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Top 13 Best Call of Duty Posters to Get This Year

Our favorite COD wall decor!

Call of Duty has collected a massive fanbase of dedicated gamers over the decades. Whether you include yourself in this community, or you know someone else who loves COD, we have some amazing gift ideas for you. Decorate your bedroom, game room or office with any of our favorite posters and wall hangings! Whether you want something bold and unique or subtle and grown-up, we have a poster recommendation for everyone. The list below shows the top 13 best Call of Duty posters you can get this year.

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13. Mara Character Poster

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Warcom Operator Mara is an icon of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone, and even appears in Call of Duty: Mobile. This bold and colorful print shows the Venezuelan fan-favorite in hot pink against a sunset in a classic retro art style. The poster is printed on fine art paper in a classy matte finish. You can get the Mara poster in sizes 8″x12″, 12″x18″, 16″x24″, and 24″x36″ to suit whatever space you are trying to decorate.

12. Soap MacTavish Character Poster

call of duty soap mactavish poster
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John ‘Soap’ MacTavish is another fan-favorite in Call of Duty and plays a big part in the Modern Warfare series. He also appears in multiple other COD games. like Call of Duty: Heroes and Call of Duty: Siege as well as COD Mobile. This poster is a great tribute to your favorite Task Force 141 operator. It shows Soap’s figure in outline with warfare action depicted within and the Call of Duty logo below. The poster is printed on fine art paper with a matte finish, and comes in sizes 8″x12″, 12″x18″, 16″x24″, and 24″x36″.

11. Call of Duty: Ghosts Artwork Poster

call of duty ghosts artwork poster
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First released over a decade ago (although it doesn’t feel that long!) Call of Duty: Ghosts is a hugely popular campaign and multiplayer mode. If this was your favorite COD campaign then this poster is a must-have! This abstract art style brilliantly achieves the split image of the operator’s face and the COD skull logo. The poster is printed on fine art paper in a matte finish in sizes 8″x12″, 12″x18″, 16″x24″, and 24″x36″. Perfect for your game room, bedroom or office space!

10: Fight For Freedom WWII Poster

fight for freedom WWII poster call of duty
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Our next choice brings a patriotic slant to this Call of Duty homage! The poster depicts an American soldier charging forward with the iconic Stars and Stripes in his hand, and Fight For Freedom emblazoned below. This poster is available in a couple of medium-large sizes and in a huge variety of framed options. Want your poster framed in black, bronze, or barnwood, or even in a simple poster clip frame? The choice is yours!

9. Ray Gun Blueprint Poster

ray gun blueprint poster
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Next up is this unique Call of Duty poster showing the Ray Gun found in World at War, Black Ops and Zombies campaigns! Ever wondered how they would produce the components of this Wonder Weapon? The blueprint has all the info you need! You can get this quality poster in either gloss or matte with each one printed using the finest quality inks and 200GSM paper. Only available in 16″x24″, this poster would suit an office space or bedroom.

8. Call of the Dead Tin Sign

call of the dead tin sign
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Moving on to something a bit out of the ordinary now, we have this durable tin wall art. Designed to not rust or degrade, this is a great option if you want something long-lasting and versatile! The art comes in 8″x12″ and shows a movie poster-style image of Call of Duty: Zombies, one of the fanbase’s favorite game modes. Install it easily to any wall using the four pre-drilled mounting holes inside or outside of the home!

7. Large COD Ghost Icon Wall Hanging

COD ghost wall hanging large
Image Source: Amazon

Do you have a large wall space to fill? This extra large wall hanging comes in an impressive 59″x39″ to adorn your empty wall. The material is 100% wrinkle-resistant polyester, meaning there is no need to iron before hanging! Although it is easy to pin up onto a wall, the print is also perfect as a lightweight blanket or even a tablecloth. Very versatile! This wall hanging is available in three different designs but we prefer this iconic Call of Duty skull artwork.

6. Big ‘n Bad Wolf Poster

big n bad call of duty
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Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Not you! Grab this striking and humorous Call of Duty: Vanguard design on a large 23″x34″ poster. It is available in multiple frame options or left unframed if you wish. If you want to keep costs down but need an easy hanging option then the best choice is the poster clip bundle. This is a bright and colorful poster created using high-quality PhotoArt gloss paper.

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Ghost Design

ghost MWII poster
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Our top five begins with this gorgeous poster showing a screenprint of Ghost in a unique art style. If you are a fan of Ghost in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II then this is such a great choice. You can get it in pretty much any frame you like, or choose the poster clip bundle option for simplicity and ease. Each print is created using top-quality inks on premium gloss paper so you never have to worry about the look or feel of your print. The only size available is 23″x34″, perfect for any room.

4. Call of Duty Graffiti Poster

call of duty graffiti poster
Image Source: Amazon

Our number four choice is this stand-out design from GB Eye which captures the drama of Call of Duty perfectly. The COD soldier is depicted in shadow with flame-like oranges and yellows coloring the rest of the image. A mushroom cloud is seen in his visor, and a war-torn city on his helmet. The poster comes in 24″x36″, and is produced exclusively in Sheffield, U.K. on quality laminated gloss paper. The perfect gift for a serious Call of Duty fan.

3. Modern Warfare II Ghost Tarot Card Poster

ghost tarot card poster
Image Source: Amazon

In third place is this clever take on a tarot card design. Iconic Call of Duty character Ghost takes the place of The Reaper, also known as the Death card, for this fun design. Ghost stands at the ready in his military uniform, holding a scythe in one bony hand with the moon behind him. The art style is very reminiscent of classic tarot cards you may recognize. The print comes in a couple of sizes and you can choose from a bunch of framing options!

2. Black Ops Banner Flag

black ops banner flag
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If you are looking for something a bit different, something out of the ordinary, then this banner may be what you are after. The wrinkle-resistant polyester banner measures at 30″x50″ in this classic pentagon banner shape. It has a couple of metal eyelets so you can hang it easily on a wall or even a home flagpole! There are two designs to choose from: our favorite black with the iconic Black Ops design, or a Russian-inspired red version with dog skull.

1. Large Captain Price Task Force 141 Poster

captain price task force 141 poster
Image Source: Amazon

In at number one on our list of the best Call of Duty posters is this Dia de los Meurtos (Day of the Dead) stylized skull poster. The poster shows Captain Price’s skull with his green military hat and Task Force 141 iconography. You can see bullets, cigar-smoking skulls, and grenades all around the outside. The abstract art style is really effective and we love all the detailing around the edges. The poster is 24″x36″ and is produced exclusively by GB Eye in Sheffield, U.K. High-quality inks and high-resolution paper create this stunning poster perfect for any Call of Duty fan’s room!

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