Top 50 Best Stardew Valley Mods You Must Download Right Now

Time to take your farm to the next level.
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TimeSpeed Mod – Configurable Day Lengths

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Top Best Stardew Valley Mods


Being a farmer is hard work. You have to work the land, plant seeds, water them, and then wait. If only there was some way to make it all go faster, right? Who are we kidding, Stardew Valley is a game on PC, so you know there’s going to be some Stardew Valley mods.

One of the most useful mods you can get is the TimeSpeed mod. This lets you alter how fast time goes so that you can spend less (or more, if that’s your thing) time waiting, and more time getting into community hijinks. 

More Fridge Space

With this mod, your fridge will hold up to 144 items. That’s a whole lot of ingredients for your recipes! Perfect for you expert chefs out there. Don’t worry, everything works with all of the recipes available.

Shortcut Through the Woods

Top Best Stardew Valley Mods

Any mod that makes travel faster in this game is alright by us. With this mod, you’re able to cut through the woods to get to places far faster than before.

Items Show Sell Price In Your Inventory

Top Best Stardew Valley Mods

stardew valley mods

Sometimes you don’t want to have to walk all the way to the market to see how much your stuff is worth. Having to talk to a person just to see a bit of information can be quite troublesome, especially if you’re waiting until you have enough inventory to make a certain amount of money. User CJB has come up with a solution and it’s definitely one of the mods you’ll want to install.

By going into your inventory and scrolling over your items, you will be able to see exactly how much money you’d get for each of them. Now you can save a trip to find out just how much that stone you’re carrying is worth. 

Pet Replacements


There’s nothing wrong with the pets already in the game, but everyone has their preferences. Modder WildSpirits came up with a solution that gives everyone a say in the pet they have.

The Pet Replacements mod allows you to change the skin of your Dog, Cat, and/or Horse into a different breed. There are a couple of breeds available for each pet at the time of writing, with more on the way. 

Museum Rearranger

With this mod, you can rearrange what you’ve already donated and placed down on the museum without having to donate another artifact or mineral in order to do it. Perfect for those Stardew Valley players that love change, even on a small scale.

Faster Paths

Running on the path in the base game really offers no great advantage, despite clearly being there for a reason. With this mod, now there’s a reason for following that winding road! You’ll actually run faster while walking atop of paths and roads, rather than the grass or snow or sand.

Horses to Dragons or Pegasi

stardew valley horses dragons pegasi

While the Pet Replacements mod lets you change the breed of your horse, it’s grounded in reality. But you? You’re a player not confined by the mortal coil or animals that man already knows. You want a fierce dragon or an elegant Pegasus, or, at the very least, a cute dragon or a cute pegasus.

Aternova has created a mod that lets you change the appearance of your horse to either of these creatures with several color options. You’re welcome. 

Stamina Regen

stardew valley

Stamina is needed to do things like explore caves and clear out debris. Not having stamina means you’ll have to wait until it comes back before you can continue what you were doing. With natfoth’s Stamina Regen mod, you won’t have to wait very long.

This mod changes the charge rate to 1 Stamina every 3 Seconds. You can even alter the rate to make it even faster if you want. Not too shabby. 

New Machines

This mod will let you place new machines that can make all new products for your farm. It adds machines that will produce flour, sugar, vinegar and rice. Yay for more production lines!


This mod is a real game changer for those of us that feel we made a mistake with our Stardew Valley day. With it, you’ll be able to reload a previous day. As in, there will no longer be just one save point for each new day to overwrite.



This is a straightforward mod from animandan that allows you to obtain Shadowmere. For those not in the know, Shadowmere is a supernatural horse from the Elder Scrolls series, and easily one of the best steeds you can get. Naturally, the Shadowmere in Stardew Valley won’t look like the Skyrim verion up above, but it’s still quite cute.

If you want to add this dark horse to your collection, go and grab the mod here.

Overhauled Marriage Candidates

stardew valley marriage candidates

This mod is for those who don’t like the portraits and sprites currently in Stardew Valley. Rupert484 has replaced the marriage candidates images and sprites with ones resembling those that fans may have seen earlier in development.

It’s a nice way to freshen up your game, or just get a bit of nostalgia if you’ve been following the game for some time.

Get Dressed

This mod adds a dresser that you can place within your house to change your character’s appearance. It’s essential just the character creator, unlocked in a nifty dresser item that goes in your home.

Fancy Farm

This mod is a total overhaul to your farm that makes everything far wider and efficient. With it, you’ll definitely have a lot more space. It removes the lake and places the pond behind your house. There are also four cave entrances and shortcuts to different parts of Pelican Town and Calico Desert. Additionally, other small aesthetic changes are added. It really is the most robust change to the farm that you could want.

Nanaki (Red XIII)

stardew valley nanaki

Final Fantasy VII was a great game, so who wouldn’t want a taste of that classic in Stardew Valley? How about Nanaki, or Red XIII if you prefer, can join as a replacement for the dogs in your world. Just look at how adorable he is laying around as you go about your work.

