The Sims Spark’d Episode 4: An Emotional Finale

Sims Spark'd

The final episode of The Sims Spark’d has left us feeling some type of way. With the elimination round finally upon us, Team Cowplant and Team Llama face against each other to win the grand prize– $100,000.

The first episode saw Team FreezerBunny go home, while the second ruled out Team Gnome. In Episode 3, the remaining teams, Cowplant and Llama, competed one-on-one in what felt like the most intense challenges yet. StephOSims stepped down leaving an open spot for The English Simmer to return and fill in, but Team Llama still ended up winning the majority vote.

This meant that they would have the upper hand in Episode 4, with extra time to start on the challenge.

For the final episode, the teams needed to create a story relating somehow to themselves, with three central Sims and builds to go with the plot.

Team Llama decided to focus on Xmiramira‘s experiences as a female gamer facing bullying from a young age for her interests. DrGluon and Simlicy felt that the idea resonated well with their own experiences, making it an especially relevant story.

The judges felt the finished product was the best edit they had seen yet, and acknowledged how far the team had come since the beginning.

Team Cowplant decided to go down a similar route, employing childhood experiences from each member. Their story centered around the struggle between unleashing your true self or creativity against conformity.

The judges were moved by the way that each team member fit into the narrative, with The English Simmer expressing how she opened up about her sexuality and Doctor Ashley mentioning her need for a creative outlet.

While both teams presented incredible final projects for their last challenge, only one could go home with the $100,000. This definitely felt like the most difficult decisions the judges faced this season,

If you haven’t gotten the chance to watch the finale yet or want to refresh your memory, here it is! Give it a watch before continuing on to avoid spoilers. You’ve been warned!

Not only did Team Llama bounce back from their initial losses, but they ended up winning the whole thing! Their well-edited video ended up winning the judges over in the ultimate challenge. We loved seeing DrGluon and Xmiramira put their heads together again despite past differences!

Simmers excitedly took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the show so far and congratulate the winning team.

If you’d like a chance to possibly be a part of the show, make sure to share your Creations in-game on the Gallery tagged “sparkd” to be considered. Check out the current and upcoming challenges here.

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