10 Gaming Characters Who Just Want to Get to Your Heart

Bloody Valentine.
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Scorpion – Mortal Kombat

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Scorpion has been through a lot. He was murdered by Sub Zero, resurrected for the purpose of revenge, and imbued with the demonic powers of the Netherealm. He has risen from hell, engulfed in flame, with a flaming skull hidden beneath his mask. But all he really wants is to get close to your heart.

He’ll draw you in nice and close with his chain spear and then rip your heart out of your chest in one smooth motion after inputting a complex series of button presses. He’s ripped out the hearts of millions. Most of them were evil entities, hell bound on destroying Earth-realm, but he’s sure to make exceptions.

Kratos – God of War


Kratos has some anger issues. He killed his wife and daughter in a fit of rage after selling his souls to Ares, the god of war. Turns out he’s also the son of Zeus and the king of the gods isn’t too fond of his son. So Kratos goes on a murder spree through ancient Greece. He wields his blades of chaos with skill, cutting down enemies of all shapes and sizes.

But Kratos doesn’t just keep his distance. He also gets his hands dirty, rushing towards a hellish warrior and ripping them apart. He can also attack with more finesse. In God of War III, he sank the electrified Blade of Olympus into the still beating heart of Gaia.

Eddie Riggs – Brutal Legend


When Eddie Riggs was suddenly transported to the land of rock and roll, he had to quickly learn to slice and dice with his massive axe. He quickly learns to command his head banging army and decimate a field of enemies.

He has ripped out the hearts of several of his enemies, tossing them aside when he had no further use for them. He isn’t afraid to get close to a foe and give them a quickly and probably painful death.

Jackie – The Darkness 2


Jackie has mastered control of the dark serpents that sprout from his shoulders in The Darkness 2. He can fill enemies with bullets while sending the snakes coiling towards enemies before gouging their hearts out of their chests. It definitely is one of the stranger instances of heart removal on this list.

He switches things up, occasionally cutting his opponents in half before devouring them. The snakes of the Darkness aren’t afraid to give your heart a squeeze. The only downside is that they’ll use their teeth.

Isaac – The Binding of Isaac


His mother didn’t want to care for him once she began to believe she needed to be rid of him. So instead of waiting for her to kill him, Isaac escapes to hell, where he isn’t exactly better off. But he can use his bulbous tears as projectiles and tear his way through demons and possessed lumps of poo.

He can use hearts to boost his abilities so he tends to remove a lot of hearts from a lot of people. If you give him your heart, he’ll have a much easier time turning the denizens of Hell into bloody piles of mush.

Raiden – Metal Gear Rising Revengance


Raiden proves that he’s a badass in MGS 2 but Revengeance takes this a step further. He dashes through levels, carefully dismembering enemies and ripping their cores from their corpses. Raiden grabs these robotic hearts and crushes them in his fist, absorbing their power and making it even easier for him to sever the torso of everyone he meets.

Raiden doesn’t just reach into someone’s chest and grab their heart, he cuts their entire body in two, grabbing the metallic heart from the two halves of his enemy’s bodies. The best part of this is deciding how you want to slice and dice your foes before leaving them lying on the ground in piles of carefully chopped bits.

Kano – Mortal Kombat


The cast of Mortal Kombat is maybe a bit too good at separating people’s hearts from their bodies. Kano makes things a bit easier for himself, firing a laser at his opponent’s chest, leaving their heart exposed in the center of a bloody hole.

All that’s left after that is to reach in, pluck out the beating organ and crush it in his hands. He keeps his hands clean for as long as possible, putting his heavily modified body to good use. That, combined with his incredible knife skills, makes him quite the man to beat in the Mortal Kombat tournament.

Kain – Legacy of Kain


Vampires are well-known for drinking the blood of any victim they set their sights on, but Kain takes things a step further. He has throngs of enemies to wade through and he isn’t about to kill hundreds of creatures and just leave their blood for someone else.

He juggles his opponents through the air, whittling down their health until he can cleave them in two, pick up their heart from the remains, and use the nutrients to give him a little bit of extra strength in order to cut through the next beast that crosses his path.

BloodRayne – BloodRayne


BloodRayne is another game with a wealth of vampires looking for blood. But this time Rayne is seeing to it that they don’t drain anyone else. Another product of the wave of ultra-violent 3D action games that was sweeping the games industry in the early 2000s, BloodRayne features quite a bit of decapitation and the like.

That also means quite a few hearts go missing from people’s chests. Vampires may want them for all the blood they carry, but Rayne has a better use for them: tearing them out of chests and then simply throwing them on the ground. At least she knows how to add some theatrics to combat.

War – Darksiders


War has to go through a lot to clear his name after the apocalypse suddenly engulfs the world. Part of that is fighting a towering spider queen and ripping her heart out of her eight-legged body.

So maybe War isn’t the most courteous towards women, especially royalty, but he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, especially if it means returning his name to the high standing it once held as a terrifying bringer of death and not a traitor who killed all of humanity.

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