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5 Injustice 2 DLC Characters That Need to Happen


5 Injustice 2 DLC Characters That Need to Happen

Red Hood is cool, but this DC Comics brawler still needs a few more fighters.


One of the biggest holes in the current Injustice 2 cast is that there is no Dick Grayson. While Nightwing is one the most popular characters in DC comics and a fan favorite in the first Injustice game, he is unplayable in the sequel. The only way to play as the sidekick turned superhero is to get a bunch of very specific gear for Damian Wayne’s Robin. The assumed reason for this is that Dick is dead in the Injustice 2 universe but this is a comic book story after all and dead never means dead in comic books.

In the prequel comics set in the Injustice 2 universe Dick Grayson eventually became the ghostly superhero of Deadman. Adding Deadman to the game wouldn’t only give players a chance to play as Dick Grayson, it would add an incredibly different fighting style as well. One of Deadman’s primary powers is to invade the bodies of others and actually have them fight themselves. While this is probably more of a ultimate or special move than a regular combo it could set up some interesting dynamics in fights. It’s true that Gorilla Grodd already has a similar move but Deadman’s possession is unique. At the very least Injustice 2 could finally answer the question of how someone can punch a ghost.

This post was originally authored by Derek Stauffer.

John Constantine

Constantine is another fan favorite character who is heavily featured in the Injustice comics that is missing from the vanilla game. Constantine could function similar to how Doctor Fate plays in the main game being able to switch between close up attacks and ranged magic.  The game probably doesn’t need more ranged characters but given Constantine’s infamous swagger it might be easier to overlook him spamming some magic fireballs. There could even be something fun like him flicking his almost constant cigarette at his opponent.

One of Injustice 2’s greatest strengths is the ability for the fighters to show off their personality in every fight. Between the clashes that happen mid-battle and the intro dialogue that opens every brawl, there is so much personality and story to each character in the most mundane of circumstances. John Constantine is brimming with personality and he is the perfect fit for the game’s approach. This is not even to mention how the gear system would affect Constantine. Adding him as DLC would be worth it just to see how many long trench coats variations NetheRealm can add to the game.

Beast Boy

In the campaign of Injustice 2, three characters were name dropped that didn’t appear in the game at all. They were Starfire, Red Hood, and Beast Boy. Since two of those mentioned characters have been confirmed as DLC already there is no reason that Beast Boy shouldn’t also make his way into the game.

The namedrop is just one small factor to why Beast Boy should enter the game. In short, he would just be a tremendously versatile and fun character. There would be almost no limit to the attacks that Beast Boy could pull off. Beast Boy can transform into the entire animal kingdom. His uppercut could involve him turning into a swooping hawk to attack opponents from below to high into the air. He could charge at them as a rhino or elephant. He can even do quick and fast strikes like a small monkey. It might be an animation nightmare but it there is no doubt that it would look and play awesome.

Black Manta

Nearly all the mainstream heroes of Injustice, whether they are still heroic in this elsewhere universe or not, have one of their primary villains in the cast. Wonder Woman can go up against Cheetah. Flash can face off against Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, and Reserve Flash. Superman has Brainiac and Batman has pretty much his entire rouges gallery to pummel. Aquaman, as always, is left out in the cold. This should change.

Black Manta is Aquaman’s most recognizable foe and while he’s featured in a stage transition he hasn’t made the leap to playable character. As a fighter he might not function much different than Aquaman but you could argue the same is true with Superman and Supergirl. Injustice 2 has already made the distinction between fighters that although they come to the game with similar backgrounds and power levels they don’t all play the same. Black Manta and Aquaman might both use tridents as weapons but that is where the similarities would and should end. Black Manta is one of DC’s best supervillains and deserves his spot on the roster. Chances are good he could appear too as his recognizable silhouette can be seen in the first DLC trailer.


Injustice 2 stepped up the gender equality when it came to fighters from the first game. There are many more female fighters in the sequel than there were in Injustice: Gods Among Us. The ladies are still greatly outnumbered though. Out of 32 playable characters, including the first DLC pack but not counting skins, only eight are women. Given her popularity adding Katana to that list of playable ladies seems like a huge oversight that should be amended.

Robin might already have a sword as his primary weapon but it doesn’t contain the soul of the love of his life like Katana’s weapon. This should be enough to convince anyone that Katana is a worthy addition. Besides that awesome tidbit though Katana would be very welcome in the fast paced Injustice 2. The game is much faster than its predecessor and Katana using her sword to slice and dice her opponents would fit the game like a (very murderous) game. Katana would cut quite an impression, pun very much intended, even before unleashing her obvious ultimate supermove using her soulful sword.

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