Top 5 Longest-Running Anime of All Time, Ranked by Episode Count

Longest Anime Doraemon

These days, more than a few anime watchers will complain and make jokes about One Piece‘s episode count. But in reality, One Piece isn’t one of the top five longest anime of all time. Despite having over 900 episodes, it actually isn’t even in the top 10.

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For those who are curious, here are the top five longest-running anime of all time, ranked by episode count.

5. Doraemon
(1787 Episodes)

Longest Anime Doraemon

Most of the anime on this list might not be very recognizable at all to most people in the west. Doraemon is probably the most known show in this top five. It even got a video game release just last year.

The Doraemon anime has multiple runs on air, but its longest started back in 1979 and ended in 2005, with a total of 1787 episodes.

It follows lazy fourth grader Nobita Nobi’s adventures with a robotic cat named Doraemon. This blue robot is sent from the future to guide Nobita, preventing him from making mistakes that could lead to a bleak future.

4. Oyako Club
(1818 Episodes)

Longest Anime Oyako Club

Oyako Club, or “Parent and Child Club”, is a family sitcom that aired in Japan from 1994 to 2013. With almost 20 years worth of consistent output, it’s unsurprising that this is one of the longest anime ever.

It’s 1818 episodes long and it centers around the relationships between family members. It’s a pretty wholesome sitcom with family-friendly content, which is most likely why it lasted for so long.

3. Ojarumaru
(1827+ Episodes)

Longest Anime Ojarumaru

The top three anime on this list are all still ongoing, so they probably won’t be dethroned for quite some time, if ever. Ojarumaru holds third place at the moment, with a total of over 1827 episodes and counting.

The anime began in 1998, and it follows a young noble named Ojarumaru from Japan’s Heian Period (about 1000 years ago) who is getting bored with the privileged life he lives.

Luckily for him, he’s transported to present-day through the use of Demon King Enma’s power pole. Hilarity ensues as three demons attempt to retrieve the mystical item from Ojarumaru.

It’s an extremely well-known comedy anime that never made it to the west, and its popularity has allowed it to become one of the longest-running anime ever.

2. Nintama Rantaro
(2189+ Episodes)

Nintama Rantaro

Nintama Rantaro, or “Ninja Boy Rantaro”, started broadcasting in 1993. The anime focuses on the main characters of Rantaro, Shinbei, and Kirimaru as they aim to become full-fledged ninja.

The comedic trio attends a ninja school where they have to learn everything there is to know about ninja life. However, they’re far more interested in money and just having a good time.

The lighthearted tone and funny antics of the main cast have helped this anime to run for as long as it has.

1. Sazae-san
(7701+ Episodes)


Sazae-san is in a whole other league than the other anime on this list in terms of length. It has an unbelievably high 7701 episodes under its belt, and that number is only getting higher.

The show began way back in 1969, so it’s been around for quite some time. It focuses on Sazae-san’s everyday life with her husband, children, and parents all living under one roof.

It’s a simple premise, but Japanese audiences have loved watching what Sazae-san gets up to in her daily life for over 50 years.

Not everyone has the time to watch shows that contain hundreds of episodes, let alone thousands. If you’re looking for a few shorter anime to binge, check out this list.

Luckily, most anime that comes out these days are both short, and enjoyable to watch.

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