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All Young-woo & Jun-ho Romantic Scenes in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Ranked

These are the most romantic moments in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

With the first season of Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix complete, fans are still revisiting this cherished K-Drama and talking about it. There are many reasons for this, but they all lead to the charming character Woo Young-woo. The show’s lead actress puts on a lauded portrayal of Attorney Woo Young-woo that’s so convincing that many might wonder if Park Eun-bin is on the autism spectrum in real life.

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One of the most enchanting elements of the story was the sweet romance that blossomed between attorney Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho, a member of the litigation department. Their love story seemed like an understated fairytale. As their relationship grew, it felt more magical than logical at first and progressed in the background throughout the show. It was never the main focus of the series. Instead, it blended in and remained balanced alongside the focus on attorney Woo’s development as a new lawyer who also has autism.

This guide will help you reminisce and enjoy this adorable couple’s story and all the romantic moments they shared during their special relationship.

12. Attorney Woo’s & Jun-Ho’s Fated First Meeting

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In the first episode, viewers are shown one of the many challenges someone who’s autistic might encounter: a revolving door. Young-woo can’t figure out how to pass through the revolving doors until Jun-ho unexpectedly shows up on his way to work and helps her make it through.

This moment is cute and symbolizes how Jun-ho will help take Young-woo to new places she’s never been before. It’s the catalyst for the rest of their relationship as Young-woo’s horizons are broadened. And though it might not be apparent to Jun-ho at this point, his story is intertwined with hers, and together, they’ll both be able to go places they could never go alone.

11. Jun-ho Teaches Young-woo The Revolving Door Dance

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The second time they meet puts a twist on the first time they met. Everything comes full circle during Young-woo’s first work day. She’s tasked with visiting a client and finds herself back at the revolving doors while waiting for a team member to take her to her destination.

Jun-ho is there and creatively suggests to Young-woo that she treats the revolving door like a waltz dance. After he teaches her the basic steps and rhythm, they realize they’re waiting for each other to on the assignment. With that, Jun-ho invites her to dance with him through the revolving doors as they leave the building. Time slows down, and Young-woo begins experiencing newfound feelings.

This scene has profound depth in its simplicity. In the span of one day, Young-woo and Jun-ho meeting for the second time at the first place they met creates a metaphor for their relationship. They pass between two worlds, their society, and Hanbada law firm, and their lives are harmonious when they exist in each world together, rather than apart. Therefore, only when Young-woo and Jun-ho are together can all of their worlds, personal, professional, and society, be brought together as one.

10. Fake Bride Attorney Woo’s Wedding Dress

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While on their next case, attorney Woo and Jun-ho need to investigate a wedding dress company. They pretend to be an engaged couple to provide cover for themselves. Young-woo tries on a dress she confidently picked and is taken to the dressing room to try it on. While Jun-ho is on the phone, the staff pulls the curtains apart and reveals a fake bride Young-woo. Jun-ho’s perspective is forever changed, and attorney Woo’s beauty enthralls him.

Although arguably cliché in the way most romantic stories start with the characters being physically attracted to each other, that’s not the case here. One element that stands apart here is how most people see Young-woo as anything but a beautiful young woman. Instead, men in the show always share the first reaction; they explain how they could never date someone like Young-woo because she’s autistic. Yet, from Jun-ho’s perspective, he refuses to see her for that taboo label. Instead, he sees the purity that radiates from her soul.

9. Attorney Woo’s Eyelash Removed By Jun-ho

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Outside a courtroom, Jun-ho crosses paths with attorney Woo and decides to talk with her. There’s tension between the two because the last time they met, Jun-ho tried to kiss Young-woo, and she ran away. During their conversation, Jun-ho notices a stray eyelash on Young-woo’s cheek and carefully removes it after several tries. It’s a cute moment that brings the two closer, literally and metaphorically.

The way Jun-ho carefully takes his time to remove the stray eyelash shows the amount of detail with which he pays attention to Young-woo. It also takes him a few tries to get the eyelash, but he never gets frustrated, nor does he give up.

This act of kindness symbolically illustrates how Jun-ho has the patience it takes to be in a relationship with Young-woo. Not only does he have to painstakingly wait for her to address their complex relationship, but nearly everything with Young-woo takes more attention to detail, caution, and patience than most other people.

8. Jun-ho Mistakenly Saves Attorney Woo’s Life

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While working on a murder case, attorney Woo explores the possibility of the victim committing suicide. She foolishly tries to set up a noose in her office and experiments with what would happen if the victim tried to hang himself. Jun-ho passes by her office and sees attorney Woo trying to fit her head inside a noose. Jun-ho immediately rushes inside and tries to carry Young-woo off, nearly dropping her and sending them both falling to the ground.

