Elden Ring PSA: You Can Get 75,000 Runes Easily in 15 Minutes

Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you’ve got to take any chance you can get to get a win, especially when it comes to getting your hands on some sweet runes. Luckily, you can accomplish this in the game regardless of what skill level you are in about 15 minutes.

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Yes, I know this comes off a bit like an infomercial about fat loss where it is too good to be true but, I promise, this is real. All you have to do is kill a somewhat defenseless dragon. That is it. No tricks, trap doors, or secret second stages included. Just you having to live with killing something that isn’t even fighting back.

So what do you have to do to bleed this golden pig dry? Well, you’re obviously going to need info on where to find it, which we’ve detailed below:

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Here’s how to get 75,000 runes easily in Elden Ring:

  1. Get a mount.

    It is highly recommended you speak to Melina in Limgrave and get access to your horse, Torrent, as you’ll need to do a lot of traveling, and you’ll want the speed to avoid enemies.

  2. Travel to the Third Church of Marika, east of Limgrave, and portal to Bestial Sanctum.

    The portal is just outside the church, to the north. It’s hidden in some bushes and is easier to spot at night. Elden Ring Church of Marika

  3. Travel straight until you reach a bridge with the Putrid Avatar dragon on it, and ignore it.

    You’ll need to ignore the other dragons you see as well. putrid avatar dragon

  4. Travel right and down the path until you reach a fork in the road.

    When you get to that fork, turn left and head in the direction of this marker in the middle of the screenshot, which is where the dragon is.elden ring easy runes dragon location

  5. The dragon can roar at you to do damage and debuff you, so attack it from the side or behind.

    Remember to rest at the Site of Grace behind the dragon. You can see the huge white dragon from the Site of Grace, like in the image below.elden ring easy runes dragon

  6. Start hitting the dragon until it dies and you’ll get 75,000 runes and 5 dragon hearts.

    You should definitely have a weapon with the ‘blood loss‘ effect, as it’ll help take down the dragon’s massive health bar much quicker.

With all of those runes now at your disposal, you’ll be able to spend them on upgrades that’ll help you progress throughout the game a little bit easier. Remember, though, this is Elden Ring. Just because you’re stronger, doesn’t mean the enemies are any weaker, so don’t get too cocky.

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