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7 Details You Might Have Missed in the Latest Tears of the Kingdom Trailer

tears of the kingdom dragon
Image source: Nintendo

7 Details You Might Have Missed in the Latest Tears of the Kingdom Trailer

If you want to learn some of the tiny details without spending time analyzing every single second of the trailer, we’ve got you covered.

During the latest Nintendo Direct, we got about two more minutes worth of footage for the next Legend of Zelda game, Tears of the Kingdom. Overall, the trailer shows a darker, more sinister tone than what Breath of the Wild was like.

Of course, fans have been analyzing every frame of the trailer to figure out as much information as possible about what the game will be like. If you want to learn some of the tiny details without spending time analyzing every single second of the trailer, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven details you might have missed in the latest Tears of the Kingdom trailer.

New Enemies

tears of the kingdom redead enemy
Image source: Nintendo

You probably noticed at least one new enemy in the trailer, but were you able to spot them all? In the first few seconds, we see a frog-like flying enemy, and later we see them carrying Bokoblins through the sky. They could be a redesign of the Aeralfos (flying Lizalfos) from Twilight Princess, or a totally new enemy to the series.

Throughout the trailer, we see redesigns of familiar Breath of the Wild enemies like Bokoblins and Lizalfos; this time, they seem to have weapons like blades and skulls embedded into their foreheads.

About 30 seconds into the trailer, you probably noticed a three-headed dragon on the Bridge of Hyrule. This closely resembles Gleeok, a recurring boss that debuted in the very first Legend of Zelda game, and it may appear as an overworld boss this time around.

Right before the one-minute mark, we see enemies spawning from the blood moon, and one appears to be a ReDead, the zombie-like creatures that debuted in Ocarina of Time.

Finally, we also see a new type of Moblin around the one-minute mark that closely resembles the hog-like design from the Wind Waker.

New Types of Weapons

tears of the kingdom weapon
Image source: Nintendo

We could already tell from previous trailers that Link seems to have a new power with his hand that could replace the Sheikah Slate technology. This time, we see that put into use in a few ways.

For example, at about a minute and a half into the trailer, we can see Link using a two-handed weapon to shoot a powerful canon at a Stone Talus. We’ve never seen a weapon quite like this anywhere else in the series.

At another point, we see Link use his bow to shoot a projectile at a flying enemy. It’s not an arrow, though; he seems to be shooting a round stone, and it’s powered up with the magic in his hand to track and follow the enemy, even though the projectile wasn’t aimed directly at it. This means we won’t always have to rely on completely accurate shots.

In addition to Link using new weapons in the trailer, we can see different tools used by enemies. An example is a Bokoblin using a rock on a stick as a hammer to mine for gems. If Tears of the Kingdom is anything like Breath of the Wild, we’ll be able to steal this tool to use as our own weapon.

Lots of Underground Areas

tears of the kingdom underground
Image source: Nintendo

A lot of the focus of the new Tears of the Kingdom trailer is the sky and traveling around to floating islands. There are a few instances of underground areas, though, that are easy to miss.

Not only do we see Link fighting a Stone Talus in a cave underground, we also see some enemy settlements in the depths of Hyrule. There are spores and odd growths in this environment as well as mysterious ghostly lights.

It is likely that Zelda is trapped down below the ground somewhere after she falls, and part of Link’s quest in Tears of the Kingdom may involve navigating through these caves to find her. It’ll be a nice contrast to traveling around the sky, especially since Breath of the Wild was lacking in caves.

New Types of Towers

tears of the kingdom towers
Image source: Nintendo

We see two types of towers in the trailer, and interestingly, neither of them are the familiar Sheikah Towers from Breath of the Wild.

One of the types of towers looks relatively similar to the ones in the previous game except they are slanted at an angle and have beams of light rising up from the base. We see two of these for a moment about 16 seconds into the trailer.

Closer to the end of the trailer, in the same shot with the makeshift hot air balloon, we can see the pieces of a tower rising up into the sky. It doesn’t look climbable, but it reaches high up into the clouds.

What purpose do these towers serve if they aren’t the same as the ones from Breath of the Wild? It’s possible they could be ways to teleport underground and into the sky, but we won’t know for sure until we learn more about them.

Dragons Return

tears of the kingdom dragon
Image source: Nintendo

In the extra screenshots that Nintendo posted to the official Tears of the Kingdom eShop page, we can see a dragon flying through the sky in the background. It looks very similar to Farosh, Dinraal, and Naydra from Breath of the Wild.

It resembles Farosh the most closely, but it appears to be more whiteish in color than Farosh’s yellow. This could either be the lighting in the screenshot or perhaps it is a new dragon altogether. Farosh, Dinraal, and Naydra are named after the Golden Goddesses Farore, Din, and Nayru respectively; there is not a fourth Golden Goddess unless Tears of the Kingdom adds a new one.

No matter what the case is here, it’s nice to see that there is at least one surviving dragon after all of the destruction in Hyrule we see throughout the trailer.

Familiar Landmarks

tears of the kingdom hateno village
Image source: Nintendo

If you were paying close attention, you could see that several familiar landmarks and locations from Breath of the Wild are present in Tears of the Kingdom that haven’t been destroyed in Ganon’s wrath.

The most noticeable is the Bridge of Hylia about 30 seconds in where we see the Gleeok walking along. It doesn’t look like it’s been destroyed too much more despite Hyrule Castle being nearby.

About 52 seconds into the trailer, we can see a very brief glimpse of the Temple of Time atop the Great Plateau. It also looks pretty intact despite the circumstances.

We can see Dueling Peaks in several shots throughout the trailer as well as an erupting Death Mountain.

The only town we see in the trailer is Hateno Village. It’s hard to tell if it’s inhabited or not. No lights seem to be on in any of the buildings, but we can see unusual sparkles near the houses. The ancient tech lab looks untouched.

It will be interesting to see which locations and landmarks from Breath of the Wild still exist and which have been changed.

Paraglider Fabrics

tears of the kingdom paraglider amiibo
Image source: Nintendo

You may have missed one of the most interesting details about Tears of the Kingdom if you weren’t following Nintendo closely on social media. After the trailer, they shared information about what scanning amiibo from the Legend of Zelda series will do in the game.

In addition to giving helpful materials and weapons (like they did in Breath of the Wild), scanning amiibo will unlock new paraglider fabrics based on which amiibo is scanned.

For example, scanning the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo will give a corresponding mask paraglider and scanning the new Tears of the Kingdom Link amiibo will give a champion tunic paraglider.

This will be a fun new way to use amiibo in order to receive a unique cosmetic item in the game.

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