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Best New Anime of 2020 So Far


Best New Anime of 2020 So Far

A variety of new anime is released every season, so there’s never a shortage of never-before-seen shows to watch. There’s usually at least one or two good choices for everyone, no matter your preference. We’re about halfway through 2020 now, so here are the best new anime of 2020 so far.

Tower of God (13 Episodes)

Best Anime 2020

Best new anime 2020

“At the top of the tower exists everything in this world, and it can all be yours”. At its core, the majority of Tower of God‘s plot revolves around one thing: climbing the tower.

We follow a young boy named Bam as he enters the tower while chasing after a girl from his past, Rachel. She wishes to climb the tower to see her dreams become reality, while he dreams only of being with her.

That may sound simple, but this show is one of the best new anime of 2020 thanks to its great cast characters, engaging storyline, and the mysterious lore surrounding the mystical tower itself.

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