The moment is awkward but makes Young-woo realize just how much Jun-ho cares for her. Their physical boundaries have also been broken down, and this symbolizes the progression of their relationship. Even if they try to deny it or not pay any attention to it, things beyond their control will happen that bring them closer together.

7. Jun-ho Wraps His Jacket Around Attorney Woo’s Ripped Coat

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While on a scouting trip for a case, attorney Woo and the team climb up a steep path on a hill. Young-woo slips and takes a harsh fall on the ground. Jun-ho immediately rushes to her side and helps her. He notices her suit coat is ripped on the right shoulder. Without hesitation, he takes off his denim jacket and puts it around her. From this moment, Jun-ho proves he is always willing to help protect attorney Woo however he can.

Symbolic in nature, this act of sincerity paints Jun-ho as Young-woo’s first defensive shield against the rest of the world. Naturally, Jun-ho steps into his destined role of being Young-woo’s protector. He’s ready to look out for her best interest and help make sure she stays safe. Jun-ho appears to be the kind of guy who will help people in general, but this form of chivalrous honor is also a classic representation of a man’s devotion to protecting those he loves.

6. Jun-ho Helps Save Attorney Woo’s Career On A Secret Date

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After facing unexpected challenges from her cases, Young-woo comes to a point where she feels defenseless. In a foolish decision, she quits the Hanbada law firm and hands in her resignation letter. Meanwhile, attorney Woo’s best friend, Geurami, meets Jun-ho for the first time during a work trip and notices that he likes Young-woo. Geurami suggests to Jun-ho that he take Young-woo to a romantic beach spot while they drive home from their casework.

After a romantic walk with Young-woo at sunset, Jun-ho wholeheartedly asks her not to and says he wants a lawyer like her by his side. This sentiment moves Young-woo and helps sway her to remain an attorney. During this perfect romantic setting, it’s undeniable that Jun-ho is unafraid of pursuing Young-woo. Calling back to the first day they met, their theme of two bringing together all their worlds in harmony is strengthened during this first unofficial date of theirs.

Attorney Woo’s life is in a state of despair as she struggles with the temptation to quit her job even though she knows it will make her more unhappy. Jun-ho also understands his personal life outside work and professional life at Hanbada will be empty without Young-woo. This realization makes his words to her that much more powerful and profound. When Jun-ho proclaims that he wants a lawyer like Young-woo by his side, his subtext is that he wants her in his life both romantically and professionally.

5. Attorney Woo & Jun-ho Almost Kiss After Hours In Hanbada

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After Young-woo talks to her friend Geurami, Young-woo tries to follow Geurami’s advice about what to do when a girl likes a boy. Young-woo wants Jun-ho to know that she’s interested in him. Geurami also tells Young-woo to check how she truly feels about Jun-ho after sharing a touch with him. By paying attention to her heart, Young-woo will know whether she likes him or not.

One evening at her Hanbada law firm, after hours, Young-woo confesses to Jun-ho that she wants to touch him so she can find out if she likes him or not. Caught in the moment, Jun-ho attempts to kiss Young-woo carefully, but she’s not yet able to handle it and runs away. This moment is adorable and awkward but finally propels their relationship to the next level, reflecting the eccentricity of attorney Woo’s personality and Jun-ho’s expression of his attraction to Young-woo.

This situation solidifies their worlds are finally merged romantically. Although it’s still in the early stages, this is the one-way bridge from which there’s no return. Now that they have confessed their feelings for one another, they have no choice but to face the inevitable and deal with it. After this point, it becomes clear that their relationship and interactions are on a new level.

4. Attorney Woo Gives Jun-ho A Date List & Holds His Hand For 57 Seconds

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To Jun-ho’s delight, Attorney Woo finally decides to start dating him. They meet after work outside the Hanbada building, where Young-woo reveals that she’s made a list of things for them to do on their dates. Jun-ho is happy about the list and asks Young-woo if walking her home is on the list. She replies that it’s not, so Jun-ho asks if he can add it. She complies, and Jun-ho asks if holding hands is on the list. Young-woo says it’s not but warns that she can’t tolerate holding hands for more than 57 seconds. Jun-ho seems discouraged, but then Young-woo asks if he wants to hold hands. He says yes, and Young-woo takes out her phone and sets a timer for 57 seconds as they hold hands.

They awkwardly relish in the moment until the time limit hits, then they continue on their way home. This scene is another example of an endearing moment that reflects attorney Woo’s personality and quirky romance. It also powerfully conveys Young-woo’s growth as an individual and a woman who desires to be in a romantic relationship with this man, Jun-ho.

