5 Essential Star Wars Rebel Scenes That Need to be in Ahsoka

These are the Ahsoka scenes you're looking for.

Ahsoka prepares to fight two Inquisitors in Star Wars Rebels Season 2. Image Source: StarWars.com

Ahsoka Tano first appeared in The Clone Wars as Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, but her popularity had her pop up in Rebels soon after, and starred in some memorable scenes. With the character’s new series landing on Disney+, it’s a great time to discuss what Ahsoka scenes we want to see in live-action and why those scenes from Rebels are important. Let’s dive in.

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Ahsoka Reunites with Captain Rex

Ahsoka hugs Rex after reuniting in Star Wars Rebels Season 2.
Image Source: StarWars.com

Relics of the Old Republic is the Season 2 episode where Ahsoka reunites with Captain Rex. Their relationship throughout The Clone Wars creates an unmistakable bond during their appearances within Rebels. If there were any show where Rex would reappear, the Ahsoka series makes the most sense with their history.

If fans need proof of their bond, their embrace after seeing each other again is a moment worthy of making this list. The joy on Rex’s face before saying, “I’m glad you’re still alive,” signifies their importance to each other and how far they’ve come, especially after escaping Order 66.

Ahsoka Saves the Day by Fighting Two Inquisitors

Ahsoka battles an Inquisitor in Rebels Season 2.
Image Source: StarWars.com

Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels brought about one of the greatest entrances and fight scenes in all the galaxy. As Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb attempt to protect a young Force wielder while running away from two Inquisitors, they find themselves cornered against a locked door. All three are quickly incapacitated, but the door opens, light shines through, and Ahsoka Tano emerges to save the day.

Ahsoka ignites her twin lightsabers and calmly tells Ezra to get the Youngling aboard the ship. The duel amplifies whatever fans might have thought about her skills since her days from The Clone Wars. Despite the Inquisitors being able to handle three of the rebels quite handily, Ahsoka turns their advantage on their heads.

She jumps, strikes, Force pushes and turns off an Inquisitor’s lightsaber by simply grabbing it. As Ezra points out after Kanan questions whether to leave Ahsoka to fend for herself, “She’s doing fine.” She single-handedly defeats two Inquisitors, but before reinforcements can capture her, Ahsoka makes two gigantic leaps to board their ship in midair. This moment appears on the list simply for dazzling us with Ahsoka’s skills, which would be incredible to see translated into a live-action series.

Staying to Battle Darth Vader

Ahsoka fights Darth Vader in the Rebels Season 2 finale.
Image Source: StarWars.com

Hayden Christensen is reprising his role as Anakin Skywalker in the Disney+ series, so what scene would fans want to see most? Although there was plenty of fun banter during The Clone Wars, the fight between these two characters in the Rebels Season 2 finale might prove most impactful. Twilight of the Apprentice shows Ahsoka’s dedication to Anakin – and perhaps gives us insight into her unwavering determination to find Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger.

Instead of leaving with Ezra and the others, Ahsoka fights Darth Vader. She left Anakin behind in TCW when she refused to rejoin the Jedi Order after they abandoned her. She vows to stay with him, leading to an epic battle as their surroundings collapse in destruction. Ahsoka’s loyalty is the perfect reason to highlight new characters in the Disney+ show; it tells those unfamiliar with the animated series what she is willing to do for those she loves.

Ezra Rescues Ahsoka From Explosive Battle

Ezra pulls Ahsoka from her battle with Vader into a time portal in Rebels Season 4.
Image Source: StarWars.com

Season 4 of Rebels brought about A World Between Worlds where Ezra Bridger walked uncharted territory. Ezra witnesses different moments through time as he walks a path amongst the stars, including one where Ahsoka is battling Darth Vader. Before explosions destroy the fight scene, and possibly Ahsoka, Ezra pulls her through the portal onto this starry path.

Ezra’s connection to rescuing Ahsoka all those years ago could be a reason why she is so dedicated to finding Ezra again. Yes, they are friends, but Ahsoka has proven she’s willing to die to stand by those lasting friendships, as she did with Anakin. Fighting Vader at that moment helped Ezra and the others escape, so a parallel situation with Thrawn could be the difference in Ezra escaping again.

Sabine Wren Meets Ahsoka Before Searching For Ezra

Ahsoka meets Sabine Wren in the Rebels series finale to search for Ezra Bridger.
Image Source: StarWars.com

Family Reunion – And Farewell is the series finale of Rebels and it highlights the loathsome Thrawn and the unending struggles against him. It also generates certainty for Ezra and what he must do to save his friends. Ezra uses the Force to call upon space creatures to ensnare Thrawn and his ship but must stay aboard to maintain that connection with the Purrgil as they escape into the unknown.

Much like Grogu seeing Purrgil in The Mandalorian foreshadows Ezra’s potential return, seeing Sabine Wren first would indicate a broader connection to the space cowboy and the Ahsoka series. The Rebels finale ends with Wren meeting Ahsoka before taking off on a ship.

She says, “Ezra’s out there somewhere and it’s time to bring him home.” Their path is clear – and this moment would indicate where they went, what has happened to Wren since, and the possibilities of where Ezra and Thrawn could be.

The Ahsoka series has the potential to reunite characters from the animated series while being introduced to the new worlds created on Disney+. Ahsoka’s fighting skills and relationships would make for excellent flashbacks while answering questions about where characters have been since they were last seen.

What Ahsoka scenes from Star Wars Rebels would you like to see in her new series? Share your thoughts in the comments below – and don’t forget to follow along for more content like this.

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