All Core Expansions in Armored Core VI

All Core Expansions in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

Bolster the abilities of your AC even further.

After more than a decade since the last game, FromSoftware is once again stepping into the arena of giant mechs duking it out with Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. While many would be looking forward to seeing what a modern take on the beloved franchise would be like, an equally excited portion of the community will be looking forward to the customization options available for their Armored Cores. Should you be curious to find out more about the Core Expansions mechanic and what they entail in Armored Core 6, this guide will lead the way.

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Core Expansions in Armored Core 6, Explained

Once players progress further into the depths of Armored Core 6, it is likely that they would have spent some time in the assembly part of the game. Putting together the right parts that make up an Armored Core can lead to different playstyles and functionalities, but beyond the legs, core, head, arms, and weapons, there will be one section that remains conspicuously empty at the initial stages.

This is where Core Expansions come into play, which is an option that can only be unlocked using OST Chips earned from the Arena. These are excellent augments that, when used in the right situations, provide limited-use abilities that can bring significant advantages.

Most Core Expansions must be triggered manually, such as pressing in on the left stick and pressing either the Y or Triangle button on a gamepad. By investing more OST Chips in the right upgrade, more charges can be added to some of the Core Expansions, allowing players to keep reaping the benefits.

In total, there are four Core Expansions that can be equipped to an AC:

Assault Armor

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Useful both for offense and defense, the Assault Armor lives up to its name. When triggered, it causes a pulse explosion from your Armored Core, which serves to deflect all incoming enemy fire, and at the same time, deal high damage and impact to anyone caught in the radius.

This offensive Core Expansion is best used when in close proximity with a foe, and deals more damage the closer you are to the target.

Pulse Protection

For those who prefer more protection, Pulse Protection is a good choice to go with, as it drops a temporary pulse shield in a fixed position of your choosing. This can act as a safe haven for an AC, capable of absorbing up to 4000 points of damage for a maximum of 25 seconds.

The best part is that while it prevents enemy projectiles from going through it, any shots from the player can pass through the shield to hit targets on the other side. Be sure to keep moving to keep the shield in between you and your quarry, and take full advantage.

Pulse Armor

Core Expansions in Armored Core VI Pulse Armor
Image Source: FromSoftware via Twinfinite

Pulse Armor fulfills largely the same function as Pulse Protection, with the caveat of the barrier enshrouding your AC instead. This smaller barrier will protect the mech from 3,300 points of damage, and lasts for only 10 seconds comparatively.

Rather than a defensive option, trigger this Core Expansion to offer yourself more protection while rushing the enemy and getting in close-range attacks of your own to balance the scales.

Terminal Armor

Lastly, there is Terminal Armor, which gives players a last chance at surviving an enemy onslaught to either end the fight quickly or recover some semblance of stability. This Core Expansion will automatically trigger once the AP of your mech is completely depleted, with a barrier that can withstand up to 20000 AP damage but only for two seconds.

Either take the chance and go all-out on an enemy to destroy them, or retreat and use a repair kit to regain AP. This is a solid defensive option that can be a lifesaver, especially since it requires no player input to function.

Now that you are all caught up on all the Core Expansions present in Armored Core 6, be sure to make the right choice for your playstyle. For more help with FromSoftware’s latest, be sure to check out other related content below, and for everything else, you can search Twinfinite.

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