But things are taking a turn for the worse, with new adversaries making themselves known. As he drives up to his Gray Wolf Pearl casino, there’s a young, charismatic Native American protestor speaking out against Rainwater and the casinos.

Angela Blue Thunder is waiting inside Rainwater’s casino and boldly threatens him straight up. Her language emphasizes harsh words like slave and poison, stressing how other people have the freedom to live like “free men” while the Indians suffer under oppression. She walks away after stating to Rainwater that she’s going to remove him and leaves it open-ended at that.

Rainwater’s expression as she leaves says it all, her goal and what she’s going to do ain’t gonna be pretty. Now he must prepare for the worse if he wants to maintain his power and position against two fronts; a rival Indian politician and the bubbling voices of the younger generation’s desire for change against casinos. Rainwater is cornered by his people, and cornered animals make very drastic decisions.

Beth’s Victory and Defeat

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At a boardroom meeting, she’s able to close a business deal with a familiar business associate named Rob, who wants to outdo Market Equities. Rob agrees to buy Beth’s controlling interest in Schwartz & Meyer while keeping her owned land in conservation easement, which results in Caroline Warner being summoned back to New York by her board and them giving up on the deal and lawsuit. Win.

Later that evening, Beth goes against Rip’s wisdom and forces everyone to celebrate Lloyd’s birthday at the Bozeman bar until midnight to avoid any potential trouble. The fun seems to be innocent enough at first, but of all the people, Beth turns into the loose canon after a random woman tries to hit on Rip, and he tells the woman that Beth is his wife, pointing Beth out.

The woman approaches Beth before Rip can stop her, and Beth cracks the woman on the head with a liquor bottle. The new sheriff Ramsey arrives on the scene, and he’s not playing any favorites with John Dutton’s boys. The woman who was hit with the bottle presses a charge of aggravated assault, and Beth is arrested. Lose. One final note on the matter, the situation might have been orchestrated by someone like Sarah Atwood or Market Equities.

Ryan’s Character Development

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Ryan has been a supporting character purposed for comedic relief along with most of the ranch’s cowboys, but he’s starting to see some development alongside Colby. In previous seasons, Colby was nearly trampled to death by Wade and his son and has some type of romance going on with Teeter.

Now, Ryan has been stoking the flames of romance with a girl named Abby and is involved in the murder of the wolves along with Colby. Another character that is developing at a snail’s pace is Carter, who might end up becoming a major character because of his connection to Beth and Rip.

With a better understanding of the Yellowstone season 5, episode 3 key plot points you might have missed, you’ll be able to follow the story more closely. Multiple layers have been set for the season, so make sure you check out hidden plot points from episode 1 and also hidden secrets you might have missed in episode 2 of Yellowstone season 5. Stay connected to Twinfinite so that you’ll always be ready for whatever happens out there in the wilds of the digital frontier.

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