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8 Games That Will Leaf You Feeling the Fall Spirit


8 Games That Will Leaf You Feeling the Fall Spirit

Costume Quest 1 & 2


Outside of the cool, 60-degree temperature, everyone knows what the best part of fall is: Halloween.

Whether the fun is centered around dressing up or simply the sugar rush you’ll get from snagging buckets of candy, adults and children alike agree that Halloween is an amazing holiday.

No game represents this fun better than the Costume Quest series.

This party-based role-playing title sees playing unite children in a battle against monsters, collecting candy and costumes in order to gain unique attributes to fight them off.

During fights, characters transform into the costumes they are wearing – which is basically every child’s fantasy come to life.

Just thinking about it makes me want to dress up and go trick-or-treating!

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Breath of the Wild showed fans that alongside masterful gameplay, Legend of Zelda games usually always have beautiful, colorful worlds worth exploring as well.

More than most titles in the franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons embraces this idea, as you could probably guess via its title.

In this classic 2001 Gameboy title, Link comes into possession of the Rod of Seasons: a magical device that controls the seasons in the game, allowing players to travel to whichever ones they please to complete objectives.

While you’ll obviously travel about each season to beat the game, fall holds plenty of vibrant scenery and special quirks to get you in the spirit – including leaves that are placed at the bottom of pits to prevent fall damage.

Animal Crossing


It’s the first of September. The trees are an orange-brown, the grass is now a duller green, and handfuls of insects and fish have hidden away for the season.

This ambiance alone in Animal Crossing brings a comforting feeling; one that makes fall as special time to be playing.

Throughout this season, Animal Crossing offers a range of unique activities to experience.

From a gameplay perspective, some of the best events take place amidst those activities, including Halloween, the Acorn Festival, and the annual Fishing Tourney.

Night In the Woods

Through the eyes of Margaret “Mae” Borowski, players experience what it is like to head back to their home town after college, and what to do with themselves when they do.

Mae does her best to deal with her crippling anxiety and depression via hanging out with her old friends.

During those hangouts, Night in the Woods features a myriad of stories, choices, and plenty mini-games.

These small, simple experiences span mostly across fall, bringing the game’s setting, Possum Springs, to life amidst leaf ridden streets.

Whether it is skipping rocks or riding bikes, it won’t be long before Night in the Woods has you nostalgically remembering your youthful activities.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Playing as paranormal investigator Paul Prospero, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter explores the small town of Red Creek Valley.

At the start of the narrative, Prospero receives a letter from a young boy, Ethan Carter, begging for his help. Upon arriving at this small town, a mystery has appeared, as Ethan has vanished.

Set during fall, the tall grass and numerous red-leafed trees of the town make for a stark contrast to the chilly, supernatural mystery of the Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Harvest Moon & Stardew Valley


While these two titles certainly have plenty of differences, it felt fair to combine the Harvest Moon series and Stardew Valley for this list, as both each game’s fall spirits have similar appeal.

When fall rolls around in each of these games, you’ll have plenty to look forward to.

Alongside lush, colorful scenery, Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley each boast time-specific events to celebrate.

Whether it is the Harvest Festival, Spirit’s Eve, or one of the many birthdays celebrated throughout the season, fall is certainly worth sticking around for in both games.

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