The Hardest Parks and Recreation Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

parks and recreation trivia quiz

Parks and Recreation is one of the most iconic television sitcoms out there and that’s thanks to the witty writing and the talented actors that portray these wonderful and relatable characters so well.

With seven seasons under its belt and a whopping 125 episodes, there’s a lot of Parks and Rec content to be discovered and also, easter eggs that you might not have noticed, even after re-watching for the fifth time.

That being said, you’re probably here because you found this “difficult” quiz and would like to test your Parks and Recreation knowledge.

Well, let’s get it going then! Let’s see if you can get a perfect score and show off to your friends just how much of an expert you are when it comes to the Pawnee Parks Department.

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The Hardest Parks and Recreation Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take

Which of these were the never the name of Andy's band?
What color was Leslie's undershirt when she fell into the pit?
April Ludgate has never said this quote...
When Jean-Ralphio's twin sister, Mona Lisa, first meets Garry, what does she say about him when she's talking about having sex with the guys?
When did Li'l Sebastian make his debut at the Harvest Festival?
Sebastian was high in the charts of boys and girls names in Pawnee. What number spot was the name on the girls list??
Who much body fat does Chris Traeger have?
How long did Ben work on his claymation project?
What movie did Ben compare his claymation project to?
What kind of car does Ben drive?
What color was April's dress during the beauty pageant?
What animal was stuck to the wall in the Animal Control office?
In Tom's fridge, he has a whole shelf of what drink?
What did Leslie call Tom's place?
What is the name of the bar where Tom finds Duke Silver for the first time?

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