10 Best Animal Crossing Houses That’ll Totally Inspire You

Animal Crossing houses

There is no end to the amount of creativity in the Animal Crossing community. The release of New Horizons has lead to some amazing creators and fans sharing their work in the game, whether it be an outfit design, a house interior, or their island as a whole. One of the greatest aspects of the game is the ability to decorate your house– so many options! We’ve gathered some of our favorite Animal Crossing houses for you to have a look at. Get ready for some inspiration.

Here are 10 of the best interior Animal Crossing house designs we’ve come across so far!

10. Indoor Water Garden

Everyone needs some spa time, and this Animal Crossing room design will bring you that relaxing experience at home. The flooring and wallpaper fit the theme perfectly, and we love the pond in the corner!

9. Golden Room

Indiana Jones vibes in Animal Crossing? Yes, please! This room, dubbed by the creator the “Golden Room,” gives off some serious temple treasure vibes and we are so here for it. It’s a little bit creepy, but very cool (hopefully there are no traps!).

8. Star Room

Ever wish you could sleep or bathe comfortably beneath the stars? This starry room design is gorgeous and feels almost like a dream. From the hanging fairy lights to the sandy flooring, your Animal Crossing character is sure to sleep well in there.

7. Modern Interior


This contemporary house is perfect for those who love the present and future. It features stylish black furniture, white flooring/walls, and some serious plant decor. We love the shower/bath combo!

6. Cozy Living Room


Some warm tones, books, and plants can make for a very comfortable living space. This fan made a home-y room fitted with a comfy couch, a record player, and a cozy fireplace!

5. Animation Studio

Ever get creative in Animal Crossing and create a workplace-inspired environment? This fan did just that, making an animation studio within the game. It looks just like an office space!

4. The Den

This basement design is not only cozy, but really well-done! It looks like a genuine office/library space. We love the fireplace and the desk area– and did we mention how well that rug fits into the design?

3. Witchy Room

Witchy aesthetic? More of that, please! This room design features a cauldron in the corner, lots of pleasing plants, and a fortune teller area. The rug in the center is just the cherry on top!

2. Neutral Living Room

This living room looks like it’s straight out of an IKEA gallery. The lighting is beautiful, and the white paired with the brown works so well. This is definitely a room we wouldn’t mind having in real life.

1. Zen Room

To end the list we present an indoor zen garden! The misty wallpaper paired with the petal-covered floor is so aesthetically pleasing, and the pond makes for a great view in front of the bench!

Feeling inspired? Those only made up 10 of many more! The community never fails to amaze with its creativity. While you consider how you want to decorate or change your house around now, how about seeing how much your Animal Crossing house would actually cost you in real life?

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