You can download this mod created by Alaswing here to get your own taste of FFVII. 

Have I Watered My Hops?

Top Best Stardew Valley Mods

stardew valley hops

There’s nothing worse than painstakingly tending to your crops only to find that you’ve missed a few spots and now everything is uneven. This is especially true with dense crops such as hops. Serupento has come up with a solution to this problem.

This mod cuts the size of hops in half so that you can see each individual plant and ground it grows on. Watering is now much easier thanks to a little bit of perspective. 

Bigger Caves

stardew valley caves

For those looking for a bit more of a challenge you may want to explore some bigger, more difficult caves. Caves aren’t for the faint of heart, so making them bigger can prove to be biting off more than you can chew. But, if you feel you can handle it, this mod by keyten is definitely for you

Pokedew Valley – Pokemon Retextures

Pokémon, Red, Blue, Yellow, differences, unique, pokemon

The world of Pokemon can fit in with just about everything, including Stardew Valley. There are tons of different sprites for animals and players such as Ash’s hat, and even Growlithe as your dog.

You can check out which additions you want here. Also, making this even better, is that even more sprites will be added in the future. It’s time to catch ’em all in Stardew Valley. 

Chocobos Mod


Chocobos! Seriously, need we say more? Horses are cool, but it isn’t everyday that you get the chance to ride a Chocobo around your own farm. With this mod from NachoDevs, players will be able to do just that.

You’ll even have a cozy little stable to keep your brand new Chocobo in. Become overwhelmed by the adorableness. 

Darkrown’s Portraits Revamped

Top Best Stardew Valley Mods

stardew valley portrait

The default portraits in Stardew Valley leave a bit to be desired. Luckily there are those who have been taking the time to create some truly amazing artwork for the game.

This particular mod has some of the best portraits available. It’s hard to not to be mesmerized by the attention to detail and the wonderful artistry. 

Durable Fences

stardew valley mods

The weather in Stardew Valley can be a bit harsh to say the least. You may go to sleep with a beautiful farm, only to wake and see that your beautiful fences have been tossed about. Another one of the  Stardew Valley mods that is particularly helpful is Durable Fences created by user Handome Matt.

Now your fences will stay where you put them. Nothing like a strong defense to protect your home and crops. 

Easier Fishing

stardew valley easy fishing

There are several easy fishing mods to choose from in Stardew Valley, but this particular one allows you to still enjoy the activity. User Steffjes made it so fish will move in a much more smooth manner, allowing players to track them properly, and they won’t put up as much of a fight either.

Now you can enjoy one of life’s most serene pastimes without wanting to chuck your computer into a pond. Just sit back, relax, and catch some dinner. 

Harder Fishing

stardew valley harder fishing

Maybe you’re one of those people who think the challenge of catching fish is far too easy. Granted, I won’t agree with you, they might as well be real fish with how slippery they are, but who’s to say you aren’t entitled to something more challenging.

The same user who made life easier for the rest of us has also created a mod that makes it insanely difficult. Fish will put up even more of a fight this time around, meaning only the best fishermen will stand any chance. Good luck.


Top Best Stardew Valley Mods

Stardew Valley has such a large world for players to explore. In fact, it can sometimes be a bit too much. Getting around can consume a lot of your time. If only there was a way for you to just get where you need to go.

Sebertoth’s WarpMod helps you get around with ease to any saved waypoints. This will save on time and keep you going to where you need to be. 

All Crops All Seasons

Top Best Stardew Valley Mods

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator. This means that if you try to grow certain crops in certain seasons, they’ll either fail from the beginning or die as soon as the weather changes. If you’re just trying to have fun and proceed this can become a major headache, especially if you aren’t good at farming in any way.

Cantorsdust created a mod that allows you to grow anything at anytime.  Now you can grow whatever your hear desires without having to worry about losing whole crops or anything of that nature.

Welcome to the Rice Fields Mod

stardew valley screen

While Stardew Valley definitely has a lot to offer sometimes players will want more. One way to expand the game is the inclusion of new crops for players to grow and sell. This mod adds Rice Fields to the game.

On top of the crop, you’ll be able to use it to make cooking rice and more. More crops will be added in the future including Squash, Quinoa, and Cotton. 

Animal Crossing Digspot – Worm Replacement

stardew valley digspot

This is a pretty straightforward mod that simply changes the way Worms look in your game. Instead of the worms, you’ll get a Digspot that you may be familiar with if you’re a fan of Animal Crossing. It’s a nice nod to such a great series that is pretty similar.

[SMAPI] Farm Area Expansion

stardew valley crops

So there you are, farming away so that you can make an honest living and contribute to your community. But then you realize, you could be doing so much more if only your farm was a bit bigger. Advize has come up with a way to solve that problem, adding tons of land to your farm via a new map that serves as an expansion.

When installed, you’ll have a pathway on the left side of your farm that leads to your expansion which you can then develop just like you did your main farm. 

