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Best South Park: Fractured But Whole Classes, All 10 Ranked

Every class ranked from worst to first.

Let me start this list by saying none of the classes in South Park: The Fractured But Whole are bad. They all have valuable strengths and some weaknesses. Here are the best South Park: Fractured But Whole classes, ranked from worst to best.

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10: Brutalist

The reason we have the Brutalist last isn’t because it’s not powerful, it’s because there are so many other Brutalists, with better abilities mind you, to pick from out of your CAF/Freedom Pals buddies.

Super Craig and Mysterion are excellent choices for example. Super Craig is VERY bulky, can enrage/block, charge up ahead and also knock foes back. Mysterion, on the other hand, isn’t as bulky, but is very powerful offensively and cannot be completely killed. His ultimate is the best for ending a battle way earlier than you have any business doing so if you catch your enemies right.

It’s fine if you pick the Brutalist, there are just better options. That said, If you want the most powerful single target ultimate in the game, Full-Force Fisting, then the Brutalist is the way to go.

9: Gadgeteer

The Gadgeteer is quite powerful and useful, but more situational than the other classes. Everything really needs to align the right way to take advantage of its powerful moves. The turret is the most helpful, but you could place it down just for it to be destroyed after one round, or side stepped by any enemy.

There are just plenty of other classes that do nearly as much damage or have more utility, without having to play around with getting the positioning just right.

Instead, you could always bring Token around who is essentially a beefed-up Gadgeteer.

8: Cyborg

The Cyborg is a jack of all trades and master of none. It can do a little tanking, support, and damage, but honestly isn’t really the best at any of those things. You can find similar or better versions of its abilities on other classes.

That said, it’s not a bad choice to pick if you need a versatile character in your squad or you want a fresh set of skills to mix in with whatever other choices you made previously. It’s just that in most cases, you’re better off having your character fit a niche that your typical team is lacking, rather than trying to do it all.

7: Elementalist

Elementalist is another hybrid class that can inflict chill and deals decent damage as well. It’s a pretty straightforward choice. There isn’t really a buddy that emulates what your Elementalist class can do other than Wonder Tweek. It can heal (although not as well as the Plantmancer) can inflict the somewhat rare Chilling status effect, and has an AoE attack with Sand Trap.

It kind of shares the same space as the Cyborg where there are classes that do a specific thing better than the Elementalist, but it does have a decent complimentary set of support skills. What makes the Elementalist stand out a bit more is its heal and attack up skill which is always useful to have in your back pocket. Plus its ultimate, Elemental Onslaught, can completely cripple a group of enemies with both shock and chill, giving you an opportunity to catch back up if you’re behind.

6: Martial Artist

The Martial Artist is a very powerful class that not only deals solid damage, but can also control the battlefield with its knock back and reverse knock back skills. Not only that, it can AoE attack and use its ultimate, Dragon Swagger, to disrupt an entire group of enemies into attacking you with Enrage and giving you a very powerful block status. Pair this up with some decent health artifacts and you have yourself a powerful attacking class that can instantly take the heat off of their allies in a pinch with its ultimate.

Even if you don’t intend to use the Martial Artist exclusively, having access to a reverse knock back and/or an extreme knock back skill makes it worthy of adding to your arsenal of powers before the end of the game.

5: Speedster

Mobility is an incredibly powerful trait to have in tactical games like The Fractured But Whole and the Speedster has that in spades. It can get around the map very quickly, attack foes from a distance, and charge up ahead if needed with Supersonic Dash. In a game where one less movement space could spell the difference between getting up to an enemy and killing them or falling short and allowing them to attack again and kill someone on your team, it’s great to have this extra mobility.

Plus, in a pinch, you can use the incredibly unique Double-Edge, to try and use two turns to finish off an important enemy, double use an item, etc. Just keep in mind that you’ll skip a turn when you do that, so use it when you need that second turn to get something critical done.

4: Blaster

The Blaster from the get-go is one of the most well-balanced classes in the game that does exactly what it’s designed to do perfectly. It can spend the whole game hanging back and blasting rows of enemies from across the map with Plasma Beam. If enemies get too close for comfort, blast them back with Heat Wave (which is also super helpful in a particular mission later in the game that we won’t spoil). And if you want to help wear down single target foes, Triple Burn does solid damage, plus it leaves a burn effect.

Unlike some of the hybrid classes earlier, the Blaster fits into any team like a puzzle piece, and will likely be useful no matter what your composition is.

3: Psychic

The Psychic is an extremely potent support and status effect class that can help turn the tide in battles. It not only does decent damage with its attacks, it also can apply incredibly useful status effects. It can attack from any direction with Dazzling Flash and apply confusion, put defense down on multiple enemies with Cerebral blast, AND can support by throwing down protection on yourself or an ally with Psi-Shield.

Its super, Chakra Cleanse, can instantly swing the tide in your favor if things are going bad, or to preemptively give you an edge in battle. It heals all of your allies and also gives them a decent protection bonus as well.

Because of its ability to support, debuff, and deal decent damage effectively all at the same time, the Psychic ranks high on our list of the best classes.

2: Assassin

The Assassin is arguably the best pure damage dealer in the game and should strike fear into any of The Fractured But Whole’s enemies. Its ultimate is among the strongest in the game and isn’t restricted by range. It can jump right at an enemy, do insane damage, leaves a bleeding effect if it doesn’t kill it, AND leaves the Assassin cloaked.

All of its regular skills are incredibly powerful and leaves bleeding as well. It can focus on one target for high damage or hit anyone surrounding it as well. It can also use Shadow Swap to disrupt an enemy’s position, deal very high damage, and also leave the Assassin cloaked behind enemy lines to strike again.

The Assassin is in an incredible class that, if its well supported by a tank and support classes, can cause absolute havoc. It’s edged out by just one other class.

1: Plantmancer

Playing with plants? That sounds lame. Except that it’s not, and Plantmancer is one of the most powerful and useful classes on this list, worthy of our #1 spot. The Plantmancer is the ultimate support class, which makes it stand out from your buddies’ more hybrid take on support.

It has one of the most powerful heals in the game that hits from a wide range, plus gives everyone an attack up bonus. It can apply the extremely useful charm effect on multiple enemies and get them to fight for you, and its ultimate ability is essentially a beefed-up version of the Moses summon. Not only does it heal anyone that’s alive for a large amount, it will instantly revive any dead allies too. It’s the perfect ultimate to keep in your back pocket if you want to hang onto it in case something goes awry, or to rescue a battle that has already gone horribly wrong.

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