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5 Innovative Gameplay Features Painfully Ignored by Other Developers


5 Innovative Gameplay Features Painfully Ignored by Other Developers

5 Inventive Gameplay Features Painfully Ignored by Other Developers

The Nemesis System (Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor)

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Of the games that made waves early on this console generation, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor stood out thanks to its inventive and entertaining Nemesis System.

The Nemesis System turned ordinary enemies into distinct personalities that returned to haunt you throughout your experience, remembering aspects of your encounter and adapting their tactics to make each battle more challenging. It was totally unique.

A grunt, for example, who luckily escaped a fight earlier in the game might later rise-up to become a well-armed general in need of toppling; other times, it meant being hunted by the friend of a general you killed, out to avenge their fallen comrade.

While the inventive gameplay feature did return for the sequel, Shadow of War, other developers haven’t applied it to their games despite its widespread popularity, which is quite honestly a crying shame. Perhaps the closest we’ve seen recently is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s bounty system.

5 Inventive Gameplay Features Painfully Ignored by Other Developers

Discovery Tour (Assassin’s Creed Origins)

assassin's creed origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins proved an exemplary entry in the series for a number of reasons, but one of its most unique features came post-launch. This was the game’s Discovery Tour, a mode that allowed players to explore Ubisoft’s lovingly crafted recreation of Egypt.

Along with information on the Pyramids, Sphinx, and other historic structures, the mode offered players the chance to learn more about the culture of the game’s setting and how it tied into real life.

It was a pleasant surprise, to say the least, and many have sung the praises of the mode since it was released. Sadly, other developers haven’t yet announced anything similar — though in fairness there aren’t too many it would apply to. Still, we’re holding out hope that educational experience continues to be implemented into video games.

5 Inventive Gameplay Features Painfully Ignored by Other Developers

Flow Motion (Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance)

Though the series has seen plenty of changes and variations on its gameplay over the years, few changes have redefined Kingdom Hearts the way Flow Motion did in Dream Drop Distance.

Through this mechanic, Sora and Riku gain the ability to rocket across environments in lightning fast, anime-esque fashion. Sprawling cityscapes can be covered in no time flat, either by sliding along rails, bouncing off of walls or launching hundreds of feet into the air.

There are some titles that might not be able to incorporate this into their gameplay, but others could become infinitely more fun with a Flow Motion-like traversal mechanic. Sadly, none have taken the leap yet, leaving players to stay grounded in boring, traditional fashion.

5 Inventive Gameplay Features Painfully Ignored by Other Developers

Characters’ Mental States (Darkest Dungeon)

Darkest Dungeon, PlayStation, Sony, E3 2016, exclusive

Darkest Dungeon proved itself an inventive entry in the rogue-lite genre for a number of reasons, but key among them was the constantly fluctuating sanity and emotional well being of the player’s party.

As they make their way through environments, the player’s characters are subjected to more and direr circumstances. As a result, their party’s characters can suffer mental strains and breakdowns should they go through too much.

Sometimes this manifests as a weakness, with a character developing a phobia or more warped morals. Other times, it can provide an unexpected buff or stat boost when a character rises above said challenges to overcome them.

It was an inventive gameplay feature that many would like to see again, but no developer has stepped up to the plate as of yet. As such, fans are left to hope that someone musters up the courage to try it in their own game sooner rather than later.

5 Inventive Gameplay Features Painfully Ignored by Other Developers

Over the Top Weapon Crafting (Dead Rising Series)

The Dead Rising series has one of the most ridiculous weapon-crafting systems in all of video games, and that’s a good thing. Allowing players to create weaponized monstrosities out of everyday tools and appliances, its games were playgrounds for the creative and lovers of ludicrous ideas.

Sadly, few other games have embraced this campy design philosophy. Sure, some zombie survival titles allow you to create weapons on the fly, but few if any could compare to Dead Rising’s twin chainsaw javelin or a bullet-spewing, weaponized teddy bear.

Of the inventive gameplay features other developers should use, this sits near the top as one players would be happy to see, especially after the closure of Dead Rising’s Developer Capcom Vancouver. We’re still waiting for a developer to have the guts to try and hope the wait won’t be much longer.

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