10 Best Fantasy Movie Hairstyles That’ll Put Us Mere Mortals to Shame

Which hairstyles made the cut?

Hair might be one of the most overlooked details when watching a movie, but a character’s hair will often reveal a lot about their personality. Some of the best movies will use hair, makeup, and costume design to show important details or changes in character.

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Fantasy movies have the chance to take things to the next level by having unique hairstyles that are dynamic and stunning. In worlds with witches, goblins, elves, and monsters, who would want to look ordinary? There are plenty of fantasy movies, but not all of them take advantage of the endless possibilities for hairstyles. Here are some characters with the best hairstyles from the fantasy movies that do.

10. Jareth – Labyrinth (1986)

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Some might say Jareth’s hair is horrendous, but there’s clearly a lot of detail that went into it. It’s choppy, sharp, and bold, which is fitting for a king of Goblins who’s willing to kidnap children to get what he wants. If there’s one thing about Jareth, he’s definitely a king who loves attention.

Jareth’s hair might not have been stylish for its time, but it’s quite reminiscent of the emo/scene kid trend that emerged in the mid-2000s, in which teens would have messy cuts and teased hair at the roots. It’s safe to say that Jareth is quite emo himself. Jareth is an edgy and dramatic villain, and his hairstyle completes his look. Of course, having none other than David Bowie portray the character made it all the more perfect, as he’s known for his daring style.

9. Lili – Legend (1985)

Image Source: universal Pictures

Lili from Legend is the perfect example of how someone’s appearance can say a lot about their character. With her lavish curls and golden headpiece, it’s not hard to tell that Lili is a princess. Throughout the film, Lili takes on quite a few different looks. At a time, her character becomes corrupted by darkness, and that’s reflected in her hair as well as it becomes black and sharp.

Overall, the luscious curls are most harmonious with Lili. Curly hair is often deemed as a romantic look, and Lili is a character full of love and hope. Her hair is slightly raised in a way that perfectly wraps itself around her headpiece, which also adds a touch of elegance to her. Her hair gives her the vibes of someone you’d imagine frolicking through a forest, which actually is the kind of girl Lili is.

8. Legolas – The Hobbit (2013)

Image Source: New Line Cinema

When it comes to fantasy characters, Legolas is one of the most iconic, and he’s not even the star of Lord of the Rings. Elves in the LotR franchise are always regal and clean-cut, and Legolas is no different. There are plenty of other elves in the film that also look celestial like him, but Legolas still manages to stand out.

Legolas is known for his long, blond locks, which are always perfectly straight and partly tied back no matter how much adventure he goes on. The subtle braids in his hair differentiate him from other male characters with similar styles, such as Geralt of Rivia, whose hair isn’t as perfect. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of debate surrounding Legolas’ hair in the LotR fandom, with some fans claiming that his hair was actually described as being “dark” in the books. Either way, there’s no denying Peter Jackson made the right choice when it came to the characters’ hair on screen.

7. Narcissa Malfoy – Harry Potter (2010)

Image Source: Warner Brothers Pictures

Teens all over the world have been split-dying and dying the underlayer of their hair, but Narcissa Malfoy had the trendy style long before it caught on with TikTok. In the Harry Potter books, Narcissa is actually described as having pure blonde hair, but her hair in the movies actually reflects her character more.

Narcissa Malfoy is one of the more complex characters in the Harry Potter franchise, despite not getting as much screen time. While her husband is a cruel and strong supporter of Voldemort, Narcissa is more hesitant and clearly didn’t want her son to join the Death Eaters. Her hair reflects how torn she is between light and dark. It also keeps her resemblance a little more similar to her family, the Blacks, who all have dark hair.

6. The Lady – The Green Knight (2021)

Image Source: A24

The Green Knight is a film that actually shows how important hair and makeup are, as Alicia Vikander plays two characters, each with totally different hairstyles, and she’s hardly recognizable as the same person.

