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With PC components finally being reliably in stock and GPU prices getting closer to their MSRP, now is as good a time as any to build your own PC for personal and professional usage. Once you’ve sourced and purchased all of the necessary hardware, you’ll need an operating system to help you make use of all those PCBs. That’s where Keysfan’s latest deal on Windows 11 and Office 2021 come in.

It should come as no surprise to anyone, but computers all need an operating system to function. If you buy a copy of Windows directly through Microsoft, you’ll be looking at spending $100 or more just to get a key. Microsoft Office goes for even more, with a key for Office Home & Business running you $250. Why waste all of that cash when you can get a cheap CD key and put the extra funds towards better components?

Keysfan’s Office Software Sale sees prices on Windows 10 keys going for as low as $5.70 with Office Professional 2021 priced at just $25. If you have the need for Windows 11 Professional, you can grab that at just $10! Keysfan also has specials on other pieces of software, including Ashampoo’s Photo Commander and PDF Pro.

Windows Starts From $5.70

Office 2021 Starts From $14.40

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Keysfan has multiple options available for checkout including PayPal and direct payment through credit/debit cards. After a fast and secure process, you’ll be emailed a key for your purchased software alongside a set of instructions on how to install and activate it.

If you’re worried about legitimacy, Keysfan has a full money-back guarantee to assuage your fears. Each product sold through Keysfan is 100% legal, safe, and secure. The company ensures that users will never receive any viruses, malware, or any type of malicious software with its products. The company also has a fast and thorough 24-hour customer support system that is able to help you with any issues you may have at any moment.

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