The Sims Spark’d Episode 3: Head-to-Head Competition & More Drama

Sims Spark'd

Episode 3 of The Sims Spark’d was a dramatic addition to the series with members of Team Cowplant and Team Llama having to compete one-on-one. Team FreezerBunny was sent home after the first episode while Team Gnome was eliminated in the second installment. This left only the two teams, Cowplant and Llama, to try for the $100,000 prize.

Each member of one team must go against the opposite team member that was assigned the same role (e.g. Xmiramira goes against Littlesiha in this episode since they are both character designers).

The first part of the challenge featured the Sim designers and a theme of gender fluidity. Xmiramira’s Sims were diverse enough to win the judges’ majority vote, with Littlesiha’s coming in close behind.

The builders, Doctor Ashley and Simlicy, then competed against one another to create an unconventional build based off of a mode of transportation. While Simlicy’s bus idea was cute and incredibly detailed on the interior, Doctor Ashley’s unique time machine idea won the majority vote.

In what was possibly the most shocking moment of the episode, StephOSims decided to step down from the competition after struggling with her emotions following the elimination of her friends in Team Gnome. The English Simmer was then brought back to the show in place of Steph as Team Cowplant’s new storyteller.

This left DrGluon and The English Simmer to go head-to-head in the story-building challenge where they were tasked with improvising narration to go with never-before-seen footage of a house interior. DrGluon’s dialogue was hilarious and gained Team Llama another majority vote.

If you missed the episode or want to refresh your memory, check it out here!

We still can’t believe how well Team Llama has bounced back from their losses in the first couple of episodes. They finally feel like a team– less drama, more support!

Simmers shared their differing views on the latest episode and the drama between contestants on Twitter:


We can’t wait to see how the challenge goes in episode 4. You can watch the next episode on TBS this Friday at 11 p.m. ET/PT, or the following Monday if you watch through Buzzfeed Multiplayer.

While you wait to see who wins that $100,000, check out Electronic Arts’ financial results for the first quarter of the year– Sims 4 has passed 30 million players!

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