Top 10 Best Moments in the Austin Powers Series

A top 10 list that features the best moments in the Austin Powers series.

The Austin Powers movies are full of rapid-fire humor from start to finish, not to mention being the source of many popular reaction GIFs. Let’s not forget how quotable the movies are thanks to Mike Myers’ brilliant line delivery—even immature fart jokes can be funny if you package the joke right. With so many hilarious scenes in the movies, here’s the 10 best moments in the Austin Powers series.

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10. Commie Austin Powers

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After Austin Powers is thawed from his 30-year frozen nap, he’s surprised to see a Russian representative within the Ministry of Defense given that the Cold War was an ongoing conflict at the time Austin was frozen. When he’s told the Cold War is over, Austin mistook the Russians as the victors and expresses a Communist-aligned opinion, only to be corrected and unenthusiastically praise capitalism.

9. Fat Bastard Ruining the Moment

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After defeating Dr. Evil and escaping his secret lair, Austin Powers and Felicity Shagwell return to the 90s. Thinking they can finally relax and enjoy each other’s company, Fat Bastard breaks into their suite, armed with a gun. Felicity tries to defuse the situation by asking him if he’s happy, so Fat Bastard reveals the source of his sadness only to ruin the moment with a fart.

8. The Diet Coke of Evil

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On an episode of Jerry Springer, Scott appears as a guest, amongst others who have fathers that are trying to take over the world. When Dr. Evil is brought to the stage, Scott demands he explain himself for being an absent father. To Dr. Evil, it’s simple: Scott isn’t evil enough; he’s the Diet Coke of Evil.

7. Father-Son Support Group

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In another scene with Dr. Evil and Scott, they participate in a father-son support group (led by the late Carrie Fisher) in an effort to connect. Scott expresses interests but Dr. Evil keeps adding an “evil” twist to it, causing Scott to think his father is just trying to kill him. Dr. Evil agrees, but compliments Scott in the same breath by admitting he’s been unsuccessful because Scott is “wily, like his old man.”

6. Dr. Evil’s Schemes That Already Happened

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Austin Powers wasn’t the only one behind the times; Dr. Evil was also cryogenically frozen, missing 30 years of history. After being unthawed, Dr. Evil calls on his allies to plan their next evil move, but every suggestion Dr. Evil comes up with has already happened like punching a hole in the ozone layer.

5. Nigel Powers, the Dutch Hater

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Another great bit of humor that comes and goes in the blink of an eye comes from Nigel Powers, Austin’s father. He can’t stand people who are intolerant of other cultures, nor can he stand the Dutch. Not only is the hypocrisy funny, but also Michael Cain’s performance really sells the scene.

4. Bong and a Blintz?

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Goldmember isn’t above treating his enemies with a small matter of respect, even going out of his way to break bread with Austin. At first he offers a smoke and a pancake, but his accent makes it difficult to understand. It launches a simple but funny sight gag involving sweet breakfast meals paired with drugs such as cigarettes and pancakes or a bong and a blintz.

3. Scotty Don’t

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Dr. Evil has a penchant for picking on Scotty, a master of pushing his buttons until he freaks out and storms off or zips his lips. One particular attempt at bullying Scotty in Goldmember starts off as usual, but Scotty doesn’t appear to take the bait. It doesn’t take long before Dr. Evil breaks through his defenses and gets Scotty all riled up.

2. Felicity and Austin in a Tent

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While infiltrating Dr. Evil’s secret lair, Austin and Felicity set up camp along the shore and take inventory of their gear. Unknown to them, Dr. Evil’s henchmen are just outside the tent, watching in horror as Felicity appears to remove various items from Austin’s rear end. Who knew shadow puppets could be so immature?

1. Sharks With Frickin’ Laser Beams

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Dr. Evil doesn’t ask for much, only that his requests are met no matter how ridiculous such as sharks with laser beams. Unfortunately, Number 2 had to break the news to him that sharks are endangered and they had to settle with sea bass—ill-tempered, mutated sea bass, to be precise. It isn’t until Austin Powers in Goldmember that Dr. Evil finally gets sharks with frickin’ laser beams.

With that, we’ve covered the last and final entry for the 10 best moments in the Austin Powers series and it certainly has more to give. For more movie-related content, check out the top 10 scary movies featuring aliens or, if you prefer gaming, the top 10 PC games coming out by the end of 2022 is a must read.

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