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Top 5 Best Nintendo Switch Games of Q4 2018


Top 5 Best Nintendo Switch Games of Q4 2018

Best Nintendo Switch Games of Q4 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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This newest iteration of Super Smash Bros. is more than worthy of being called “Ultimate,” and it’s absolutely one of the best Switch games ever, not just this quarter.

This title managed to not only bring back every single fighter that the series has ever seen since the N64 game, but it also brought with it new characters, stages, items, assist trophies, a whopping 30+ hour story mode, and much much more.

There are also five additional fighters being added to the game over the course of a year via paid downloadable content and we cannot wait to get our hands on them, as well as their respective stages and music tracks.

When you think that you have run out of things to complete in this game, all you have to do is head to a different menu screen and you’re bound to find tasks and/or achievements to complete and unlock.

It’ll take any sane person hundreds of hours to dig through all of the modes that this not-so-little game here has to offer.

With the massive amount of content present in this mascot fighting game, it absolutely had to go on the top of this list of best Switch games in Q4 of 2018. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is indeed the ultimate package and love letter for any fan of Nintendo’s vast history.

Best Nintendo Switch Games of Q4 2018

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee
pokemon let's go pikachu and eevee, Switch games

While Pokemon veterans and newbies alike wait patiently for the next true mainline Pokemon game to hit the Nintendo Switch in 2019, this glorious HD reimagining of Pokemon Yellow is the perfect way to make that wait just a teensy bit easier.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee takes some of the best things from Niantic’s Pokemon GO and mixes it up with the tried and true formula of Pokemon that we’ve seen since the ’90s and gives us a neat little adventure that surprisingly introduces some awesome quality of life changes.

Say goodbye to random wild Pokemon battles as Pokemon Let’s Go actually lets you see your favorite creatures out and about, giving new life to Kanto and removing those annoying Zubat encounters that were omnipresent in caves. I mean, you can still choose to fight the Zubats –if you’re a madman– but at least GameFreak gives us a choice whether we want to deal with those bloodsuckers.

Also, being able to switch your Pokemon team on the fly is probably the biggest and most important change here. While this was something I’ve never thought about before, it’s the feature I appreciate the most.

We don’t know if these new features will be included in the new mainline entries coming later this year, but man, we can only hope so.

Best Nintendo Switch Games of Q4 2018

gris, Switch games

When I first saw GRIS‘ beautiful water-color aesthetic and a design choice that favored music and visual cues over dialogue and text, we were thinking that this indie platformer would be sort of similar to thatgamecompany’s Journey, but boy was I wrong.

While Journey put players on a spiritual quest, GRIS does something completely different and deals with anxiety, stress, and being alone in a scary world full of your darkest demons.

Trapped inside of her own mind, you play as a girl who is attempting to bring back color, flora, and fauna to areas that are devoid of all three.

During the short story that GRIS offers players, you’ll deal with environmental puzzles, light platforming mechanics, and a beautiful, enthralling soundtrack that will make you feel all chill and stuff.

GRIS is definitely worth a play on the Nintendo Switch and is hands-down one of the best experiences I’ve had on the system this past year.

Best Nintendo Switch Games of Q4 2018

Katamari Damacy REROLL
katamari damacy, Switch games

Katamari Damacy REROLL is a lovely remaster of the strange yet endearing puzzle-action game that hit the PS2 back in 2004.

You play as this little prince who is tasked with rolling up all kinds of things back on planet earth in order to create stars in the sky for the King of All Cosmos, who has somehow accidentally destroyed all of the stars and planets.

The goal is to roll and to never, ever stop. At first, you roll up smaller objects like pushpins, apples, and batteries, but the more stuff you get, the bigger your ball gets, giving you access to huge objects such as humans, animals, and even skyscrapers.

The controls on the Switch are kind of weird and can take some time to get used to, but Katamari Damacy on the Switch is as charming and clever as ever, making it one of the best Switch games of Q4.

Best Nintendo Switch Games of Q4 2018

World of Final Fantasy Maxima
World of Final Fantasy Maxima, Switch games

World of Final Fantasy originally released back in 2016 for the other modern consoles such as the PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One, but Maxima is an updated version of the turn-based RPG and it’s now available for the Switch.

World of Final Fantasy has got to be one of the most fan-service games ever, as it crosses over all of those iconic Final Fantasy characters like Cloud, Sephiroth, Zidane, Lightning, and Tidus and brings them into this new world of Grymoire.

Playing as twin siblings, Lann and Reynn, who have suffered from amnesia, they end up traveling across different locales using portals in which they encounter chibi-fied versions of famous characters throughout the series.

Using a turn-based battle system and monsters called Mirages, World of Final Fantasy plays similar to RPG’s like Pokemon, but with a twist. You’re able to stack your monsters on top of each other to create towers that increase your team’s stats, but so can your enemies.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima is simply a port with some added story content, but if you’re a fan of Square’s long-running series, then this the game for you.

It’s meant to be accessible to a younger audience, but the charming story, interesting battle system, and the witty dialogue between Lann and Reynn is reason enough to pick this one up.

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