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Top 10 Games to Buy on the Xbox 360 Marketplace Before It Closes

Goodbye Xbox 360, after 18 years!

After nearly 20 years, the Xbox 360 Marketplace is closing on July 29, 2024. Before that day comes, we’ve put together a list of the best of those games that are leaving, so that you can pick them up before they’re gone.

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While it can be frustrating, some titles can still be purchased on the PlayStation 3 Store for a time. Beyond that, not all titles are lost – many have remasters and ports on other consoles!

However, it’s the end of an era. The Wii Shop Channel has closed down, with the Xbox 360 now following soon after. With the PlayStation 3 Store closing sometime soon, the seventh console generation is coming to a concrete end.


Pink bubble-text displays the name of the game 'Bubble Bobble: Neo!' against a black, starry background.   Multicoloured bubbles rise from the bottom of the screen.

“Encase your enemies in bubbles with the bubble-spitting dragon Bub … learn the various techniques of the game and clear all the rounds!”

BUBBLE BOBBLE Neo!, Xbox Store Listing

Originally released on August 5, 2009, this remake of the original Bubble Bobble was also listed on Nintendo’s now-dead Wii Shop Channel. As such, picking up the Xbox 360 version is now the only viable way to experience the title.

There are plenty of ways to play Taito’s beloved cutesy puzzle-platformer. However, Bubble Bobble Neo! sets itself apart by allowing players to scramble around as Bub and Bob in cooperative or competitive local multiplayer.

Featuring retro-inspired color stages and greatly updated character models from the original arcade, this is perhaps one of the quintessential Bubble Bobble experiences. Having earned 3.75 out of 5 stars from 3,015 reviews on the Xbox Store at the time of publication, it’s also clear that plenty of other gamers feel the same way.

BUBBLE BOBBLE Neo! can be picked up via the Xbox Marketplace.


Blue grid-like platforms are visible with caterpillar-like enemies balancing on top of them.  The protagonist, a red ninja-like garb wearing human climbs up the platforms against a background of a setting sun on an obscure planet.

“Shoot out rainbows to defeat your enemies as well as climb them towards the top in this platform gaming classic!”

RAINBOW ISLANDS: T.A., Xbox Store Listing

Originally released on December 16, 2009, this title is a spin-off from the previously mentioned Bubble Bobble franchise. Picking up the Xbox 360 version allows players to involve their Xbox Live avatars in the action from within the Challenge and Time Attack modes!

Using the in-game map, you constantly climb upwards towards the top of the stage. However, be wary of attacking enemies, which you can disband with your colorful rainbow powers!

Incorporating light role-playing game aspects such as improvable traits, alongside a multitude of dynamic stage themes, no single run of this puzzle-platformer remains the same for long.

For fans of the franchise, or those looking for a peculiar puzzle title, it’s definitely worth a look!

RAINBOW ISLANDS: T.A. can be picked up via the Xbox Marketplace.

8. Battlezone

Geometric text details the title of the video game 'Battlezone'.  A dark lunar surface is visible in the background, with vector-graphic tanks visible shooting at the player.
Image Source: Stainless Games, Ltd.

“The original tank vs. tank action classic has received an Xbox Live overhaul … this updated version is truly a must-have for any fan of the original, which is also included.”

Battlezone, Xbox Store Listing

This Xbox Live remake of the 1980 Atari classic is a faithful yet genuinely evolutionary step for the retro title. Even with dynamic explosions and lighting effects casting chaos and shadows over the lunar surface, the ambient atmosphere of the desolate planetoid is not lost on players.

The feel of playing this reimagined classic cannot be understated. Shots fired from, and targeted towards, you are dense and impactful. With the technology available to them, Atari created a prototypical shooter which would be hard-pressed to improve upon. However, with 2010’s Battlezone, you can feel 30 years of industry development behind every change made.

The added inclusion of the classic title itself makes the purchase worthy enough for some. However, the impressive results of the original 2010 title cannot be blown out of proportion!

Battlezone can be picked up via the Xbox Marketplace.

7. Crimson Alliance

Three fantasy heroes are visible in the foreground, balancing on a rocky outreach in a cavern.  Seen in the background is a fiery crypt with stone bridges and arches.
Image Source: Certain Affinity

“Choose to play as the powerful wizard, Direwolf; the battle-hardened mercenary, Gnox; or the mysterious assassin, Moonshade.”

Crimson Alliance, Xbox Store Listing

This cooperative action role-playing game is a testament to what the Xbox Live Arcade format was all about. Promoted as a free title, gamers can purchase separate classes and play either solo or with friends.

Featuring three original character classes, they can then explore Diablo-like dungeons, cutting down enemies as they travel. Players can choose to play as an omniscient warlock with hard-hitting elemental abilities as Direwolf. Or, they can select the hard-as-nails, gruff-talking mercenary with extensive defensive and offensive options as Gnox. However, should they feel like providing fast, light damage they can instead pick the mystical and mysterious assassin, Moonshade.

Crimson Alliance can be picked up via the Xbox Marketplace.

6. Gotham City Impostors

A large, brutish man is seen in the foreground holding a rocket launcher and wearing a Batman costume.  The location is a neon-trimmed carnival-esque town.
Image Source: Monolith Productions, Inc.

“Posing as amateur vigilantes or villains, gamers create their own Bats and The Jokerz characters”

Gotham City Impostors, Xbox Store Listing

This title lives in a peculiar stasis with the Xbox 360 Marketplace shutdown. This first-person shooter from F.E.A.R and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor developers Monolith Productions holds its comic book roots as its first and foremost inspiration. This doesn’t just extend to the comic-inspired visuals of the title, but to the comic craziness of the combat itself.

