Witcher 3 Characters We Wish We Could Have Romanced
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10 Witcher 3 Characters We Wish We Could Have Romanced

Geralt's a hopeless romantic.

Witcher 3 has no shortage of romance options, but whenever I inevitably go to replay it, I can’t help but notice a few missed opportunities. Some characters only gave us a brief, but impactful look into their life and left us wanting more. Sure, you’re meant to roleplay as Geralt and by this point he’s essentially a one-woman man, but it doesn’t hurt to imagine other characters we wish could have been romanced in Witcher 3.

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10. Tomira, the Herbalist of White Orchard

It’s clear Tomira has no love for Nilfgaard (Get in line, right?), but she certainly cares for White Orchard and its residents. Then there’s her expertise in herbalism, which some people tend to associate with witchcraft. Geralt even manages to unintentionally impress her with his own knowledge, and she also helps him locate buckthorn for baiting a griffin.

What little of her past she does divulge only reveals she paid dearly for a poor decision. Tomira piqued my interest enough that I would’ve loved to see her stay around a little longer, and not necessarily as a romance option. We never get to interact with Tomira for very long. You know, a griffin needed killing and what not. Still, what little we did see of her left a lasting impression.

9. Corinne Tilly

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Honestly, this is one of my favorite quests in Witcher 3. Godlings are fascinating, and every time I interacted with one, I always made it a point to be kind. However, I have to admit: Corinne Tilly not being a romance option was a wasted opportunity.

With her specialty being dreams, it would’ve been hilarious if Corinne had used them on Geralt outside of needing to find Ciri. Maybe she’d pull memories of Yennefer or Triss or all three in some kind of kinky fantasy. Whether Geralt would be receptive to that or not is up to the player.

8. Cerys an Craite

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Ignoring Geralt and Cerys’ connections, she seems like the kind of woman Geralt is into. That fiery, ambitious, strong, and independent attitude of hers is practically a hallmark between all of Geralt’s relationships. Even her stubbornness matches Yennefer point for point.

I sense some hints of jealousy from Cerys. She pokes fun at Geralt when it comes to Yennefer, and seems rather critical of her. Perhaps she’s aware of the history between Yennefer and Crach. If the rumors are true and the two had a fling in the past, that would only make it funnier if Crach catches wind of Geralt sleeping with his daughter.

7. Fringilla Vigo

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Geralt really can’t shake sorceresses, can he? In this case, Fringilla is less of a hypothetical and more of an unexplored option. Canonically, Fringilla and Geralt have some serious romantic history with one another. It definitely wasn’t the healthiest of relationships, to say the least.

Still, it would have been an interesting dynamic. Fringilla placed a charm on Geralt in the effort to use him, but ended up falling in love with him. If Geralt looked past that, then perhaps Fringilla wouldn’t switch sides so often. Maybe she’d become a better person!

6. Sile de Tansarville

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If you’ve been following the Witcher franchise for a while, then you have history with Sile de Tansarville (or Sheala for you Polish and German fans). She only makes a brief appearance in Witcher 3, but only if you chose to save her in Witcher 2.

Sile is looking rough in Witcher 3 on the count of being tortured and imprisoned. The Sile I envision is still powerful and still pulling the strings from behind the curtain. Someone like her would have kept Geralt on his toes, more so than Yennefer. She’s also a sorceress, so Sile’s already half of what Geralt is seemingly attracted to.

5. Philippa Eilhart

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Geralt has had a run-in with a lot of dangerous people, a lot of them being women, too. Philippa Eilhart is definitely one of them, and given Geralt’s track record of sleeping with dangerous women, the attraction would be immediate. Discussing her past certainly muddies the water, but none of Geralt’s past romances have clean slates either.

The banter between the two is pretty hilarious, borderline combative. Geralt needs someone in his life who won’t put up with his crap and match him. She’d probably win every argument by just teleporting Geralt to some far-off land, but he’s used to that by now. Honestly, the relationship would be comedy gold.

4. Irina Renarde

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On top of taking part in one of the best quests in Witcher 3, Irina Renarde was definitely a more down-to-earth character. Her talent on the stage and off as a savvy businesswoman are strong elements of her personality. You can see Irina weighing her options carefully as she decides who would best suit roles for her play.

Geralt may not be much of an actor, but he’s familiar with the world of entertainment through Dandelion, so they’d have some common ground to work off. She’s even got a bit of a dangerous side to her. Who else would be mad enough to help Geralt stage a play to catch a doppler?

3. The var Attre Twins

During my first playthrough of The Witcher 3, I expected the var Attre twins to be obvious romance options or, at the very least, Rosa. She was very flirtatious, pined for Geralt’s attention, and insisted on one-on-one tutoring lessons. Suddenly, she takes off, Geralt finds her, and that’s the end of that.

I can imagine an intense bond forming over swordplay, a refreshing departure from the sorceresses Geralt gravitates towards. It could turn into an “opposites attract” kind of deal. Both of the twins are essentially sheltered, which probably explains Rosa’s obvious infatuation.

2. Anna Henrietta

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Anna Henrietta has a major presence in Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, and is arguably one of the best aspects of the expansion. She’s gorgeous, commands the room, and when she talks, you can easily tell Anna is among the smartest people in the room.

Interestingly enough, Geralt and Anna have surprisingly good chemistry with one another. They flirt, exchange playful banter, and even engage in small talk. More importantly, Anna never weaved Geralt into any of her schemes, despite her political position. Anna is simply great company!

1. Zoltan Chivay

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I know, but hear me out! First off, just look at him. He’s well-dressed, has a great beard, a sharp haircut, and that voice of his is very commanding. Zoltan knows how to clean up, that’s for sure, and don’t let his rugged demeanor fool you. Zoltan has a heart of gold.

Secondly, Zoltan’s the kind of guy you want watching your back. He’s a damn good fighter and even has a grasp on philosophy, making him the ideal conversationalist. What more could you possibly ask for?

That’s the last of them, so let us know who you would’ve loved to romance in Witcher 3. It doesn’t have to make sense; in fact, it’s funnier if it doesn’t!

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