10 Best Moments in Thor Love and Thunder You Need to Watch Again Now That It’s on Disney+

A top 10 list featuring the best moments in Thor: Love and Thunder that need to be rewatched.

Thor: Ragnorak gave us a side of Thor that was badly needed, a version of Thor that moved away from the whole fish-out-of-water and into a goofball. Thor: Love and Thunder continue this new tradition, firing joke after joke all the while expertly weaving impactful moments into the story. That’s more than enough reason to give it a rewatch. With the movie available on Disney+ now, these are the 10 best moments in Thor Love and Thunder you need to watch again.

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10 Best Moments in Thor Love and Thunder You Need to Watch Again Now That It’s on Disney+

10. The Asgardian Play

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When we’re first introduced to the cast of the Asgardian Theater, their recount of past events was questionable; not necessarily untrue, but key moments were twisted. Of course, this is because Loki was masquerading as Odin and surely had a hand in the script.

The Asgardian Theater makes a return in Thor: Love and Thunder, setting up shop in New Asgard. They’ve come a long way since Ragnarok and are now recreating events of the past that are much closer to the truth. Best of all, the plays haven’t lost their over-the-top campy acting, made all the better with Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth, Sam Neill, and Melissa McCarthy.

9. Gorr Becoming the God Butcher

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Thor: Love and Thunder opens with a powerful scene: Gorr and his daughter desperately searching for food and water in a desolate world. It’s all for nothing, no matter how hard Gorr prays to his god, Rapu; in the end, Gorr’s daughter dies.

It was heartbreaking to see Gorr and his daughter suffer for so long, clinging to a god they expected to help. When Gorr reveals to Rapu the nature in which Love dies, it’s as if the realization is just hitting Gorr, at that moment, that Love died for nothing. The moment is made all the more powerful by Christian Bale’s performance.

8. Zeus Showing Off

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Who knew Russell Crowe would be so entertaining as Zeus? Not only is it such a fun portrayal of Zeus, complete with a comical Greek accent, but it’s also the ridiculous way he reveals himself in Omnipotence City. There’s so much showboating going on, it’s a wonder he’s still worshipped.

More importantly, it creates a contrast between Zeus and Thor’s personalities. It wasn’t long ago that Thor was soaking in worship from his peers back when Asgard was still standing, but he’s grown since then. The kind of hubris Zeus reveals is the kind of issue Gorr is ultimately raging against.

7. Jane Explaining Wormholes

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Jane Foster is a big ol’ smart-pants and frequently puts her intelligence on display, which ultimately led her to cross paths with Thor. What’s great about this scene is, despite dealing with stage four cancer and chemotherapy, Jane still gets fired up and passionate about science. When the opportunity presents itself to explain wormholes, she jumps at the chance and, like any good educator, explains wormholes in the simplest way possible that anyone can understand. It also leads to a sweet exchange between her and Darcy.

6. Korg and His Boyfriend, Dwayne

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Korg is such a lovable character and no doubt it’s in part thanks to Taika Waititi voicing the character. So, when Korg clues us in on the nature of his species, it’s done so in a goofy, yet touching way. The icing on the cake is Korg’s boyfriend Dwayne, who’s also a rock. There’s a joke there if you didn’t catch it the first time.

5. Star-Lord Mouthing Thor’s Catchphrase

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Star-Lord seems to have softened up to Thor’s presence on his ship; not too long ago he was very intimidated by him, especially with Thor’s physique. Despite that, it’s hilarious to see Star-Lord be equal parts annoyed by Thor and still find himself getting pumped up when he shows up for battle. You can only imagine just how many times Star-Lord must have heard the same speech and catchphrase.

4. The Fight with Gorr in the Shadow Realm

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The entire fight with Gorr was excellent, both artistically and cinematically; the color sucked out of the surrounding area was particularly jarring, heightened by the occasional bits of color from Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, and Thunderbolt. What’s arguably the best part of this moment is not so much the fight itself, though that was great, it was the clashing of philosophy.

Thor and Gorr shut themselves off from love due to watching the ones they care about die or suffer. Though they handled those feelings in very different ways, they were both incredibly destructive. In the end, Thor and Gorr came to the same conclusion, opening their hearts to love and accepting it, despite the heartbreak it may cause.

3. Thor Lending His Powers to the Asgardians

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Thor lending his powers to the children of Asgard (for a limited time, as he says) isn’t just a fun moment for the kids to enjoy, but a great character moment for Thor. It reveals his willingness to help others, even going as far as to share his powers with other people.

We see throughout Thor: Love and Thunder examples of selfish gods, each one driving home Gorr’s reasoning for slaughtering them in droves. Can you blame him? They waste their powers on trivial matters or selfish needs. Thor, on the other hand, rises above it all by lending a helpful hand.

2. Thor Being a Dad

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Thor has certainly grown over the course of his films, from a war-hungry warrior to more of a warrior of peace and diplomacy. In a way, Thor’s identity crisis is the kind of shake-up his character needed, especially considering the first two Thor films weren’t particularly exciting.

Pitting him against battles of the mind and personal journey is far more interesting than having him face off against a physically imposing foe. We all know Thor is going to defeat him, so why not throw him into the ring of parenthood?

When you step back, Thor’s overall arc is nearly identical to his father, Odin, right down to losing an eye and adopting a child. Becoming a father gives Thor’s character a purpose like never before, one not so easily defeated with a hammer.

1. Jane Entering Valhalla

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We learned recently in Moon Knight that there are different versions of the afterlife, which is already a pretty wild idea to begin with. It’s largely determined by a person’s life experience, like their choice in religion or upbringing. Keeping that in mind, why does Jane go to Valhalla?

When you think about it, Jane being accepted into Valhalla isn’t all that bizarre. After all, Jane has ties to Asgard in more ways than one, despite not being Asgardian herself. When she accepted Mjolnir and became Mighty Thor, she wasn’t just worthy to wield the hammer but worthy of entering Valhalla.

More importantly, this could have interesting implications and a possible future for her character in the MCU. This isn’t the first time Jane Foster has seen Valhalla; in the comics, after dying of cancer, she’s also accepted into Valhalla and eventually resurrected. When she returns, Jane takes up the mantle of a Valkyrie as her superhero identity.

And that does it for the 10 best moments in Thor Love and Thunder you need to watch again now that it’s on Disney+. For more on the MCU, check out the latest happening in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and the reveal of Magik. Also, if you haven’t played Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, it’s coming to PC in Fall 2022.

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