As The Lady, she’s seen with a few different hairstyles, but her voluminous and smooth buns remain consistent with the character. Her hairstyle often looks like something you’d see in a Star Wars movie, worn by either Padme or Leia. While The Lady is quite a mysterious character, the subtle jewels, and intricate braids added to her hair show her worth and class.

5. Mary Sanderson – Hocus Pocus 2 (2022)

Image Source: Disney

It could be argued that all of the Sanderson sisters have fantastic hair, well… because they do. Yet there’s something about Mary Sanderson’s hair that really stands out. Other than the fact that it literally stands on top of her head.

The Sanderson sisters are a coven of witches, yet despite their lack of witch hats they still always manage to look magical. One of the more interesting aspects of Mary’s hair is that it’s shaped like a witch hat, and at quick glance, it can be mistaken for one. There are a lot of aspects of Mary that differentiate her from her sisters, such as her crooked smile and caring personality towards her sisters, and her unique hair adds to her quirkiness.

4. Cindy Lou Who – How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Image Source: Universal Pictures

Everyone in Whoville has fun hair and tons of blush, but Cindy Lou Who takes the spotlight with her symmetrical hair that combines braids, curls, and ribbons. Her hair itself looks like a Christmas tree, which is fitting for a child full of Christmas spirit.

There are many details that went into hairstyling for this film, many of the characters can be seen with common holiday candies in their hair, like peppermints, gingerbread cookies, and candy canes. Ribbons and decorations often found on Christmas trees are also seen on Cindy’s hair quite often. From lavish braids to tower-like updos, Cindy Lou is extra adorable because her hair is almost too big for her head.

3. Red Queen – Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures

In the animated film, the Queen of Hearts could easily be confused with a commoner if it weren’t for her regal dress and the crown upon her head. Whereas the Red Queen in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland just looks like the type of woman who would stomp around shouting “off with their heads”!

While she’s not referred to as a Queen of Hearts in the live-action film, her hair is subtly shaped like a heart which is a nod to the original character. Other than that, her distinctive hair and bright eyeshadow make this version of the character much more memorable. Red Queen’s voluminous curls are never flat or boring, and neither is her personality. While she has an unusual look, her hair is visually striking.

2. Mrs. Which – A Wrinkle in Time (2018)

Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Mrs. Which changes her hair quite a few times throughout A Wrinkle in Time, and her hair is fantastic each time we see her. Mrs. Which is a wise witch who often provides helpful clues to the children throughout the movie, and it’s actually refreshing to see the smartest character have some of the most fashion-forward looks.

Hairstylist Kim Kimble told VanityFair that actress Oprah Winfrey had input when it came to the styling of Mrs. Which’s hair. “Don’t just give me an ordinary hair color. I don’t want that,” Winfrey told Kimble. Winfrey being open to different styles for her hair led to a glamorous interpretation of Mrs. Which on screen, with the character being seen with stunning braids and curls that are out of this world.

1. Queen Jadis – The Chronicles of Narnia (2005)

Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Jadis the White Witch is no ordinary villain, she comes from royalty and usually avoids dark colors. In fact, it’s quite amazing how Jadis manages to look evil while never wearing black. Jadis almost looks angelic in a way, which differentiates her from other villains.

Jadis wears different hairstyles throughout the Narnia series, all of which are stunning and make the character stand out. Her hair contributes to her menacing look, it’s often bold with mixed textures and icy hairpieces that show how coldhearted she is. Of course, Tilda Swinton already has an ethereal look to her, which just matches her character’s hair perfectly. There’s so much detail in the characters’ hair that it was hard not to give Jadis the #1 spot. It’s also worth noting that The Chronicles of Narnia won an Oscar for best hair and makeup in 2013, and with good reason.

And those are our picks for the top 10 best hairstyles in fantasy movies. Disagree with our choices? Sound off in the comments down below!

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