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Best DLCs & Expansions of 2019

Best DLCs & Expansions of 2019

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Winner: Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, best expansion, best dlc, 2019

Reviews Editor Zhiqing Wan: We’re all familiar with Final Fantasy XIV’s incredible comeback story at this point. After its rebranding as A Realm Reborn, Square Enix has been supporting the game with consistent quality updates, and followed it up with two stellar expansions that kept surpassing fans’ expectations.

It’s a little cheesy to say that Square Enix has done it again, but they have, indeed, done it again with Shadowbringers. This is Final Fantasy XIV’s strongest expansion yet for a variety of reasons –the phenomenal soundtrack, a tightly written story that provides great payoffs for events that have been set in motion since the beginning of the game, and the introduction of well-written characters who add so much to the lore and world-building of the game.

Shadowbringers also continues to up the ante where dungeon and level design is concerned, and with all the setup for the next major story arc, it truly feels like Final Fantasy XIV can do no wrong. Shadowbringers isn’t just the best expansion for one of the best MMOs on the market right now; it’s also one of the best Final Fantasy stories we’ve ever seen.

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