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10 Best Disney Channel Original Movies You Can Watch on Disney+ Right Now


10 Best Disney Channel Original Movies You Can Watch on Disney+ Right Now

Eddie’s Million Dollar Cookoff

Disney Plus, Disney +, Eddie's Million Dollar Cookoff

Ever wondered what happens when your best baseball player learns he has a love for Cooking? Well, look no further because Eddie’s Million Dollar Cookoff is on Disney+ and will take you on a culinary journey as Eddie learns to accept who he is.

Not to mention there’s an excellent cameo from renowned chef Bobby Flay who will teach you how to crack an egg with one hand.

If you have Disney+, this is an excellent first watch.


Halloweentown, disney plus, disney +, movies to watch
Source: IMDB

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop enjoying this classic Halloween tale. Join the Cromwell kid as they discover their magical background and take their very first trip to Halloweentown.

It’s filled with skeletons, monsters, and plenty of witches as they try to uncover the mystery of why people have been disappearing.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Lizzie McGuire movie, disney plus
Source: Elite Daily

The Lizzie McGuire movie takes Lizzie out of her middle school life and sets her on a school trip to Rome. Where she gets mistaken for an Italian pop star named Isabella.

Being swept off her feet by Paolo (Isabella’s singing partner), Lizzie gets to live the life of a superstar. It’s filled with romance, laughter, betrayals, and most importantly, good Italian food.

Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect
Source: Bustle

Ever create the perfect hologram music sensation? Well, in Pixel Perfect the world is taken by storm by a hologram who can sing, dance, and begin to feel emotion.

Take the journey with teenager Roscoe as he helps create this hologram to be the next big pop star. You thought Hatsune Miku was popular, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Camp Rock

Source: Cinemablend

Camp rock stars Demi Lovato AND the Jonas Brothers which is already reason enough to check out this classic.

Take a journey through a summer camp filled with musically talented kids who try to make their passions shine while Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) is forced to teach dance classes there to shift his bad attitude.

The music alone in this movie makes it easily one of the best Disney movies on Disney+.

Cadet Kelly

Cadet Kelly
Source: IMDB

Hillary Duff takes a break from Lizzie McGuire to step into the boots of Kelly Collins, an eighth-grader whose mother recently married a military man.

She is sent to attend military school and finds the adjustment difficult. After getting into some trouble she is assigned to clean the Drill Tem’s uniform and it is there she decides to join the team.

This is an easy recommendation for anyone with Disney+ or a fan of Hillary Duff.

Cow Belles

Cow Belles
Source: IMDB

Ali and AJ star in this hilarious comedy about two spoiled girls who have to learn how to run their father’s dairy farm after the passing of their mother.

After accidentally leaving a towel on the stove and burning their kitchen down, the girls decide it’s time to make their own money by working.

Follow them as they learn to love the dairy farm while their dad is away hunting rare butterflies.

If this plot didn’t make sense to you, it’s ok because it honestly shouldn’t and that’s what makes Cow Belles a great recommendation on Disney+.

Smart House

Smart house, disney plus, disney +
Source: Slate

Every little kid’s dream is to have a house that can be and do anything you want like making you breakfast, correcting your basketball shots, and giving motherly advice.

Well, when this family wins a one of a kind house, chaos surely ensues. Be sure to check out Smart house on Disney+.

Stuck in the Suburbs

stuck in the suburbs
Source: Decider

Everyone at some point has had the feeling of wanting to get out of their hometown. Stuck in the Suburbs is all about breaking out of the conformism that comes with average suburban life.

Follow Brittany Aarons as she comes face to face with her favorite musical artist and how they change the suburbs forever.


twitches, disney plus, disney + movies, best to watch
Source: Teen Vogue

Tia and Tamara Mowry have now become your second favorite witches (First is still the Cromwells from Halloweentown).

On Halloween night the royal Miranda gave birth to twin daughters named Apolla and Artemis. To protect them from the encroaching Miranda sends them to the non-magial dimension known as Earth.

On their 21st birthday, the twins are reunited by happenstance and begin to unravel their magical background.

Check it out on Disney+ now.

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