10 Games That Desperately Need Steam Deck Support

An article highlighting ten games that absolutely NEED official Steam Deck support.

It is easy to get lost in the abundance of games available in Steam’s Library and also quite challenging to realize what is missing in the first place.

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There is an extensive list of games you could picture as a perfect experience on Steam’s latest platform, the Steam Deck, but they’re not officially supported.

There are plenty of enjoyable games verified for the Steam Deck right now, and in this article, we will list 10 other games that desperately need Steam Deck support.

Darkest Dungeon

Games That Need Steam Deck Support

A Darkest Dungeon party fighting enemies in a raid.

Darkest Dungeon can easily be considered a cult classic with its dedicated following; the game, although simple to pick up, provides an intricate level of depth and proves to be quite difficult.

A genuine rogue-like, Darkest Dungeon will make you triple-check all your actions. It is an extremely enjoyable, artistic, gothic turn-based RPG. Due to its simple, but visually appealing aesthetics and detailed mechanics, Darkest Dungeon would be an enjoyable game to play from the comfort of your bed.

Providing a large amount of content and DLC, Darkest Dungeon would be a great game to have verified for the Steam Deck.

Killing Floor 2

Games That Need Steam Deck Support

Killing floor 2 one of the final bosses, showcasing the dark theme.

Killing Floor 2 is a fantastic, online, wave-based first-person shooter originally released in 2016. With six years of continual updates, there is a wide range of content available from guns, maps, skins, game modes, etc., available.

The game showcases impressive physics and dismemberment. With a heavily modified Unreal engine and Nvidia features, the game still holds up visually today. Killing Floor 2 would easily create a way to scratch that wave-based survival itch from anywhere on the Steam Deck.

V Rising

Games That Need Steam Deck Support

Two vampires creating thralls.

V Rising was a recent release, and it exploded on Steam during its first month. It’s still very actively played, and quite enjoyable.

In a nutshell, it is an isometric, vampire, survival ARPG with a plethora of bosses. It has PvP (if you so choose) and thought-out crafting to dive into. The game is extremely enjoyable, and although listed as playable, would be a fantastic addition to Steam’s official verified games for the Steam Deck.

Away from home? Power up your deck and gather resources to maintain your base, get some quick combat in, craft, or anything in between.

Chivalry 2

Games That Need Steam Deck Support

Showcasing the mass combat and sieges available in Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 was obviously built frond up to function well with controllers, and the combat does not disappoint.

The game, widely available on nearly all platforms, is the number one experience to jump into if you’re craving well-made melee combat. From a competitive standpoint, there should be no issue competing with the opposition on this controller-friendly game.

An excellent choice to hop into for some quality medieval combat, Chivalry 2 would make a welcomed addition to the Verified list.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Games That Need Steam Deck Support

A high-quality, classic single-player third-person shooter RPG that would provide an immersive world for anybody to jump into on the Steam Deck.

BioWare is known for a great selection of single-player RPGs, and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is no exception. Providing a great story from all three games, revamped graphics, and enjoyable combat and quests– Mass Effect: Legendary Edition would be an easy pickup for the Steam Deck if you were looking for a single-player game to invest your time in.

Grand Theft Auto V

Games That Need Steam Deck Support

A fully fleshed-out sandbox environment with endless content and online experiences, designed specifically for controller use– what would possibly make a better game for the latest Steam platform? Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently listed as “playable” for the Deck; however, it suffers from user interface issues: small text, incorrectly scaled menus, etc. This game, for obvious reasons, deserves proper Steam Deck support.

Who wouldn’t want to rob a bank and make a mad escape from the Law in the comfort of their own bed?

Civilization VI

Games That Need Steam Deck Support

The latest of the series, Civilization VI is a fantastic way to peacefully (or not) manage a kingdom of your own and work towards specific objectives. It is enjoyable to pass time playing and is generally a relaxing experience. With simplified graphics and user interface, it would be great to manage your personal empire while traveling, in a comfortable position, or if you are away from home.

With some small adjustments aimed toward an enjoyable Steam Deck experience, Civilization VI would make a fantastic addition to the list.

Destiny 2

Games That Need Steam Deck Support

Destiny 2 is a free, cross-platform, first-person action MMO created by Bungie that has ever-evolving content in a persistent online world. The game often retains hundreds of thousands of players at any given time, with the ability to join your friends on any platform from anywhere.

Unfortunately, it does not have support for the Steam Deck in any fashion. Being able to continue progress on a character you are working on, or simply join your friends for some fun on any given night, would be a worthwhile addition to the library of available games.


Games That Need Steam Deck Support

The original XCOM is genuinely one of the best mobile experiences (also on a variety of platforms) you can get on your tablet; it goes without saying that XCOM 2, built on the same mechanics with better graphics, would be a phenomenal experience for the Steam Deck.

XCOM 2 is a beautiful game with a great campaign, gameplay mechanics, and a unique and enjoyable management experience outside of the combat. Mistakes have consequences, and successfully completed missions feel rewarding.

Monster Hunter Rise

Games That Need Steam Deck Support

If you are a fan of over-the-top boss battles, crafting, and action-based combat– then Monster Hunter Rise is probably up your alley! Originally released for the Nintendo Switch, the game was then ported to Steam for PC users. With the Steam Deck’s beefier hardware, you should in theory get better FPS and battery life for a game designed for a similar control scheme.

The game also features online multiplayer.

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