The Hardest Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Avatar The Last Airbender Quiz

Nickelodeon is home to more than a few childhood-defining shows that viewers will never forget. Among them is Avatar: The Last Airbender, and this quiz will test just how much you know about the series as we all continue our long wait for the live-action Netflix adaptation.

For many fans, it holds a special place in their heart. Episodes like The Puppetmaster and The Avatar and the Fire Lord may have seemed unforgettable when they first aired in the mid-2000s, but how much do you actually remember from the show as a whole?

Are you filled with vast knowledge like the lost spirit library, or will you be as confused as a sleep-deprived Aang? It’s time to take this Avatar: The Last Airbender quiz and find out.

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The Hardest Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz You'll Ever Take

What is the name of Katara and Sokka's grandmother?
Which Air Temple is Aang From?
What is the Order of the Avatar Cycle?
What are the Names of the Moon and Ocean Spirits?
What Does Momo Give Wan Shi Tong in Order to Enter His Library?
Who Does Azula Attempt to Flirt With at the Party in "The Beach"?
What is Iroh's Favorite Tea?
Who Does Katara Send a Letter to at the end of "The Runaway"?
Aang and Sokka Climb a Volcano to Find What Plant in Book One?
How Many Sisters Does Ty Lee Have?
Who Does Zuko Go on a Date With in "The Tales of Ba Sing Se"?
What is the Name of the Ancient Civilization That Aang and Zuko Meet in Book Three?
Who Started the Tradition of Hunting Dragons for Glory?
Which Chakra Does Aang Fail to Open in "The Guru"?
Which White Lotus Members Helped Liberate Ba Sing Se in Book Three?

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