10 Promising Upcoming Horror Games to Look Forward to in 2020

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2020 is already lined up to be a banner year for video games. Cyberpunk 2077, Avengers, Doom: Eternal, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Animal Crossing: New Horizons… Too many games in too little time. The horror scene, however, is looking smaller in comparison. Here are the upcoming horror games we are most anticipating in 2020.

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A lot of the horror games we can expect next year are sequels, and, with some, we are still not really sure what to expect. 

Those that are coming in 2020 are exciting, though. They are the few, but they are the proud, and we are looking forward to getting our horror fix from these games in the coming months. 

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

dark pictures

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is still fresh in our minds, and there is a new game already on the horizon. That is the glory of the anthology; we should be getting new, smaller cinematic horror games in this series twice a year

Since Man of Medan released in August, it’s safe to assume (based on the twice a year model), that another Dark Pictures game will release in the next few months, and maybe another later in the year. 

The next game in the series, Little Hope, was teased in a secret trailer inside Man of Medan. It stars Will Poulter (of Midsommar and Bandersnatch fame), and looks to be set in the creepy town of, you guessed it, Little Hope. Little else is known other than that it will release in 2020. You can check the trailer out for yourself here.

So, we can expect at least one Dark Pictures game next year, maybe even two. Here’s hoping for more cinematic horror in 2020.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2, Horror

You know what’s cool? Parkour. You know what’s scary? Zombies. You know what has both? Yep, it’s Dying Light. However, the game’s sequel is set to be even bigger and better than its predecessor. 

Dying Light 2 is going to be a massive game with a story and world that changes and adapts after ever choice. The action and traversal get some fun new tools, and you get to decide who dominates the city. 

Dying Light 2 is adding enough stuff to get us psyched about the game’s release. Though there isn’t an exact date, you can expect your parkour zombie game sometime in the Spring of 2020.

The Last of Us Part 2

Anticipation seven years in the making has led us to May 29th, 2020. The Last of Us 2 made waves upon its release in 2013, and is held up as one of the greatest games of all time. The question in the back of everyone’s mind is: will the sequel live up to the original? 

If the gameplay we have been shown this far is any indicator, the answer is yes. It’s hard not to be excited about The Last of Us 2, with the fascinating world, the terrifying clickers, and the story of Joel and Ellie. 

Forget most anticipated horror games, The Last of Us 2 is simply one of the most anticipated games of 2020, period.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

Turns out, seven years isn’t all that long of a wait for a sequel. Vampire: The Masquerade fans have been waiting for 16 years. This sweeping Vampire epic RPG takes place in Seattle, and gives the player their choice of clans and side quests to approach with their vampiric ways.

This highly-anticipated sequel was initially slated for a March 2020 launch date, but has since been pushed further into 2020, so when you can terrorize Seattle is not yet clear. There is going to be a lot of choices and a lot of blood-sucking, so we have a lot to look forward to. 

Who doesn’t like a horror game where you’re the horror? 

Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2

This puzzle-platformer left a few questions at the conclusion of the first game in 2017. The game’s sequel may seek to answer some of those questions by introducing a new playable character, Mono. 

The game’s original protagonist, Six, is slowly fading out of existence. Mono and Six must go on a journey through new terrifying monstrosities to the source of the world’s evil and save Six.

Will we finally find out who all of the residents are? What is happening to Six? Did she become a monster herself? Hopefully we’ll get answers to these questions and more in Little Nightmares 2.

When, you ask? There is still no official release date, just a 2020 window.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine

Rainbow Six

We don’t really know much about Rainbow Six: Quarantine other than the fact that it is a three-player co-op shooter horror spin-off of Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six universe. The E3 reveal trailer teases an unknown enemy that threatens all of humanity, but the threat hasn’t been revealed yet. 

But it’s definitely zombies. So, you and two friends can get your zombie (probably) shooting action in the style of Rainbow Six at an unconfirmed time in 2020.



Pixels can be scary too, as Carrion sets out to prove. The second game on this list that allows players to become the nightmare, Carrion is more a revenge story than a traditional horror story.

In this indie game, you are the monster, and your one goal is to wreak havoc upon those who have imprisoned you. As you grow and evolve, you become what they all fear.

A unique take on the horror genre is refreshing among these big-budget sequels that will permeate the next year, and I can’t wait to destroy some facilities.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain

Remothered: Broken Porcelain, Horror

Remothered: Broken Porcelain is set to be the second game in a trilogy of horror games centering around the mysterious disappearance of Celeste Felton.

These games have been heralded as the spiritual successor to the classic Japanese point-and-click horror series Clock Tower, particularly with their story structure and enemy design.

Broken Porcelain will pick up from where the second game left off, following Rosemary Reed as she searches for Celeste, but will introduce new horrors in a new location. If you’re interested in intricate storytelling and carefully designed scares and enemies, this could be the game for you.

Monstrum 2

Monstrum 2, Horror

You’re stuck on a boat, and you need to find a way off ASAP. The only problem is, one of three terrifying monsters are trying their best to turn you into a paste. This is the set up for 2015’s first-person horror game, Monstrum.

Monstrum 2, however, adds something new to the mix. Three new things, in fact. Monstrum 2 will be a 4v1 multiplayer horror experience, with 4 survivors and one players on an oceanic monstrocity. Set on a 70s sea lab, work with or against other players to escape before the monster finds you. Or, if you’re the monster, kill them all.

As of now, the release window for Monstrum 2 is set in late 2020.

Kingdom of Night

Kingdom of Night, Horror

What if I told you Kingdom of Night was Diablo meets Earthbound? This isometric, story-driven action RPG takes inspiration from horror of the 80s, pitting a guy named John against five Demon Lords. I like those odds. 

The game looks great, and Diablo meets Earthbound is a mighty enticing offer. The Kickstarter for the game sets the planned release date at October 30, 2020. 

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