The title is still available for download, where gamers can play the not-insignificant amount of single-player content. However, while the title was ported to Steam, the online aspects on which the title marketed itself are no longer accessible.

Yet, there’s no denying that this is still a DC Comics licenced title – and that alone might be worth the purchase.

Gotham City Impostors can be picked up via the Xbox Marketplace.

5. Yo-Ho Kablammo

Multicoloured pirate ships fire cannonballs at one another in a cartoonish style.
Image Source: Canalside Studios

“With access to all of the ships and game modes – there is enough here to keep even the most ambitious pirate busy… just beware the Kraken!”

Yo-Ho Kablammo, Xbox Store Listing

This pirate-themed arena shooter is another unfortunate casualty of the Xbox 360 Marketplace closure. A more-than-competent title, it doesn’t rock the boat but is a fun adventure that cannot be found anywhere else.

The title not only includes an extensive suite of multiplayer modes and locales to battle your friends in, through local multiplayer. Beyond that, the single-player adventure takes you through 15 unique challenge gauntlets so you can be ready to face your friends in cartoony ship-to-ship pirate combat!

In all honesty, I can imagine the phrase ‘pirate-themed arena shooter’ was enough to pique your interest. However, if you still need to be convinced then I imagine the near-endless amount of fun that could be had in local multiplayer and single-player definitely makes it worth a look into before it vanishes.

Yo-Ho Kablammo can be picked up via the Xbox Marketplace.


Geometric text details the title of the video game 'Meteos Wars'.  A dark, starry sky is visible in the background.
Image Source: Q ENTERTAINMENT Inc.

“Take a ride through this intergalactic journey where you slide, stack and ignite your blocks to blast away the world-ending Meteos!”

METEOS WARS, Xbox Store Listing

This Xbox Live Arcade title is a sequel to the handheld exclusive Meteos. Far from the first puzzle title on this list, yet arguably one of the best. Years before Tetris Effect, Meteos Wars enamored gamers and critics alike with its heart-pumping techno soundtrack. While the match-three gameplay is old hat at this point, Meteos Wars incorporates its science-fiction setting in the most compelling way possible.

While most puzzle games are a straight-up competition between yourself and the computer AI, in Meteos Wars you have a third adversary to compete with: gravity.

You might be successful at coherently lining up your differently colored blocks. However, once they blast off to be set aside, they have to fight against the crushing pressure of gravity pushing them back down!

Struggling against all these interconnected systems could be a turn-off for some. Yet the addictive gameplay loop, along with the extensive other modes available, make Meteos Wars a genuinely captivating title.

Meteos Wars can be picked up via the Xbox Marketplace.

3. Fusion: Genesis

A starship is visible in the foreground, shooting at other starships which are circling them.  A hollow asteroid is visible in teh background, with a star-like light source in the middle.
Image Source: Starfire Studio

“Unravel a sinister conspiracy in a galaxy on the brink of civil war. Choose your side. Expose the truth.”

Fusion: Genesis, Xbox Store Listing

This ambitious title is one of the best of those being lost in the Xbox 360 Marketplace closure. Fusion: Genesis is an endearingly satisfying title to play, once you get your mind around the controls.

Taking you on a dynamic, unraveling narrative following six unique storylines, this title breaks the mold with multiple storylines to work through. In Fusion: Genesis, you play as a trader, a mercenary, a peacekeeper, and more. Including hundreds of quests that can be completed in solo or cooperative play, you will find yourself darting around 23 unique locations.

Including over 100 ships, which can be fitted with 200 weapons and thousands of upgrades, you will most likely never encounter all the available configurations. However, for those looking for a quality title with a plethora of content, Fusion: Genesis is a title you need to check out.

If you’re looking for the best of what the Marketplace has to offer before it closes, then this is one you must consider.

Fusion: Genesis can be picked up via the Xbox Marketplace.

2. Panzer General

A deck-building board game based on the Second World War is visible in the foreground.   Barbed wire and smoke from distant explosions are visible in the background.
Image Source: Petroglyph Games, Inc.

“Recreate actual battles during the last phase of World War II and experience the dramatic events of D-Day as they unfold in your hands.”

Panzer General, Xbox Store Listing

This title is a faithful video game adaptation of the much-loved card/board game of the same name. It’s no secret that some may find the memorization and finicky card-play of an in-person card/board game unappealing. For those people, this Xbox 360 adaptation of Panzer General is the best place to start.

Beyond the focus on accessibility and fluid gameplay, this ground-up adaptation of the much-loved board game also features an original soundtrack from legendary Command and Conquer franchise composer Frank Klepacki.

As such, if you’re a fan of the strategy genre in any way, this title will most likely be checking all of your strategy boxes right about now!

Panzer General can be picked up via the Xbox Marketplace.

1. The Dishwasher

The 'dishwasher' is the gun-toting and knife-wielding protagonist of 'The Dishwasher' video game title.  They are seen pouncing from figure to figure. As time seemingly moves slowly around them in a gritty, modern setting.
Image Source: Ska Studios

“Experience 14 levels of story, the ranked story track … and more weapons, bosses, and intense, stylistic action!”

The Dishwasher, Xbox Store Listing

This indie title was one of the winners of Microsoft’s Dream-Build-Play game development contest. As such, this advanced-movement hack-and-slash is important to purchase, purely as a piece of video game history.

However, the title also benefits from being a genuinely fun game to play, beyond that.

While the 14-stage single-player campaign is what most gamers will be drawn to the title for, The Dishwasher is full-to-the-brim with additional content. This unique title offers a unique cooperative campaign alongside 50 additional arcade challenge arenas to better your gruesome gun-toting, blade-wielding skills.

The Dishwasher can be picked up via the Xbox Marketplace.

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