Did Eren Kill His Mother in Attack on Titan? Answered
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Did Eren Kill His Mother in Attack on Titan? Answered

A shocking truth.

The final season of Attack on Titan reveals many shocking truths about Eren and past events. Among them is the cause of Carla Jeager’s death, and some fans may even wonder if Eren actually killed his mother.

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*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Attack on Titan!*

Did Eren Kill Carla Jaeger in Attack on Titan?

Although Eren did not directly kill his mother, he had a hand in causing Dina Fritz, the Smiling Titan, to stumble on Carla Jaeger. In Chapter 139, Eren brought Armin into the Path, where the two childhood friends talked about various heavy topics.

Eren explained his motivation and reasoning behind his awful actions that led to countless deaths. He eventually revealed that to prevent Bertholt from dying after leaving his Titan form, Eren influenced Dina Fritz to move away.

Eren admits to killing his mother in AoT.
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The smiling Titan should have attacked Bertholt, but instead, she turned her attention to Carla, trapped under the collapsed building. Eren did not directly say this to Armin, but the man implicitly knew what his friend was trying to say. You could see his eyes widen in horror as he processed Eren’s words.

After receiving the knowledge and power of the Founding Titan, Eren knew that Bertholt must live and his mother needed to die. Armin had to acquire the Colossal Titan power, while young Eren needed the motivation to join the Survey Corps.

Eren was a person who was obsessed with freedom, and he also admitted this in Chapter 139. Although his mother’s death saddened the man, he still deemed Carla’s passing as an acceptable sacrifice to obtain the future he desired.

That’s everything you need to know about whether or not Eren killed his mother. For more Attack on Titan content, you can check out the links below this post. We also have a top 10 list of anime with similar tones if you still crave more stories like AoT.

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