Now that’s she willing to approach her limits and tolerances, she’s becoming more ready to open up and share her world with Jun-ho, and it doesn’t get any more beautiful than that.

3. Attorney Woo Spies On Jun-ho & They Hold Hands Through A Window

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While working at Hanbada, Jun-ho glances over at the nearby office of attorney Woo and sees her staring at him through her blinds. She’s starting to become smitten with him, and it’s creepy but cute. Jun-ho gets up and walks over to talk to her. On the way, he’s interrupted by a coworker who updates him about a case. Jun-ho pays attention to the coworker and places his hand on attorney Woo’s window. Shortly after, Young-woo musters up the courage to put her hand on Jun-ho’s, resulting in a magical moment.

The metaphor that this scene presents is magical and powerful. While Jun-ho is distracted by his coworker, he still reaches out the best he can to make contact with Young-woo. His hand on Young-woo’s office window sends the message that his thoughts are truly on her, and nobody can make him think otherwise.

As we see Young-woo slowly prepare to place her hand against the window, on top of Jun-ho’s hand, we are offered more proof of how Young-woo is stepping outside of her comfort zone and growing for herself and the man she’s falling in love with. When Young-woo finally places her hand against Jun-ho’s, we’re reminded of the theme of their worlds being harmonious when they are together.

In this instance, they are separated by the glass window, but that does not stop them. This statement about how love can still connect through obstacles and other people’s interjections is poetic and perfectly defines Young-woo and Jun-ho’s relationship.

2. Attorney Woo’s & Jun-ho’s Second Kiss

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In their final kiss of the season, Jun-ho walks attorney Woo home while they discuss the resolution of their most recent case. Attorney Woo thanks Jun-ho for embracing her tightly earlier in the day in the aftermath of a car accident that left her shaken and in panic. Jun-ho explains that he understands how holding her tight can help calm her down. He also explains that he discovered unique hug chairs in France that are made to accommodate people who need relief from stress and anxiety.

Intrigued, Young-woo asks if she can buy one. Jun-ho tells her she doesn’t need one because he’ll be her personal hug chair. After Young-woo smiles, Jun-ho slowly approaches, and they passionately kiss.

In a surprise turn of events, Young-woo’s dad steps outside the house to take out the garbage and is shocked to see his daughter kissing a man. As the scene fades out, audiences witness a romantic moment that proves how Jun-ho is putting in extra effort to be a part of Young-woo’s life for good.

This scene completes the theme of their worlds becoming harmonious. Now that Young-woo’s dad is aware of her romantic relationship, her final world is now merged. Her family life at home with her dad has been the only life she’s ever known and will always be a part of her life. For her relationship with Jun-ho to be fully realized, her family life needs to be harmonious with everything else.

Finally, Jun-ho’s comment about being a personal hug chair further strengthens everything he’s been doing for her up to this point and makes a bold promise that he’ll be willing to do these things for Young-woo always. He can adapt to her and be almost anything she needs.

1. Attorney Woo’s & Jun-ho’s First Kiss

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In a reversal of roles, attorney Woo walks Jun-ho home one evening. In front of Jun-ho’s door, Young-woo expresses her fear about romantic love and relationships. Her current case made her realize that being autistic makes romantic love is difficult because even if she says it’s love, others can say it’s not. Young-woo continues to express her feelings to Jun-ho and asks if he’ll be able to love her since it will be difficult. Without hesitation, Jun-ho confidently replies that he will.

Their intimate conversation is sealed with their first kiss just as the motion-sensor light turns off. Young-woo waves out her hand to turn it back on. Jun-ho helps explain some tips about kissing so Young-woo can enjoy how to kiss. This kiss is a monumental moment for Young-woo’s and Jun-ho’s romance, and it’s captured perfectly in this scene.

All relationships must grow stronger and deeper by overcoming challenges. In Young-woo’s case, she must deal with that every day due to her autism. To her, the most important fact is that the man she ends up falling in love with must understand this and be able to rise to the occasion. Jun-ho proves to be that man by understanding Young-woo and going along with her flow.

The other important detail of this scene is how Jun-ho teaches Young-woo how to kiss. He does it out of love, not to make her feel inferior, but to make the experience better for her. Young-woo’s willingness to learn and not be offended proves she trusts Jun-ho and accepts contributions to her life.

In conclusion, all of the romantic scenes between Young-woo and Jun-ho served to bring about metaphors and themes that relate to romantic love and relationships. Both Young-woo and Jun-ho are perfect for each other and bring a harmonious balance to each other’s life.

Season 2 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo is planned to be released in 2024, and hopefully, this remains true. In the meantime, you can always revisit this popular series in preparation for the next part of attorney Woo’s and Jun-ho’s continuing story.

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