Top 5 Best PS5 Accessories You Probably Need to Buy

Today is the day many PlayStation fans around the world have been waiting most of 2020 for. The PlayStation 5 is now out in all of its chonky, white glory! Aside from the launch titles that have piqued your interest, there are plenty of other PS5 accessories for players to purchase.

As such, we’ve sifted through and pulled out the five PS5 accessories we’d recommend you pick up over all the others. Some may or may not apply to you depending on your own personal situation and preferences, but we’ve tried to get a little something for everyone here.

Extra DualSense Controller

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Whether you tend to play games with another person in your house, or you ride solo in your gaming sessions, having an extra DualSense controller can never go amiss.

Some launch titles like Sackboy: A Big Adventure can be played in co-op, giving you a way to bring your friends and family in on the next-gen fun, while you still chip away at that pile of games. Think of all the extra trophies an additional person could help you get! We think that’s reason enough.

But even if you prefer to play solo, having an extra controller on-hand means you’ll never have to worry about being tethered to your console with a charging cable in the middle of an intense session.

It’s a pricey optional extra, but one that’s worth its weight in gold, especially given all the new features Sony has packed into the DualSense.

DualSense Charging Station

PS5 Accessories You Need to Buy

ps5 charging dock

Another optional extra, but one that we’re all about is the DualSense Charging Station.

There’s not a whole lot for us to say about this one that isn’t outrageously obvious. It… charges two controllers at once? Great!

But you’re missing the bigger picture here. You’re trying to adult. You’re trying to keep your living room cable-free to keep your partner happy who’s almost broken their neck several times from a rogue charge cable-turn-tripwire.

Well, the Charging Station takes you one giant leap closer to adulting! Not only can you keep your spare DualSense in the dock, ready and waiting to be switched out with your other (if you’re lucky enough to have two), it also just does all of this while looking incredibly sleek and neat.

Wires can be tucked away too, so no more potential neck-breaking incidents need to occur.

PlayStation Plus Subscription

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The main thing you’ll want to make sure you’re parting some extra cash for is the PlayStation Plus subscription, if you don’t have one already.

This subscription gives you the ability to play games online with friends, access cloud storage for game saves, get free games each month, and exclusively for PS5 owners, access the PlayStation Plus Collection.

Kicking off PS Plus’ free PS5 games offering is the rather weird and wonderful Bugnsnax! Everyone’s talkin’ ’bout ’em! A free game on release date is a winner if you ask us, and it just so turns out that Bugsnax is pretty great, too!

The PlayStation Plus Collection offers players a rather hefty list of some of the best first and third-party games to release on PS4 for free. They can all be played on the PS5 with them taking advantage of the faster CPU and GPU. That means shorter load times, improved textures, and better framerates!

Given a PlayStation Plus subscription comes in at only $59.99 for the year, that’s a heck of a lot of value given you’re getting 20 games for free from PlayStation Plus Collection alone!

External Storage Drive

PS5 Accessories You Need to Buy

This one’s a bit of a big one if you’re planning on playing a fair few of your PS4 games on your PS5, and we’ll get to why in a minute. But what with the PS5’s expandable SSD Storage not quite ready in time for launch, players only have 667.2 GB of usable space on the internal SSD.

This is where the problems begin. All of your PS5 titles — at launch, at least — must be installed directly onto your internal SSD.

These can take up quite a bit of space, and if you’ve already got a hefty library of PS4 titles ready and waiting to be moved over onto your PS5, you’re gonna run out of space pretty quickly.

The external hard drive resolves your issues. If you’ve already got one plugged into your PS4, begin moving the games you want to play on your PS5 over to it. If you’ve not, buy one and plug it into your PS5 ASAP.

Any PS4 game can be played directly from the storage drive, and as soon as you plug the drive in, your PS5 will get to work detecting any games that have PS5 updates available and add them to your download queue.

PlayStation Camera Adaptor

PS5 Accessories You Need to Buy

ps5 accessories

Here’s a little bonus one for you. Rather than shelling out for the new PlayStation HD Camera, you can instead simply head over to this page and request a PlayStation Camera Adaptor if you’re a PlayStation VR owner, and use your existing one.

Given that the new HD Camera specifically for the PS5 doesn’t actually support PSVR either, unless you’re an avid streamer, you probably won’t need the new camera.

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