Better Swimsuits Mod

stardew valley better swimsuits

Stardew Valley offers a lot to players looking to lead the life of a farmer. Unfortunately, the game isn’t too big on fashion. If you want to go swimming around you’re going to have to use the default outfit, which isn’t all that flattering.

Delta9 has created a mod that helps solve that problem with over a dozen different designs to choose from.

Birthday Mail


Trying to manage your Stardew Valley farm while also being friendly to everyone in the community can become hectic. There are birthdays and anniversaries, and it can all become a bit much. Thankfully, Kitta has come up with the Birthday Mail mod that makes the game remind you of a birthday so you’re always prepared.

Mayor Lewis will send you a personalized letter for each NPCs birthday so that you don’t have to worry about remembering anymore. 

NPC Map Locations Mod

Sometimes you just have to talk to a specif NPC. Seeing as how Stardew Valley is huge, you may struggle to remember exactly who you’re looking for and where they can be found. Bouhm’s NPC Map Locations Mod makes your life a bit easier by showing where they are directly on your map. No more searching around. 

Configurable Improved Sprinklers + Scarecrow and Sprinklers Area Highlights

stardew valley

This mod exists solely to make life a lot easier. Watering crops can be a pain, even if you use sprinklers. It’s often difficult to get them exactly how you like, and even more hard to see exactly what area they’ll cover. OrSpeeder’s mod allows players to configure their sprinklers and even see their area of effect. 

JG Yoda

This mod is simple, but charmingly effective. It replaces the game’s wizard with a pixelated Yoda, complete with Yoda speech. 


CJB Item Spawner

You’re just a button away from all the items of your dreams with this mod. If you just want a little help here or there, or if you want to spawn in the entire artillery of farm tools, press ‘i’ to open up the easy-click spawner, and make items pop out of thin air. 

Gift Taste Helper

There’s nothing worse than getting your local town crush the wrong gift on their birthday. This UI mod lets you hover over someone’s special day in the calendar to see just what they’d prefer. 

Loved Labels

Top Best Stardew Valley Mods

There’s nothing fun about animal neglect. This nifty mod adds a note telling you whether or not an animal has been pet recently. Finally, a visual representation of how often you fail to love.


Simple Crop Label

We’re not all expert farmers, and that’s okay. Sometimes we need a little help with our plants, and that’s why this mod will show a crop’s identity once you hover over it. 

Chest Label System

Top Best Stardew Valley Mods

Organization is key to a successful farm life, and handfuls of unidentifiable chests certainly don’t help. This little mod will let you name their chests and see these markers should you hover over them. It’s a small way to make your hoarding a little more efficient. 

CJB Automation

If you’re looking to mass refine raw materials, this is the mod for you. Simply set a chest next to a machine, like a furnace, and it will automatically pull out raw materials from the chest and get to work on them. 

Tego’s Stardew Expansion

This mod is a neat little expansion that isn’t massive enough to really count as cheating. It’ll add more area to the south of your farm, giving you more room to explore, forage, and build your life. 

Stardew Valley Expansion

A followup to Tego’s first expansion, this mod adds even more to the world. The new area will include a purchasable winery, a diner that serves food and coffee, a gas station that sells alcohol, and a few more new town buildings. There’s also plans to add two romance-able NPCs down the line. 

Enemy Health Bars

A simple tool we often take for granted: enemy health bars. Without them, how would we know when that pesky bat is about to fall? How will we gauge our mortality in the face of evil? 

Updated patch 1.1 Medieval modern buildings with windmill and shed

Get in touch with your messy medieval side with this building design mod. It combines more muted colors with heavy moss and splashes of pink to create a more aesthetic home appeal. 

Updated for patch 1.1. Recoloured map (grass and dirt) with new trees and grasses

From the same maker of medieval houses comes this recolored map, altered with the same color pallet to match your more refined tastes. 

Experience Bars

Top Best Stardew Valley Mods

Another small, but highly appreciated improvement, is this mod that adds experience bars to your screen. With this, you’ll be able to see how close (or hopelessly far) you are from ranking up one of your skills. 

German Shepherd Bundle

This mod adds twelve different German Shepherd skins to Stardew Valley. That’s one dozen puppies to love even more than the boring puppies you love now.

They’re good Shepherds, Brent. 

Chests Anywhere

This mod turns you into a chest magician. You’ll be able to access your chests from anywhere, allowing you to juggle your inventory safely and quickly. Beware: this is one of the more “cheaty” mods available. If you want a challenge, it’s probably best not to be a chest magician. 

Makeshift Multiplayer

Top Best Stardew Valley Mods

Stardew Valley doesn’t yet have official multiplayer, but damn it, the mods are going to make something viably similar exist. This creation does its best to create a co-op environment, letting you play with others and share items. It’s still fairly buggy, but it’s a start. 

Umbreon Cat Replacer

Top Best Stardew Valley Mods

There are few things in this life more important than replacing your cat with Umbreon. Do it. Do it here.



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